Know The Types of Curtain Lengths For Your Home

Because curtains come in so many different styles, you have a lot of leeway in deciding what you want your curtains to do. The Window Curtain Shop, the Best Curtain Shop Dubai sells everything from light lace curtains to blackout drapes (and many others). Consider the place you’re designing and what you want to accentuate or minimise when you shop for curtains. Curtains are simple to mix and match to create the ideal look.


Do you wish to be able to darken a room completely, or maybe make your draughty windows more energy efficient? Choosing an insulating or blackout curtain made of densely woven cloth or with a specific liner can help with both of these tasks. As an extra bonus, these heavier weight curtains can assist minimise outside noise, resulting in a calmer, more serene environment.


Measuring Curtains


Now that you know what you want your curtains to accomplish let’s talk about length and how to hang them. The length of your curtains will complement the decor of your space. A shorter curtain may offer a splash of colour and fun to a kitchen or breakfast nook. A long, puddled drape on the floor may give drama and richness to a more formal area, such as a dining room or master bedroom. To discover the best fit for your area, combine the measuring suggestions below with your own particular style.


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Sill Length Curtains


Sill-length curtains are normally short and cover only the length of the window. This short form of curtains works well for windows that are constantly open from the top of the frame to the ledge. You should get this design as near to the length of your window as feasible. For example, if your window is 60 inches long, you should seek a curtain that is 60 to 63 inches long.

Apron Length Curtains


A clean and informal apron length curtain hangs a bit longer than a sill length curtain and falls lower than the bottom of the window frame. An apron length curtain should fall no more than a quarter of the way between the bottom of the frame and the baseboard, or approximately 4 inches below the sill, for a clean and balanced aesthetic. If your window is 70 inches long, search for a curtain panel that is 65 to 80 inches long. This measurement may vary depending on whether you’re putting your curtain hardware on the frame or on the wall above the window.

Floor Length Curtains


Floor-length curtains are most likely the most frequent and recommended length. This polished length falls just over the floor, with a half-inch or less of space from the curtain’s bottom to the floor. While curtains do not have to reach the floor, floor-length curtains may make your space larger, and your windows appear longer. It is easier to measure this sort of curtain from the ground up rather than from the window down. This will assist in guaranteeing that your curtains only skim the floor.

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