Types of check valves – wafer check valves Vs swing check valves

Check valves are considered an important type of valve best for fluid transfer systems in various residential, commercial and industrial projects. Do you know that multiple industries depend on check valves in order to avoid fluid backflow? These valves are ideal for maintaining constant pressure in fluid transfer systems which include potable water treatment, wastewater management and many more. The two most commonly used check valves throughout the world – are wafer-type check valves and swing check valves. Remain with us to go through this article to explore both these valves comparing pros, cons and applications.


Why are check valves used?


Check valves are those important types of valves which are ideal for various home, industrial and commercial water transport projects. Check valves are designed especially to avoid backflow in a system and maintain a steady pressure level. There are different types of check valves available in the market being the most common – wafer-type check valves and swing check valves. Both these valves have similar functions but are different in design. Their distinction usually indicates which type of systems or conditions need which kind of valves.


What are wafer-type check valves?


Wafer-type check valves have got their name all because of their small size. Their compact size enables them to easily set in between the set of flanges. The flanges are those materials which are specially constructed for connecting valves, pipes and several other piping equipment. Wafer-type check valves also offer fast access in case of maintenance or cleaning purposes. You can fit wafer-type check valves into any confined area between the two flanges. These valves are simple types of check valves that do not have any controls but are best to maintain the slim profile – wafer. The seating arrangement of the wafer-type check valves clasps the disc which lifts from its seat when fluid flows in an intended direction.


How do wafer-type check valves work?


The wafer-type profile of wafer-type check valves makes these valves the greatest choice for water treatment systems that need short takeout lengths. When the fluid flows in a single direction, the fluid flow lifts discs from their seating arrangements. It permits the fluid to flow through the wafer valves. Wafer-type check valves are constructed to be very slim and not get clogged down.


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What are swing check valves?


Swing check valves are another type of check valve which uses the swinging disc that blocks or permits the fluid flow materials. Swing check valves are self-activating and that means blocking or allowing the fluid flow of the materials with no user interface. The design of this type of check valve permits the complete flow of fluid, all due to the valve’s moulded body. The usage of swing check valves becomes vital when full fluid flow is required in your system by making this type of valve best for conditions.


Swing check valves usually come in different shapes – a) straight through design and b) Y-shape through design. Any of these shapes can be beneficial but that depends on the settling or conditions of the valves used. The design of swing check valves permits discs to swing open fully when the fluid flows through this valve and it is the capacity making swing check valves best for those applications requiring full flow.


Working principle of swing check valves:


Swing check valves operate by the utilisation of a hinge and a disc. They are suspended from the top portion of the unit that uses the hinge pin. When the particular fluid passes via this unit, the disc stays parallel to the fluid flow by keeping the swing check valve open. While if the reverse flow of fluid happens, this disc moves in a perpendicular down direction to the fluid flow and that leads to the swing check valve closing.


Main difference between wafer-type check valves and swing check valves:


When coming on to select which type of check valve is right to use – the answer relies fully on the situation. A few facts must be known about every type of valve when you make a decision. Let us say- swing check valves are specially designed for those types of systems requiring complete port valves but are not best for pulsating fluid flow. The biggest difference between both of these valves – wafer-type check valves can restrict the fluid flow by a higher percentage as compared to those of swing check valves.


Swing check valves have moulded bodies which helps in the creation of space for the disc to open completely and swing by permitting the fluid flow. For all these reasons, valves professionals suggest using wafer-type check valves for those applications where the fluid flow is not a problem and swing check valves when the complete port valves are needed.




So, all in all, you must have understood about wafer-type check valves and swing check valves. Wafer-type check valves are best for systems that deal with fluids with suspended particles because they can not get clogged. Weight out the pros and cons of the valves and then purchase the one as per your application. Without any worries, you can reach out to a reliable supplier of wafer-type check valves in the Middle East and GCC region.


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