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Twitter Ads Management Company for Business: How to Find 

Twitter Ads Management Company, Is it possible to use Twitter for companies looking for new customers? The job of every social media manager is to understand how to find new customers on the web and in particular on social media, as quickly as possible. You already know that your potential customers spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, but it’s not always easy to find them.

Unfortunately, social media is a very busy place, and potential customers can sometimes get confused in a sea of ​​doubles. Don’t worry: with a little effort, the right keywords, and a few tricks, you’ll find them in no time!

Do you also remember the book Where’s Wally you used as a child to pass the days? The one where on every page there is a big colorful image full of people, and you have to find Wally, the character with the red and white striped shirt? Read also our reflection on the usefulness of advertising or an online strategy to find customers online.

How to find customers with Twitter

Twitter is a goldmine for finding customers online.

So it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, what job you do, or how big your company is: you too can use Twitter’s search function and see who is looking for a company like yours.

An advanced tool for using this feature without wasting half your days researching Twitter Ads Management Company is HubSpot’s Social Inbox.

Twitter for companies in 5 steps

1) The first thing to do is to write 3 or 4 keywords that are important to your business, such as the products you sell.

2) then log in to Twitter to find some variations of the keywords you’ve been thinking about. Never think about using the same language as people who want to buy your product! Check that the words you use are the same as they would use! Check who writes these words and, based on their profile, find out if they could be a potential customer or not.

3) If they are a potential contact for your company, start a conversation with them and offer content that they might be interested in, relate to the keyword they use. These contents could be for example blog posts, or free guides, or even video tutorials.

(For this step, the Social Inbox can save you a lot of time and will immediately give you the information you are looking for.)

4) If you did well, this person will probably be interest in what you propose and will come to your website to read the blog post or download the guide. In this way, he will have known our company, and we will have met a potential customer! If your site contains free guides (or other types of free content) that can be download after filling out a form (find out here how to increase the percentage of people who fill out a form ) you will also have a new contact in the database! Follow the right path to find new customers online on your site.

5) Now all you have to do is create email campaigns and workflows to nurture the contact and make him become a customer!

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