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Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Heroes

Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Heroes

The Marvel Comics Anti-Heroes flew into the spotlight in the late seventies, with characters such as The Punisher as well as Wolverine. The anti-hero genre became more well-known than the more heroic hero and, during the Eighties and Nineties, The anti-hero was the most popular, and expanded in DC Comics and Image as well. Use the orc name generator to generate green characters’ names.

Comic Book Anti-Heroes

The public loves the darker and more sinister persona that is able to take the law into their own hands and seeks the justice of their manner without the guilt of the heroes of everyday life hounding them. Using half orc name generator you can easily generate names.

Look over the top 10 anti-heroes from comic books.

1. Punisher

The Punisher is the one that I consider to be the first real anti-hero comic book. He puts the law in his own hands and kills people that law enforcement can’t reach. He has battled gangsters and supervillains and the results always outweigh the way in the case of Frank Castle, one of the most famous and well-known heroes of comics.

The Punisher finally receives the recognition he deserves as an antihero in the Netflix series Daredevil Season Two. Take a look at some of the Punisher’s most memorable fight scenes to discover the reasons he’s our favorite anti-hero ever!

2. Catwoman

Batman is on and off again with a fling. Selina Kyle is an antagonist who is concerned not about the laws of the universe in pursuit of gains over the long term. She certainly is a person of integrity and will frequently defend the weak and stand against the bullies in The DC Universe, as long that it does not interfere with her paycheque. Selina is our second anti-heroine, naturally, Selina can sometimes mix heroism and criminality to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Venom

Venom is considered to be one of Spider-Man’s biggest enemies However, in recent times Venom has assumed the role of a more heroic Agent Venom. The Venom symbiote has changed hosts through the years and various writers have used Venom from a mindless beast to an intelligent anti-hero in his own distinct. The nature of the symbiote’s symbiotic shifting, but when it is released it will be fascinating for us to find out if they decide to take the symbiote on an eminent or devilish route.

4. Thunderbolts

The Thunderbolts began as villains under the leadership of Baron Zemo, who disguised as heroes, with their goal of dominating the world. The team of the time was able to experience the thrill of being both villain and hero and then reverted to their previous practices and started to understand the notion of serving other people. 

The Thunderbolts have changed over time, and as the leadership and team members have changed so have the group’s motivations and membership in the team. They have gone from a sinister and sexier version to a more heroic however darker kind of team. It is an organization with sometimes good intentions, but the moral code is gray-to-black.

5. Suicide Squad

This suicide team is composed of criminals who work on behalf of the authorities to repay their social debts when in prison. They are able to work without a book carrying out completely black ops-style missions that could cost their lives. The villains do not want to be good, but they are forced to do so by the team’s head Amanda Waller in order to achieve their freedom or to lose their lives. 2016 Suicide Squad will make its debut in 2016. Suicide Squad brings its anti-heroic abilities to the screen for the very first time.

6. Deadpool

Here, Deadpool, the mercenary with a mouth, has been on both sides of the fence between good and bad on more occasions than anyone can remember. In addition, Deadpool certainly operates on his own however, he finds himself fighting evil forces in more than one instance even if it’s just for the sake of having a laugh.

Absolutely one of the most hilarious anti-heroes on our list Deadpool’s highly-acclaimed film was a huge win for the anti-heroes in us all.

7. Spawn

Al Simmons is a man who operated under the hood and as a covert operative, He committed numerous crimes that were in violation of laws, yet for the sake of freedom and justice. As Spawn was his name, he continued to combat those who could hurt others and always did it in his own way.

8. Wolverine

Although his initial appearance featured more of a wild superhero, his second was about the time in Uncanny X-Men #251-253 when Wolverine unleashed his rage upon the Reavers and he morphed into more of an anti-hero size rather than an imposing man with a grin and claws.

Marvel Comics has often explored two different versions of Wolverine. One is a heroic X-Man, Avenger, and occasionally, a headmaster or teacher. On the other we have Uncanny X-Force Wolverine, killing to protect the world. A polar opposite in the past, if ever.

9. The Watchmen

The majority of the characters from The Watchmen live and work in the shadows of law in pursuit of their ideals of justice. Rorschach as well as The Comedian are the two who most represent The Comedian as the anti-hero and frequently use the law in their own hands to achieve their own version of justice.

In a way, Watchmen as a whole can be considered anti-heroic by virtue of the fact that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s masterpiece dismantles the concept that superheroes are comics.

10. US Agent

John Walker had it all when he was selected to be Captain America’s successor. Captain America. The lack of interest in traditional “old school” ways of conducting business and his personal rage led him to lose his stars and stripes in the hands of Steve Rogers. The government wasn’t done with him, however, and made him into a red, white, and black US Agent. Walker’s indifference to the normal moral code makes him a perfect federal agent who is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his mission.

Deadpool is likely to be offended and would be a snarky character, but Walker might be the most disturbed character on this list. On an array of the top comics’ anti-heroes, this is a huge compliment.

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