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Parking Management and RFID: Why RFID Is The Best Technology?

Parking Management System Software

There are millions of vehicles that circulate from one place to another in our daily lives. And they all end their journey in a parking lot at the end of their journey. As our urban society grows, the parking management system software aspect is becoming more and more important, and city planners are seeing it as part of their customer service vision. With a shortage of parking spaces, there is a real need for efficient management of parking spaces. Through smartphone apps that can guide you to available spaces.

As well as that, parking in certain locations can cause a lot of security concerns. Despite the fact that there are various technologies that are helpful in identifying parked vehicles, including license plate recognition, barcode scanners, radio-controlled switches, and RFID-based car parking systems, the system uses a Cryptographic Authentication Protocol to identify the vehicles. This technology offers some benefits:

RFID Tags that provide:

  •  A unique identifier
  • Subtle and discrete placement
  • User memory for relevant data storage

RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification Readers provide:

  • Fast, long-range detection
  • Compatibility with any existing access control panels
  • Easy installation
  • Accurate, reliable performance

As far as RFID technologies are concerned, they are divided into two main categories;  active RFID and passive RFID. Let’s talk about their applications.

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Active RFID

The entrance of a private parking area may be controlled by a simple keypad or radio transmitter, depending on the parking area’s type.  But at the premises itself, it is necessary to have access, which can be provided by a passive, long-range UHF access control reader, which provides the best solution here. The vehicle access is managed by an embedded application that is embedded into the vehicle. In order to open the barrier, the reader activates the relay output once a specific vehicle is identified.

RFID for Public Parking Areas

An RFID-based car parking system can also be implemented in the management of public parking lots and areas.

The parking enforcement officers are equipped with a hand reader that can read the information on tags containing information about the permit.

Previously, residents had to get a card that could be seen on the dashboard of the vehicle. Before, being able to use this technology.

RFID for Corporate Parking Areas – Online Solution

Managing each access and storing this information requires more sophisticated management software for an integrated enterprise. The management of door access is now managed by access control software in many companies.  It can also be used to control parking gates.

RFID for Secure Facilities

Last but not least, facilities that rely on gates to restrict access spend more money on the design, installation, control system, and software that are used to operate the gates.  The vast majority of installations use the most basic, insecure, and easily compromised or easily hacked methods for gaining access to the system.

It is possible to photograph and inexpensively reproduce license plates and barcodes of authorized vehicles.  There is no better, more secure, and more reliable way to identify vehicles in a controlled-access environment than by using RFID technology.

With RFID technology integrated into the car parking system, performance can be increased in entry, tracking, and billing, real-time management of permits, and overall security and access levels as well.

Benefits of RFID Parking Technology

It is possible to incorporate the user’s personal information and vehicle information onto the RFID vehicle tag or plate. An RFID reader attached to a vehicle automatically detects information about the vehicle while the vehicle is being driven.

1- Effectively enhance the safety management

As soon as the car park accepts the intelligent RFID-based parking system, the monthly rent card, value card, consumer record, data stored in the computer, as well as card can be reissued if it is lost or damaged.

If the parking card is equipped with image contrast equipment, each card has an archived license plate number, and one card is dedicated to this purpose. And the license plate does not prompt the computer at any time and does not warn the user.

2- Durable and reliable

This RFID parking management system uses a passive RFID card that doesn’t require any maintenance and has a very long service life. It is fully sealed, and free of contact, moreover, is also dustproof and waterproof. This RFID card is maintenance-free and has a long service life. It is not required to manually open the gate. But the system automatically reads the card, checks it, and opens the gate.

3- Unattended mode

Besides the fact that it has reduced labor costs, it also can be configured to use high-definition cameras and take images of vehicles, so that vehicle information can be checked. In order to accommodate multi-card coexistence, the system supports both IC cards and ID cards, which facilitates classification management and ensures a high level of service provisioning.

4- Solid anti-fake performance

In order to make RFID identification cards difficult to counterfeit, most RFID-based parking systems use complex encryption algorithms.

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