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Valley of Tlowers Trek: The Best Monsoon Trek in India


The legendary trail or the phoolon ki ghati, the Valley of flowers is known by several names because the trek is the oldest and filled with thousands of flowers there.

The Valley of flowers is one of the most beautiful treks you will ever see. The cheering of birds, the flying of butterflies, and the mist present on the elevated surroundings will make the scenario more soothing and authentic for the trekkers. Conferred along with the scarce and eye-catching flora of the Himalayas, the ravines of Flowers is a chaplet of mother nature nestled in the West Himalayan area of the state of Uttarakhand. The trek of the ravine of fauna goes from the intense forests, down with the river Pushpawati and can be reached by crossing passing several bridges, ice caps and water streams throughout the path of trekking. 


About the Valley of flowers

The valley of flowers trek takes you to the colourful lovely flowers view with authentic textures. This spot is also known to be the region where Hanuman fetched the mystical herb to revive Lakshman in the religion of the Hindu epic Ramayana. Now as you fix your foot into the ravine, the potent combination of aromas pout out from the faunas giving you a feel of heaven.

The concealed lake at the peak of 14,400 ft, makes an unrevealed hutch for several species of flowers that are wild just like the louseworts, cistus, lilies, calendulas, geraniums, zinnia, poppy, petunia and many more. The temperature there is around 12-degree Celsius to 20 degrees during the day and 4 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees at night. The best time to visit this place is in the rainy season which is from June to September. You must have at least a week to complete this beautiful trek. 



  • Location:  Uttarakhand, India.
  • Trekking point: Haridwar.
  • Altitude: 14,400ft long.
  • Trek type: Moderate as well as tough.
  • Distance of trek: 47kms.
  • Duration: 6 Days.
  • Temperature: in the daytime, the temperature is about 12°C-20, and in the nighttime, it’s 4°C-10.
  • The best time to visit: from June to September.


Trek cost and charges

The Trekking cost of Valley of flowers initiates from 8000rs per head(adult), with a benefit of 18% discount and after the discount, the actual rate is 6500rs per head. The trek begins from Govindghat and ends with Govindghat only. The charges contain vegetarian food during the trip,  trekking tools, also provide medical help, First aid essentials for safety, and Certified guides with qualified staff are provided too.


Important note

  • Your ID cards are compulsory for the trek entry. Without ID cards you will not be able to take entry there.
  • Your stay place will be arranged properly during the trek.
  • Cloakrooms are provided by them for keeping your valuables inside there.



Explore more and Enjoy till its end by visiting the beautiful Valley of flowers trek. Trekking is the best way to take a break from your daily schedule. It will let you enjoy your time while in the arms of mother nature. I wish this article helped you in knowing more about this trekking place.

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