Things to consider when buying your first Skateboard

Are you thinking of purchasing your first skateboard!  Once you buy it thoughtfully, you are never going to regret it. After all, skateboarding is one activity that is full of pleasure, fun and cheerfulness. However, to find out the right type of skateboard could be quite demanding.

Indeed, whether you do skateboard shop online or otherwise, you can be sure that you get the right one when you keep yourself away from the wrong things. In this post you would get to know about the things that you should know when getting your first skateboard.

Be thoughtful about deck 

The deck is the board area of the skateboard, so you can likely guess that it’s one of the most crucial parts of a skateboard. It makes direct and proper link with your feet and is the flashiestzone of any setup. So it’s anamusing chore to pick one. There are all kinds of deck shapes, sizes, shades , and price points to choose from, but there are some general guidelines a good and quality deck will have:

Most of the boards are formed up of seven plies of maple wood glued and that of pressed together, with a heat-transferred or that of even screen printed graphic on the bottom. Choose the design grounded on your preference. 

Grip tape    

The tape stays pasted on the surface of the skateboard. This tape owns sandpaper rough stuff on which the user’s feet have a full grip to do the tricks. It comes in diverse colours but the black colour tape has more grip that of and is additionally durable with best possible quality stuff.


Remember that picking a size that you wish for your skateboard is essential. In skateboarding, sizing is a somewhat new phenomenon even though there was not really an option to purchase a micro or that of even soft top many years ago. But with the success of skateboarding today, you have more preferences and can get anideal match.

The measurement is reliant on Age, Height &that of Shoe Size. Sizing up is recommended in doubt because kids develop rapidly and there is not a huge difference between each size. In case you look at the smallest (micro) size, it is somewhat one inch or less than the that of biggest (full) board size.


Trucks are the metallic parts  or areas in the skateboard that hold the overall wheels together. They even help in grinding and turning of the skateboard. The utmost of them is made of aluminum alloy. Though it doesn’t essential that every brand is going to use the same type of metal and blends. Once you are getting a skateboard, it is super crucial to ensure that it has metal trucks. That of any board having plastic trucks is simply a cleverly disguised piece of junk and that of not worth the pennies you spend on them as they are not dependable.


So, you can buy skateboard that is as per your specific needs. Keep all these aspects in mind and you may end up getting the perfect skateboard!


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