Need for Florida business attorney

Florida business attorney

Need for Florida business attorney

Once your business is up and running, Slozada will provide you with advice and guidance on asset protection, risk mitigation, operational growth, compliance, corporate governance, and consultation with a Florida business attorney. We also provide advice on best practices in data collection and use, consumer privacy, taxation, working practices, and many other issues. Slozada serves as general advice and business advice for most of our small and medium-sized clients.

Disputes between companies

Many of our business clients come to us with B2B creations, including disputes over services or supplies, unfair competition, and breaches of complex and international business agreements. So, our Florida and Puerto Rico business law attorneys specialize in California corporate law, analyze these issues, and advise and implement a targeted approach to achieving your goals effectively. . Therefore, our team regularly deals with state and federal commercial disputes as well as alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. Whether in court or out of court. So, we aggressively and competently represent the interests of your business and free you from the focus of your business.

Conflicts of co-founders

As, we help to achieve effective and definitive solutions to conflicts that often arise between the founders of a new company. So, see our co-founders’ conflicts page for more information.

Disputes and enforcement of intellectual property

Slozada maintains a strong intellectual property practice that covers intellectual property issues in traditional contexts. Like, the Internet, including copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, patent matters and DMCA notifications. Therefore, see our Intellectual Property Rights page for more information.

Payment issues

Most companies have problems with payments and direct debits from suppliers, clients or partners. Our California sales representatives can advise you on the most effective steps to ensure that your bills are paid without “throwing good money for bad”. From careful negotiation with an opposition adviser to delivery of letters requesting payment and, finally, filing claims for amounts owed, we will strongly represent your interests to ensure that you regain your rights. We also advise on how to obtain judgment and reduce the risk of non-payment for current and future transactions.

Economic problems of concerts

The term “gig economy” refers to the modern market situation, where companies and individual clients are increasingly hiring independent contractors and short-term workers for short-term projects. The economy of concerts has grown in recent years, partly due to the popularity of the Internet and applications or websites that open up new opportunities for concert-based work and enable connections between independent vendors and those seeking their services. Interaction between many actors is inherent in concert economics, which can sometimes lead to legal complexity,

including problems with job classification and claims of negligence and local responsibility. Such claims may arise between the economic actors of the concert itself and may also involve third parties who claim to be affected by the services provided by such actors. Slozada regularly provides legal advice and advice on complex issues and helps corporate clients maintain best practices for reducing and mitigating risks in running their concert economics businesses. .

Transaction services

Our corporate law attorneys can assist your company with transaction requirements, including drafting, negotiating. Also, reviewing business contracts, employment contracts and commercial leases. We also help our clients with purchases, mergers, sales and financing.

As, typical services offered by our commercial dispute lawyer to beginning and established business clients. Therefore, we advise clients on start-up and organizational matters, including entity selection, company formation, laws, board agreements, executive and employee remuneration, ownership / option plans, securities issues and management strategies.

Advising on joint ventures, strategic alliances and other business relationships.

1. Advise entrepreneurs and emerging companies on developing investment strategies and diversification.
Quickly identify potential sources of funding. Ownership of property structure and remuneration arrangements.
Development of IP portfolio strategies.
2. Next, we advise clients on the development, protection and enforcement of their trade secrets, patents, trademarks and copyrights, including cooperation, technology licensing and acquisition options.
Help companies meet IT needs, including outsourcing and software development.
3. Then, we advise clients on work and employee matters. Provide advice and services in the field of litigation and dispute resolution, including active advice in reducing the risk of litigation and the use of arbitration and mediation.
4. Finally, strategic planning of the departure of private investments, mergers and acquisitions after the IPO.

A business way to advise our clients

Sonny Lozada provides sophisticated legal advice based on her many years of experience in helping clients set up, finance and grow their business;
So, offer clients an effective way to manage their legal needs – a point-and-click business. Which can effectively manage a variety of legal services.
Experience of Florida business attorney in the field of commercial law:
First, advertising
Second, consultant
Next, consumer products and services
Then, designed
Further, eshop
Entertainment and media
Food, drink and beauty
Then comes, franchising
Health care
Industrial design
Information Technology
Electronic hardware
Medical goods
Social media
Also, software
Last but not the least, economics of concerts


Finally, Sonny Lozada will handle all kinds of cases and represent people from all walks of life. Whatever your situation in Florida and Puerto Rico.  Also, she want to hear from you and help you understand where you are going. So, don’t hesitate and start the conversation today. Visit for legal consultancy at Florida and Puerto Rico.

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