Restore Your Damaged Teeth Through a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are “caps” on teeth that are cracked, damaged, discolored, decaying or have had their root canals done incorrectly. Sometimes, dental crown cover dental implants, support dental bridges, or for special cosmetic or aesthetic purposes.

How Do Dental Crown Services Restore Decayed or Damaged Teeth?

A popular dental procedure in Toronto is getting dental crowns. A dental crown often reduces the likelihood of fracture and breakage while protecting a severely damaged tooth. This enables us to save rather than remove our natural teeth.

It is always safer and preferable to preserve and protect natural teeth than to extract or remove them. Additionally, crowns are necessary to hold a bridge or dental implant.

What Makes a Dental Crown Necessary?

A dental crown could be required for several reasons, such as holding a damaged, brittle tooth together or stopping a weak tooth from fracturing.

  • Fixing a tooth that has experienced severe wear or damage.
  • A tooth with a large filling protects the little natural tooth that is still present and supports the tooth.
  • Maintaining a dental implant’s position.
  • Removing crooked or noticeably stained teeth.
  • Dental implants are covered.
  • A tooth that has had a root canal is protected.

Material of Dental Crowns

Ceramics are mostly used in the manufacture of dental crown services. Like enamel and dentin, they can expand and shrink due to temperature variations.

After getting your new crown, you can feel minor heat or cold sensitivity for a few weeks. But this is a passing sensation that goes away on its own.

In your mouth, your crown should feel at ease and natural. Consider the following aspects while choosing the dental crown material.

  • The location and state of the tooth.
  • How many teeth are visible when you grin?
  • The hue or color of the teeth next to it.

Benefits of Tooth Crown

It Helps Protect A Tooth That is Weak to Avoid Breakage

By covering the weak tooth from acid, food particles, and bacteria of any kind, dental crowns can provide protection. These particles can’t reach the teeth and can’t further harm them because the dental crowns completely encase them.

It Protects the Root Canal-Treated Tooth

Root canal therapy weakens teeth because they lack the blood vessels and nerves that typically provide them with the required moisture and vigor. Therefore, the use of dental crowns can stop such teeth from breaking.

It Prevents Cracks From Becoming More Severe

If you experience pain when you bite down, one or more of your teeth may have fractured. You can stop them from splitting further and preserve the tooth together using dental cap services. Patients who neglect tooth cracks may eventually need a root canal or a dental implant.

Repairs Broken Tooth

The only way to repair a tooth that has been injured if a large amount of it is already missing is by using a dental crown.

Smile Makeover

Dental crowns constructed of white ceramic are extremely attractive and can improve the appearance of your tooth’s discolored and irregularly shaped teeth.

dental crown

Types of Dental Crown Services in Toronto 

Gold Dental Crowns

The gold dental crowns are incredibly sturdy and resilient. They are made of a metal alloy that includes copper, nickel, and chromium. Gold crowns are not a very common option and are typically placed on the rear teeth, which are not particularly noticeable due to their color and aesthetics. Gold dental crowns are among the most durable crowns, nonetheless. Their price tag is between $600 and $2500.

Front Tooth Crowns

Crowns for the front teeth typically shield teeth with little damage. They are around 2mm thick, composed of porcelain, and identical in appearance to the neighboring teeth. They are typically applied to teeth that are weak, discolored, or partially decaying.

Porcelain Crowns

Because they look natural, porcelain crowns are the most popular option. The greatest choice for restoring front teeth in them. Additionally, they are biocompatible and free of any form of poisons like metal.

Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns

Dental crowns made of porcelain fused metal are said to be affordable. Due to their metal construction, they offer strength and longevity, and their porcelain coating adds beauty. They are the crowns that last the longest. The porcelain fused crowns can endure up to 50 years with proper oral hygiene.

Zirconia Crown

Zirconia crowns are a highly popular option right now. They have very little chance of breaking or chipping and are strong and long-lasting. Zirconia dental crown can be formed inside a dental office, making the treatment less time-consuming. These crowns are metal-free, biocompatible, and typically do not cause allergic reactions.

The Lifespan of Dental Crowns 

With the right maintenance and oral hygiene, your aesthetic dental crown services should last many years, sometimes a lifetime. However, the durability of your dental crowns or cosmetic tooth caps depends on their type and quality. The lifespan of these dental crowns is also influenced by the condition of your natural teeth and gums and how well you take care of them.

By obtaining an impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth, dental crowns are often made to replicate the original tooth. The materials used to prepare crowns to offer varying degrees of structural support, durability, and expense. Dental crowns that match the surrounding tooth are frequently seen as more aesthetically beautiful.

The Cost of Dental Crown Services in Toronto

The cost of a dental crown varies widely from patient to patient in Toronto. A single crown may cost you between $200 and $600 if you have normal insurance coverage. If you don’t have dental insurance, you should expect to pay between $800 and $1200 for a crown.

Factors that Determine the Price of Dental Crowns.
  • How dental crowns are made?
  • The substance used in dental crowns, the procedure’s location, and the complexity required.
  • The potential number of crowns required.
  • The kind of tools and materials required for the particular treatment you want.

Procedure for a Tooth Crown in Toronto 

The process typically requires two visits to your dentist in Toronto to be completed. To cover a natural tooth with a crown, the following procedures must be followed:

  • To prepare a tooth for a CEREC crown, the tooth must be filed and shaped.
  • After that, a digital camera is used to take an impression. The camera then transmits a 3-D optical image of the prepared tooth to your dentist’s computer. The dentist then designs the crown using CAD/CAM software, and its parameters are subsequently delivered to a milling machine.
  • The milling machine then uses diamond-coated tools to carve the real restoration out of a tough ceramic block.
  • Once inside your mouth, the crown is examined for fit, occlusion, and aesthetics. The crown will be attached to your tooth if all the conditions are met. It’s all done in one appointment!

Is Getting Dental Crowns a Painful Experience?

No, acquiring dental crowns is a painless operation that is done under sedation or anesthesia. However, patients may experience some minor discomfort initially, but it will pass quickly.

What Are The Cheapest Dental Crowns in Toronto?

The cheapest dental crowns Toronto are metal ones. However, dentists prefer them on the back of molars where they can’t be seen. The average cost of tooth crowns in Canada ranges between $900 to $1500 per tooth.

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