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Top Best New Websites on Which You Can Trust Blindly.

Fake news is a big issue right now. News companies are in the pockets of billionaires. Media bias, misreporting and sensationalism are on everyone’s mind. We are in an era where we do not trust the people who deliver the news.

One of the many famous news websites is also OneIndia which is available in 9 different languages. You can read the news according to your language. If you search on Google, ThatsTamil you will be directly visiting that site.

Despite all this, there are still some reliable news sources. You yourself have to know where to see it.

This is going to be a controversial article, no matter what news site we suggest. Some people will not agree with the people we choose. Few people will be offended by why we didn’t include their favorite media sites. Unfortunately, there is no objective metric of reliability. Most of the sites you’ll see on the list have made it to this list because they’ve developed a strong reputation for unbiased news, not politically motivated reporting.

Yes, you can compete with a reputation because it is always changing too. This cannot be easily quantified (although we have cited sources where we can) and people will always have different opinions.

That said, we stand by the claims made here. Please note that we present these trustworthy news websites in alphabetical order and do not rank them based on trustworthiness.

BBC News

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the largest broadcaster in the whole world. The British government funds the organization and is therefore indifferent to corporate interests. The BBC has a history of over 90 years with a good reputation for accurate, unbiased reporting. AllSides categorizes it as a central news source—which means it’s one of the best news sites out there if you want balance.

Despite having a centre, US citizens may find that in the UK “centre” is typically on the left side of what they are used to.

The Economist

Although Allsides says The Economist leans to the left, it has a reputation for high-quality reporting. Throughout its history, The Economist has supported issues from both sides of the political spectrum. Nowadays, it tends to be a bit more to the left. That said, he is not afraid to align himself with the party, believing that it is the one that best supports his ideals, which are centered on free trade and free markets.


This one is likely to be controversial, as public broadcasting is strongly associated with liberal political views in America. It is continuously invested in government funding, but it remains free from corporate bias. AllSides rates NPR as center, with a blind survey, third-party data, community feedback, and much more. Pew poll shows conservatives distrust NPR, but its journalistic prowess is high. It is known for rejecting sensationalism, issuing corrections when necessary, and impartial reporting.

ProPublica News

If you get your news via NPR, you’ve probably heard ProPublica mentioned. Like AP, ProPublica is a nonprofit, government-funded news organization. The fact that it was the first online news organization to win a Pulitzer Prize also gives it some credibility (it has since won many more).

It’s a small organization compared to some of the other organizations mentioned on this list, but it’s worth checking out. We have a feeling it will continue to grow both in size and reputation.

Reuters News

Like the AP, other news outlets often cite Reuters—and that’s mainly because it has a long and solid reputation for good reporting. The organization is owned by Thomson Reuters. This gives it additional resistance to corporate influence.

Reuters attempts to use a “value-neutral approach” to avoid bias in its reporting (so much so that it has generated controversy, particularly after the September 11 attacks in New York using the term “terrorist” after refusing to do so).

While you may not be as familiar with Reuters as some of the other outlets listed here, it has a longstanding reputation for good journalism. Its Journalism Handbook is a great resource for anyone reporting news, and Reuters editors hold their journalists to its principles.

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The Wall Street Journal

This could be another controversial addition to the list due to the ownership of the WSJ by News Corporation, a mega-media conglomerate run by the Murdoch family. Rupert Murdoch has a reputation for being ruthlessly conservative and for using his considerable media power for political influence. Some of their news organizations even have a bad reputation.

However, even after it was acquired by News Corp, the magazine is still highly rated in the United States. AllSides gives it a strong, moderate rating, and in a recent Pew survey, it was the only store that all teams trusted more than unreliable. ,

It is important to note that the news and opinion section of the WSJ has a strongly enforced segregation and a very strong right-wing orientation in the opinion piece. Nevertheless, the news (especially financial news) published by the store is of high quality.

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