Wait…! Go through these Amazing Custom Cosmetic Boxes Ideas before designing

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Innovation is the main reason for success in every sector. The cosmetics are loved by everyone. The cosmetic sectors are enjoying great limelight in the market.

Through research, it was found out that millennial women ages range 18 to 34 are most of the users of cosmetic products. Through these purchases, the cosmetic sector earns $13 billion annually.

There are numerous cosmetic brands working hard in the market to come up with great sales. If you want to get outstanding revenue from the market then design the Custom Cosmetic Boxes elegantly.

You can utilize the following ideas to embrace your cosmetic products:

Scented Rigid Box Packaging

The scents are the most sensual cosmetic product. You can create the perfume boxes elegantly.

Choose the rigid material in book-style box. Then add the floral imprint on the box to show the fragrance which you are offering within the Custom Cosmetic Packaging. Likewise, you can add any illustration on the box aligning it with the actual fragrance of the perfume.

Additionally, insert the name of the brand and the logo on the front side of the box. If you will just straightly add the name of the product, brand, and logo. It will not create much difference. So, in order to highlight the names, draw a star shape at the middle of the box and outline it with the gold foiling. Now add the name of the brand, tagline, and logo within this star image.

Below, this image add the name of the perfume range. Like “scents of life”. Additionally, if you want to give the box the look of the gift packaging insert a silk bow at the opening side of the box. And make the box open in the book style.

However, this will be the activity which will make your boxes look fabulous on the shelves.

Thematic Cosmetic Boxes

You have heard this term many times to theme the range or to theme the boxes. But the thing which matters is how you can achieve this? Always think unique. The world is shifting to eco-friendly products and packaging as time is passing.

The themes included in the boxes are a great choice. You can choose the jungle theme for your boxes. Why choose the jungle theme? Because the organic ingredients are derived from the trees and plants of the jungle.

So, to show the customers that you are offering some incredible products made up of organic ingredients add a forest theme on the Cosmetic Packaging Boxes with the pastel green background. This will make your boxes look awesome on the shelves. Therefore, wait no more and go for adopting this fabulous idea.

Die Cut Shampoo Packaging 

You have seen various packaging within the market. Some of them are expressive and some of them are really boring. You can design your own boxes interestingly by adding some of the great stuff.

For instance, if you are designing banana shampoo boxes. You can make a cool box that can be utilized by the influencers as well.

Choose a bright color for the packaging such as the cherry color combination with the yellow banana will go marvelous.

Now add the banana imprint in the smallest size all over the box. The imprints are really helpful in conveying to the onlookers the actual image of the product. Further, add the banana shape die-cut shape feature on the box through which onlookers can see what you are offering inside the box.

The catchy font is really essential along with the design. So, add the font as well on the box such as “banana Botox hair treatment”. It is really essential to write catchy captions. If you will just write the “Banana hair shampoo” as a result you will get fewer sales. Because people will only know that you are offering some kind of ordinary banana shampoo.

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