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Top Prime Reasons to use SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker Plugin

What is the most arduous task in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Business? According to the research, a Real challenge is Monitoring the entire user activity from a log-in time to log-out. Many businesses already make it on their priority list to gather such information from a security kaya┼čehir perspective. So, how can I get to know what my team is doing in CRM (each and every activity)? If clueless, then endeavor for the rich product called SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker. What is it?

User Activity Tracker? 

Like how a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, same with this advanced product. It will bring out all such information from CRM about your business team like what they are doing. Each information of user activity is in your hand. 

So, it is an awesome extension for your security purpose. You will always be clear about every activity. No need to apply for the Guesswork now. A user-friendly add-on of Outright Store to track every activity effortlessly. 

A Real-life example would be great to understand this:

A new Startup business hired new employees for their CRM Business. Those employees were not adept with CRM software. You saw on the next day 2 important leads were deleted from your SuiteCRM by mistake. Will you blame all those for this matter? In such a situation, the head of the team member has no option. Wherefore, it is better if you pour your investment into the SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker add-on. An awesome plugin to anticipate suspicious activity. You will get to know who deleted those important leads from SuiteCRM. 

  • The Product will cost you $299.00
  • Users will get a 3 DAY TRIAL PERIOD before going to purchase. 
  • Get the Opportunity of a FREE PRODUCT TOUR

Proven Functionalities of User Activity Tracker Extension

We are going to drill down the entire Features of this latest add-on. 

  1. The extension will provide you the functionality where you can get to know your team using a Mobile phone or Computer. Get aware of what web browser they are using to enter in your CRM software. 
  2. We are providing the feature of the Activity Day Summary report to know the entire information about your team and what they did in CRM. 
  3. Using this vital extension in your business helps you to know the total time a user logged into the SuiteCRM. Also, how many times they logged escort in.
  4. It uncovers information like the Morning log-in time of a user to the Evening log-out time. It is mandatory for many businesses to know about productivity. 
  5. SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker add-on helps you to know the total idle time of every user in your Business. See the details in the User Activity Logger. 
  6. It is much easier for your business to know exactly which country the user logs in even with the accurate IP Address. Plus the outstanding function is it enables the head of business to check which module the user was working on. 
  7. Besides this getting aware of the module the user worked on, this powerful extension helps you to know the exact date and time when the activity occurred.


I am Aashna Khanna working at Outright Store. It is a place of advanced extensions for your SuiteCRM and SugarCRM software. The team has built up several top-notch products that ease your efforts working in CRM and give you a better experience. Every plugin can help you to work better and manage complicated situation easily. Use the renowned plugins in CRM industry such as Email parser, Email drip campaign, Twilio SMS, Database backup and restore, Global hide manager, etc. Get a free product tour from us to understand all products' installation and configuration. Further, our CRM developers are available to provide all great services for your CRM system.

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