Types Of Business Analytics And Why Are They Important

Thanks to the increase in internet users. Data mining was never so important. With millions of data entered every second the role of business analytics (BA) has increased. Today every company wants to mine the data and take out all the information needed. A business analyst narrows down the data and analyses which data is more useful and can generate revenue.

Once they get experts in their field, they can even help forecast the increase in demand and how much revenue the company can generate. There is a training available in Business Analytics Training in Delhi also that you can look for.

Who Is a business analyst?

A business analyst helps managements make fact-based decisions. They deal with huge data and answer the questions like how, when, and what. This helps the management make an important decision. They provide new insights to deal with the coming problems timely and efficiently. They compare the past data and the present data to make the report. The tools that they use are OLAP, reporting, and query. Basic domains within analytics are Cohort analysis, Cyber Analytics, Competitor analysis, Marketing analytics, Pricing Analytics, Talent analysis, and more.

Wondering if business analytics is new or old. The answer is, that they are already exercising the task from the past. But today with the explosion in data the demand has also increased. They majorly depend on the quality of data. Then they integrate the data, reconcile them and then make any decision. It associates with business intelligence and big data analytics.

Types Of Analytics

There are mainly four types of analytics

Descriptive Analytics – They basically describe what has happened by analyzing the huge data. They do it by carefully looking into the past and analyzing the present. These historical data are very important for analyses. These data are usually visualized in simple reports. This step will help in focusing on every minute thing.

Diagnostic Analytics – Diagnostic analytics cannot ignore for the right decision-making. Here, they describe the reason behind why the problem happened. Knowing the reason why the problem occurred will ensure that the organization does not repeat the same mistake again. This type of analytics is complex. They need to find out the pattern, trends, and correlations between the data.

Predictive Analytics – After doing the descriptive analytics and the predictive analytics they forecast what can happen next. Therefore, forecasting is a very crucial step for cost-effectiveness. It also helps in saving time and planning ahead. Here, the role of advanced technologies like machine learning, and data mining comes into the picture. It is very important to pay extra attention to the accuracy of the data. Any inaccuracy in data might lead to a huge loss for the company.

Prescriptive analytics – After performing all the tasks they make a report on what action they should take to tackle the problem. This step helps in the proper allocation and management of resources. As you master this, you can also come up with different innovative and valuable ideas over time. Here both historical data and external information are analyzed to get accurate forecasting.

Why Business Analysts Are So Important

  • Their ability to analyse the data before the occurrence of the problem helps in cost-cutting.
  • Their inputs put the insights into action faster.
  • Besides, they also help to alter the plan and optimize outcomes.
  • With the help of different tools, they convert the raw data into a usable form.
  • They make the reports based on the facts available.
  • They analyze data from different sources to make it understandable.
  • Business analysts measure the trends and the KPIs in real-time.
  • They also help management make the conclusion quickly and accurately.


To summarize, if you love data and want to make your future in it then you can consider it as a career. Professionals in this field should also have a good understanding of statistics, especially probability. Although, there are some tools to master. But once you master those skills the task you perform will become easy. In fact, if you are considering business analysis as a career then you can also look for Business Analytics Online Training. You can also get yourself certified to get ahead of the race.

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