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The Best Shipping Methods

The online space has brought in new opportunities like never before. The eCommerce industry big and growing ferociously without any doubt. Though the opportunities are many the threats in terms of competition is intense too. With the numerous eCommerce players now mushrooming up, if you are to stay ahead of the competition you need to ensure complete customer satisfaction. So much so, that it gets transformed into customer delight. Coming to customer expectations, timely shipping of the products to the customers is most critical.

Efficient And Reasonably Priced Shipping 

With so much competition in the eCommerce sector, every online seller is trying to outdo the other in some way or the day. The result is online customers have become very sensitive to the overall experience they have during the delivery of the products ordered. If they feel that the delivery charges are being excessively charged or if there is delay in delivery, they are more than likely to abandon their shipping. Thus, as a business owner if you look up the ports directory, you will find many making tall claims. But if they fail to deliver what they promise, it may severely hamper your business. You need to choose the freight forwarding companies from the Freight Forwarding Directory. If you are wondering how to go about with process you need to choose the ones which provide the best shipping methods. Some of the most important are as follows

Flat Rate Shipping

If you check the most popular shipping methods, you will find the one that tops the list is the option of flat shipping rate. It means the carrier offers fixed delivery price for delivery of different sized boxes. You can ship any weight of the consignment as long the shipment fits in the box to be shipped. It is a very beneficial option for small businesses. The method is best for the companies that have a standard product line.  

Real-Time Carrier Rates

If you want to ship your products then you need to choose logistics partners from the logistics directory. The ones that offer what is now known as the real-time carrier rates. Some of the modern eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento offer integrations with the most well-known carriers which generate live pricing rates and shipping options. Once you choose them you can therefore get the live delivery rates and choose the ones that will serve your cause.

The result is your customers can choose the delivery option that they find the best. In other words, this is a very customer-friendly delivery solution and can ensure better customer satisfaction regarding the delivery.

Local Shipping 

If you have a business that caters to only a local and domestic market. It is best you choose the shipping companies that serve the local market only. However, if you have products that is to be delivered internationally, it is best you choose the logistic partners that cater to the global market. By doing this you can be sure you have the best delivery solutions based on your delivery needs. 

Same Day Delivery

Prompt and quick delivery is a top priority for all eCommerce players. It is possible you may have customers who are willing to pay a bit extra. For the delivery but they want the same to be done in the shortest possible time. It is in line with this you need to choose shippers from the maritime directory that even offer the same day delivery. It is most suitable for those businesses that cater to a local market. The same day delivery may be possible in case of local deliveries. But if you can provide the same day delivery it can indeed help your business by highlighting this idea of same day delivery.  After all in the current times when online shopping is booming. Same day delivery can be something that can truly delight your customers and thus can be a big positive to your business. 


To sum up, we can say that in the current times when eCommerce is growing rapidly you need. The best shipping partners by choosing from the shipper’s directory for freight brokers. We hope if you choose the logistics partners that provide the above-mentioned shipping methods. It can benefit your business in a big way. 


Mark Wright

Mark Wright is a leading marketing consultant at Ruzave Shipping & Logistics Directory in Singapore. His extensive business and marketing expertise has equipped him as a user experience specialist and product thinker capable of tackling new challenges that benefit the organisation. He takes pleasure in writing informative essays for a variety of blog sites.

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