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Top Frozen River Treks In India

Chadar Trek 

The journey to trek towards Chadar starts at Leh in Ladakh and it is recommended to acclimatize for 3 days in Leh before you proceed to attempt Chadar trek. Since this trek is a bit different from other treks like it passes through frozen rivers, there are certain basic health checkups that every trekker must pass in order to start the journey of Chadar. 

After the 2-3 hours drive along the Zanskar river you will reach the trail road. This trail road is a unique one as it is not a concrete path but a frozen river and you will notice that walking on a frozen river is a bit tricky. After considerable slipping, falling and trying to gather the balance on a frozen river you will encounter your 1st camping site called the Shingra Koma, which is 10,400 feet above sea level.

After a beautiful glimpse of the vast snow carpet, you will reach Tibb, which is the next camp site. Then moving further you will witness the frozen waterfall of Nerak, which is the most iconic site of all in Chadar Trek. Now the trek finally leads you to Chadar. With just the thin sheet of snow formed over the river, the trail becomes challenging but remember that it can only lead you to the pinnacle.


Rupin Pass Trek

This trek is a crossover of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and this trek can be rated with a difficulty level of moderate to difficult level. This climb is towards a peak standing at a high altitude of 15200 feet above sea level. This trek starts from Dehradun to Dhaula and you can homestay at Sewa. There are many picturesque views all over the trek.

The Rupin Pass trek is mostly preferred by seasoned trekkers as it is challenging because the number of hours of trekking is longer for at least 8 hours every day. The exit from the trek is also a difficult task to complete. And you need to start your preparation for the trek at least 2 months before the trek with daily workouts and walking. Here you have to walk for a long time in the snow with chilling winters. The river passes are frozen during winters and you must cross them carefully. Dhandares tatch camp to Upper Waterfall camp will end the trek to Rupin Pass via Ronti Gad. The steep snow ascent will finally lead you to Rupin Pass which is a breathtaking experience. 


Gangotri Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

The Gangotri Gaumukh is the famous spiritual and natural trek. It begins from the religious town called Gangotri and goes through the beautiful mountains with the capped snow. The road journey starts from Dehradun to the holy town of Gangotri. You can take a day for acclimatization in Gangotri. As you gain altitude you will feel mountain sickness and to avoid that you must acclimatize to the conditions. After a day of acclimatization, you will be heading to the first campsite called Chirbasa by trekking for 9 kilometers.

The Gangotri trek of 9 kilometers to Chirbasa goes from Gangotri National Park where you can find many natural resources. Here you would be camping next to the Bhagirathi River, which you can see throughout the trek of Gangotri. The next campsites are Bhojbasa, and the final summit of Tapovan. As you can see the trail is not a marked one, and you must cross some of the rivers via pulley-trolly system. The summit  is 9 kilometers away from Bhojbasa and you must be ready to preserve as it would be the longest trail in the journey because you must take a to and fro travel from the summit completing a total of 18 kilometers in a day. Shivling mountain will take your breath away for a moment in the midst of frozen rivers of Bhagirathi. 


Roopkund Trek

It is considered as the mysterious lake and is located in Uttarakhand. This trek is part of Chamoli district and is known for a winter trek with the snow falling all over. Wan village is the base village from where you must trek for an hour to the Ranaka Dhar landmark. From the Neel River the trail goes up to Gharoli Patal, the first campsite. Then you can go to Bhagwabasa, which is fully surrounded by white flaked snow. And the whole trek is a wonderful experience of vividly colored places.  

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