Unique Holiday Promotion Ideas For Small Firms

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and this year it might be a little different.
Your 2020 holiday marketing plan should place the greatest emphasis on a secure buying environment.

Why? Nearly 75% of American consumers who want to purchase this Christmas season believe they will do more of their holiday shopping online than they did in prior years due to ongoing coronavirus concerns.

Another crucial factor to keep in mind is that many consumers will have less money to spend this Christmas season, so they’ll be looking for good offers.

When do the holiday sales begin?

You should start preparing for these crucial holiday shopping days in 2020 if you want your small business to stand out.

  • Thanksgiving (November 26)
  • Cyber Monday (November 27)
  • Digital Monday (November 30)
  • Christmas (December 25)
  • New Year (January 1)

So how can you use this busy season of the year to draw customers in a secure manner? Check out the list of 10 original, doable holiday promotion suggestions for small businesses below to get the cash registers ringing.

1. Improve your website.

The buying experience on your website must be flawless because so many more people will be purchasing online this year. Additionally, make sure you’re highlighting your seasonal offerings to the fullest extent possible. To do this, consider using eye-catching homepage banners and product pages that are packed with useful details and beautiful images.

2. Offer safer shopping options

People are looking for safer alternatives to shop in-store throughout this holiday season. By providing secure purchasing options like curbside pickup and contactless payments, you can reassure your customers. Inform individuals using your social media channels and email newsletters so they can choose to do business with you with more confidence.

3. Make a combination

Customers enjoy feeling like they are receiving a great deal, so why not entice them to spend more money in order to make greater savings? Watch the orders pour in by bundling two or more things together at a discount!

4. Provide a freebie with each purchase.

Everyone enjoys receiving something for nothing, and that includes your clients! By providing a freebie, such as a sample size product or limited-edition item, you can raise your average order value and generate income.

5. Hold a one-time, exclusive sale.

Urgency and exclusivity can make a winning mix. Send your VIPs a special link (to a section of your website that can only be accessed through this link) so they can access exclusive discounts, or provide them with a special coupon code so they can make significant savings on specific products. Give a 48-hour expiration to increase the sense of urgency and boost sales.

6. Share a no-cost resource

Give people the option to download a book or gift guide with a festive theme in exchange for their email address. In order to position oneself as an authority in your field, make sure it is jam-packed with pertinent, helpful content.

7. Hold a social media competition

This is a fun approach to boost interaction, promote user-generated content, and promote your company. Get your followers to utilise a certain hashtag and submit a photo of themselves with your product by asking them to do so. Each week, highlight a select entries on your stream, and give away a modest gift for the winning image.

8. Rename a product

Give one of your items a temporary seasonal boost to let your clients truly experience the holiday. You might just give it a cute temporary moniker, or you might even produce a special holiday edition of a best-seller. If it’s Instagrammable, bonus points!

9: Send a card of greetings

Receiving a personalised letter in the mail is something unique. Sending consumers a holiday card with a sincere, handwritten greeting is a great way to express your gratitude (and keep your company top of mind).

10: Produce an annual video

Why not showcase your uniqueness by making a festive video? The Christmas season is a time for celebrations. You might film some jovial behind-the-scenes activity, present your crew decked out in their finest holiday costume, or compile the funniest Boomerangs of the year. Share the video on social media and via email without restriction.

There is never a bad time to start getting ready!

We sincerely hope that our encouragement to try something new this year has been helpful, and we wish you every success for a happy, prosperous, and safe holiday season.

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