Social Values Children Can Learn at Kidzania

Top 7 Social Values Kidzania Can Teach to Children

Social values shape the individuals’ personality, character, and mindset, which becomes evident through their smallest actions and earn them praise or discomfort of people around them. Human beings are social animals. It means they have to stay in society while interacting and working with other people, which can be too difficult if they lack basic values.

Society stresses the importance of learning values and their implication in every aspect of life. Values are a part of human character, so they cannot be learned in a matter of seconds but are nurtured since childhood. Kidzania is trying its best to teach basic values to children and make them a part of their character, which never gets overshadowed.

Explore this content to know the social values children can learn at Kidzania by participating in various activities and taking on the roles and responsibilities of adults.

Top 7 Social Values Kidzania Can Teach to Children

Social values are more than important for a progressive society and individuals having a progressive mindset and personality. However, the concepts of social values are too difficult the understand in little minds. They often surprise their parents with unexpected questions. Kidzania takes responsibility for teaching social values through activities that stay with the children forever.

The major social values Kidzania can teach to children through role-playing and other activities include the following;

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is the first and foremost social value they get to learn at Kidzania. Human society is not balanced in career, social status, and financial stability. Although the grave reality of society is not evident in Kidzania, there are still multiple levels of work that teach children to be grateful for whatever they have got and work hard to achieve even more. Many parents get Kidzania Dubai ticket offers to help children learn gratitude through practical experience.

2. Honesty

Honesty is another significant social value children can learn at Kidzania. The job responsibilities like store manager, courier, police officer, media person, and numerous others teach children to stay true and honest to their profession and fulfill their responsibilities without deceiving anyone. Children learn that deceiving others means deceiving yourself, which should be avoided at all times to become a good citizen and a good human being.

3. Integrity

Integrity is another important social value Kidzania teaches to children. Children are introduced to numerous principles of morality and taught to stay firm on them and never compromise on them. For instance, children working in media and forces are taught to handle matters fairly and not compromise their integrity to favor the criminals or wrongdoers for a few benefits.

4. Justice

Justice and the sense of justice are among the most critical social values children get the opportunity to learn and explore at Kidzania. The mini-city of children has a proper setup of police, judicial system, law, and order to ensure the wellbeing of its citizens. These sections of society work together to catch the criminals and hold them accountable in front of the court. Without giving extra favors or facilitating their release, it teaches a lot to children.

5. Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the most important social values that one cannot teach through words. But Kidzania creates scenarios and develops situations that help children learn them. Children are often given roles and responsibilities with a partner or a large group. Working in teams, they learn to support and uplift each other to achieve success. It also helps them understand the concept of loyalty and stay loyal to their partners and teammates

6. Respect

Respect is also one of the most important social values children get the opportunity to learn and understand at Kidzania. The minacity teaches children that they should respect every human being regardless of their age, status, or gender. It highlights that difference of opinion does not necessarily mean that the other person is wrong. It does not give the certificate of crossing boundaries and hurting other people with words, hands, or actions, even if he is.

7. Responsibility

Responsibility is the last but most crucial social value children can learn at Kidzania. By taking on various roles like that of a doctor, floor manager, or even a courier, children realize that they have been given the responsibility of accomplishing some task. And thus, they will be held accountable for it. The fear of accountability is often replaced with a stronger sense of responsibility and helps children outperform. You can also visit Kidzania and let your children learn notable values that improve their personality and character.

Does your child need to learn these social values?

If yes, do not contemplate and grab Kidzania tickets online to help your children explore a different yet similar world, which teaches them values through various activities.

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