Learn all about Pen testing Skills with Kali Linux

Kali Linux is used for penetration testing to improve security and product quality. The integral part of any comprehensive security program is penetration testing. Pen testing Skills with Kali Linux Ethical hackers conduct pen tests to imitate the actions and strategies of the attacker. This complex task requires creativity and you must fully understand the task. 


Gathering information:

To conduct a penetration test, you must first gather as much information as possible about the system. This will allow you to determine if the system can be accessed from the outside or if any data could be extracted by potential attackers. Port protocols, product architecture, software versions, and information about technologies are all factors that can increase the likelihood of an attack succeeding. You want to stop potential attackers from extracting this Information from the product. Learn more about Pentesting  Kali Linux from top experts


DNS Map:

DNS Map Testers use DNS Map to analyze infrastructure security and collect Information about IP netblocks and domain names. This utility is used at the enumeration stage for subdomains in brute-forcing.


Network Mapper (Nmap):

Network Mapper (Nmap) is a well-known open-source utility that allows penetration testing and security. This raw information can be used to determine the Information in the host network, and implement the firewall. All the basics of Pentesting 



Arp scan scans networks using Ethernet ARP packets Layer-2 and Mac. You can send ARP packets to designated hosts on your local network to receive feedback. You can send ARP packets to many hosts by using the output bandwidth and a configurable packet rate. It makes it easy to analyze large address spaces.




APT2 is the best tool for automated penetration testing. One of its major functions is to scan and transfer the results from different tools. APT2 uses the process consequences to introduce a clear and enumeration module by the configurable Safe Level or enumerated services information. It stores the module results received on a local host and adds them to the general knowledge database.


Brute XSS:

Brute XSS, another powerful tool for brute-forcing or fast cross-site is also available. This script brutes. Many payloads can be transferred to specific factors from a wordlist. To check the vulnerability of XXS, certain parameters and measures are taken. Its key characteristics include XSS brute-forcing, XSS scan, support for getting/POST requests, and a Custom word list. It is compatible with all web applications because it has an easy-to-use UI and supports GET/POST. It is also more precise. Pen testing Skills with Kali Linux


CrackMap Exec:

CrackMap Exec can be used to test Active Directory environments and windows using multiple technologies, such as Power Sploit repository modules.



SQLmap is an open-source tool that automates the perception and commands of SQL injection errors.


Six main SQL injection techniques:


Time-based blind, error-based, UNION query, and stacked queries. Out-of-band and Boolean-based. Information about the user, such as roles, password hashes and tables, privileges, and databases.


Spoofing and sniffing traffic:

The next step is traffic sniffing and traffic spoofing. This is an important step in penetration testing. Sniffing and spoofing are two options for penetration testing.


Burp Suite

The best option is to use the security Burp Suite for web application testing. You will find a variety of tools that can be used in all stages of vulnerability testing, including site map creation and web application attack level analysis. Burp Suite gives you full control of the testing process and allows you to combine high-level automation with advanced manual techniques. It makes penetration testing quick and efficient. 


The Burp Suite contains:

It monitors traffic and checks it with a sniffing proxy. It also edits traffic between your browser and the target side. A web application scanner can detect different levels of danger instantly. The application spider crawls both functionality and content. It adds commentators, backsliders, and sequencer gadgets.


Burp Suite is a salaried product and not an open-source gadget. This is why it is different from many other tools in this article. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use, even for teens. It has a lot of great features that can be beneficial to new testers. You can also customize it according to your needs.


DNSC hef:

 You can generate feedback based on both excluded and included domains. DNS chefs can assist with different types of DNS data. It can participate in competing domains using wildcards, can proxy real answers to asynchronous domains, and can define external configuration files.


Proxy for OWASP Zed Attack:

OWASP is the most popular vulnerability and security scanner online.  OWASP ZAP’s greatest benefits include its open-source nature and free and cross-platform compatibility. 


MIT M f:

The MIT M f can attack both the network and MITM. It was continuously improving and introducing new attacks and techniques to achieve this goal. Pen testing Skills with Kali Linux

SCAN scans your website for vulnerabilities. It is especially useful for scanning the admin pages. Hacking an admin page can mean hacking the entire site. From the admin page, hackers can do whatever they want.

SCAN can diagnose Dark fully, execute external commands and find admin pages. It also detects all errors automatically. You can use different scanners like LFI / AFD or XSS. 


The Kali Linux tool is a must-have for penetration testers. It’s very powerful and easy to use. Although it provides a comprehensive set of tools for all stages of penetration testing, the final decision about whether to use them will depend on your project’s goals and tasks. It can show a higher level of accuracy and performance. This technique involves using different tools in different situations.


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