Necessary Information About RPL ACS Australia Assessment

Do you think that only being a competent ICT professional is enough to win a positive RPL ACS Australia assessment? If yes, perish the thought.  It is because there are countless IT professionals, but not every one of them is eligible for Australian immigration.  The reason for this is that being capable and providing competency are two different things. In other words, you need to prove your ICT competency as per Australian standards in your RPL report. Only doing it will help you win a positive ACS RPL Australia assessment.

Now, the question is how you will do this. To make it happen, you must familiarize yourself with ACS skill assessment requirements. Besides that, you must know the whole system and tips to prove your eligibility.

Having taken this fact into account, we have written this blog. Here, we will tell you the necessary things that will definitely help you win a positive assessment. So, read this blog thoroughly.

ACS RPL Assessment Process:

If your professional credentials and work experience are as per ICT standards, you can attain a positive assessment. For migration purposes, it must be closely relevant to the chosen occupation (ANZSCO).

The authority takes course units, requirements and employment episodes into consideration. After that, they determine whether it is considered an ICT professional unit or not. This evaluation result can confirm if the quality may be a Major or Minor. Besides that, it can also confirm if the ICT content is insufficient.

Only the occupation that is closely related to the ICT units has an assessment.

The authority determines the amount of work experience necessary to fulfill the suitability criteria.

Employment episodes have to go through an assessment to determine if they are relevant to the nominated occupation.

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Assessment result:

The authority issues final results via email in PDF format. If a positive assessment, you can submit it to the Department of Home Affairs as proof of the skill assessment. On the other hand, if the result is negative, it will give you the reasons for that.

Renewals and re-application:

ACS, the assessment authority, doesn’t provide renewals of the result letter. You have to submit a new application by logging into the dashboard area.

Application processing time:

As per the ACS’s guidelines, the maximum time for the RPL ACS assessment is between 10 and 12 weeks. If you prepare a decision-ready application with all of the necessary proofs, it will take less time.

How to track your application status:

Only Australian visas with a time limit of fewer than 12 weeks from the date of application can have this type of claim. You need to give a minimum of two weeks’ notice before the deadline.

For the approval of your request, submit the deadline proof as a PDF document.

Required documents for ACS Australia assessment:

The following are the documents you need to submit for a positive Australian Computer Society skills assessment:

  • Passport matching the name in the application form.
  • Name proof if applicable.
  • A proper title of the degree or award certificate: the name of the University with its completion date. (No assessment will happen if unable to provide proper evidence).
  • Degree or award transcript.
  • Marks or grades you obtained along with the subject names.
  • If having a Postgraduate degree, give documents for the undergraduate qualification.
  • Proof of paid employment
  • Employment Reference Letters
  • If applying for RPL, then submit ACS online form.
  • CV or resume uploaded in the personal documents section.
  • Migration agent authorization form (if applicable).

RPL ACS guidelines:

Follow the below-given tips to write your RPL for a positive ACS Australia skill assessment:

  1. Show your actual work experience in your RPL report. If your report has fake or false information, it will lead to rejection.
  2. If having used others’ ideas, methods and examples in your project work, mention them clearly. It will help you achieve a positive ACS Australia assessment.
  3. There must be no plagiarism in your content. So, don’t copy from the RPL samples available online. If the authority finds even a minor trace of plagiarism, you will be reported to the IBP department. After that, the authority may ban you. Therefore, use the samples online for reference purposes, and write your RPL report in a similar way.
  4. ACS, the assessment authority uses advanced plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin to detect plagiarism. Therefore, we advise you to write your report in your own words. Even if you write the report in your own words, you may have unintentional plagiarism. So, you must check for plagiarism before you submit it for the ACS Australia assessment.
  5. You must use relevant job descriptions in your report. In other words, everything has to be related to the employment duties of the applied occupation. Another thing you should pay attention to is the ANZSCO code list.

If you need more information regarding the ACS Australia assessment, feel free to contact us.

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