Tips to get a high score in SUBWAY SURFERS

Subway surfer is a mobile game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, based in Denmark. This is a game that attracts a lot of players nowadays.



Subway surfers is an endless run. In the game, the player will be a mischievous boy who will paint stolen graffiti on the train cars every day. When discovered they will flee on the tracks to escape the pursuit of the guard and his dog. When running, the player can control the character to pick up gold coins, keys, power-ups, and other rewards on the tracks. At the same time help, the character avoid the obstacles on the way, the game only ends when the inspector catches the character or both are run over by the train.

  1. How to play SUBWAY SURFERS

2.1. Gameplay

 When playing on the computer, players will use keys to control the character:

  • Moving left will use the left arrow
  • Moving to the right will use the right arrow
  • Moving forward will use the up arrow
  • Moving back will use the down arrow
  • Space key to jump

The game starts when the player presses SPACE, then the flapper will run on the track, and behind is the inspector and his dog chasing. While running, the player will encounter chapters of obstacles. At that time, the player will have to move left. to the right, jump or crouch to avoid obstacles. The obstacles will include train carriages, traffic, barriers, and tunnel walls, …The game will end when the inspector catches the boy or both of them get into the train

2.2. Items

While running, players can collect items such as coins, keys, double points, high boots, jet bags, magnets, secret boxes, and bouncing sticks. Super shoes allow for higher jumps, while jetpacks allow for flight, coin magnets draw coins to the track, power jumpers allow for higher jumps, and score multipliers increase the pace at which points are awarded. A hoverboard, for example, allows the character to avoid accidents and lasts roughly 30 seconds.

2.3. Themes

Seasonal hunts and daily challenges reward players for making original gameplay moves. In daily challenges, the player must gather the letters that make up a game-related word, like “scoring” or “jump”; this is also known as “word hunting.” The accuracy of the player is used to measure various tasks in missions. Using coins, keys, in-game purchases, gathering particular objects, linking to a Facebook account, or other means, up to 18 characters can be unlocked. Most characters wear up to two distinct clothes at once. Meanwhile, using the same techniques, up to 17 hoverboards can be opened. Each player-assistance feature varies depending on the individual. A new character and hoverboard will be provisionally accessible during an update to a new area until the following update.

  1. Why are SUBWAY SURFERS so attractive?

Over 2 billion people have downloaded Subway Surfers from the App Store, making it a popular app. Recently, it has also seen an increase in revenue and user engagement. Due to the fact that it provides countless hours of free pleasure, the subway surfers game has gained popularity. This popularity can be partially owed to the app’s straightforward but efficient design.

Ads and in-app purchases are absent. The game is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones and is also quite simple to pick up and play. Because of this, the game is incredibly accessible to anyone who has a smartphone or tablet. Here are some suggestions for creating your own highly addicting game that would attract millions of players, much as Subway Surfers has.

Any web platform fan must play the game Subway Surfers. This one has something for everyone with over 350 levels and hours of playtime. This game is ideal for everyone, whether you’re an experienced player trying to advance your abilities or a novice. With no intrusive downloads or drawn-out installs, this game is also one of the easiest-to-use ones available. So why are you still waiting? Start right now and see how far you can get.

You should play any of the great Subway Surfers games. Now is the moment to give them a try if you haven’t already! Spending time with your friends and family while playing this excellent game is a great idea. It’s a fantastic approach to increasing your fitness as well. The arcade is the place to go if you’re searching for an adrenaline rush and want to run really quickly. On the web platform, you can also find brand-new, thrilling games to play. You will have a better gaming experience and more attractive graphics if you play games on browsers.

 4. Achievements

  • In March 2018, SUBWAY SURFERS surpassed 1 billion downloads, becoming the first game to achieve this achievement. Just 2 months later, the number of downloads has increased to 2 billion.
  • In December 2019, SYBO games announced that, according to AppAnnie’s statistics, SUBWAY SURFERS has surpassed 2.7 billion downloads. And became the most downloaded mobile game of the decade, from 2012-2019.

5. Tips to get a high score in SUBWAY SURFERS

5.1. Using two hands to play

I’ve noticed while playing this game that many players only use one finger to swipe their way through the game. That’s not the best way for the game, though. I advise playing with two hands if your goal is to achieve the high score that all of your Facebook friends want to beat. This will make it simple for you to swipe in either direction and will focus all of your attention on the game without any interruptions.

5.2. Run on the train

The top of the train is a better option for you to run on than the ground. Staying on the ground increases your chances of getting hit by a looming barrier or a speeding train. So, if you need to get down, take advantage of the first opportunity to board a train. To stay on top of trains, learn the method of jumping and swiping to change trains.

5.3. Keep on running after being hit

Hoverboards are a key part of the game, hence the name Subway ‘Surfers.’ Using an overboard will allow you to continue running even if you collide with an obstacle. Our advice is to have your overboard meter charged for emergencies and to activate it as soon as you think you might hit a train or an obstruction. This will stop you from going too far, but you can still play the game after that.

5.4. Using the key

Using keys, you can resurrect the character throughout a run in the game. However, using keys frequently throughout a run may cause you to run out, and you won’t have any when you actually need one. If you’ve noticed, each time you use a key to revive your character, the cost of subsequent uses increases, quickly depleting your supply of keys. I would advise not using your keys during quick runs and only using them when absolutely necessary during a high-scoring run.

6. Conclusion

With over 2.7 billion downloads on the App store, SUBWAY SURFERS has become the most downloaded game of the decade. The key to helping SUBWAY SURFERS attract many players is in attractive gameplay and beautiful images. In addition, the game does not require players to pay cash for in-game items. But there are also criticisms for the insensitive controls and little change in the game environment. In short, despite the criticism, SUBWAY SURFERS is still a good game, giving people entertainment.


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