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Fast Facts: Is CBD Halal Or Haram?

Arabic words for permissible and Haram, respectively, are halal and haram. Halal food is defined as being permitted by the traditional Islamic laws outlined in the Qur’an. A practising Muslim must abstain from eating anything that isn’t halal.

Some people are unsure of whether CBD is halal or haram because it has become such a well-liked food supplement. The Qur’an declares that substances that “curtain the mind” are Haram. Cannabis is included in what is generally understood to be intoxicating substances. Is it also prohibited because CBD is extracted from hemp-type cannabis?

Fast Facts: Is CBD Halal Or Haram?

  • Due to its lack of intoxicating properties, CBD is halal.
  • THC, alcohol, nicotine, flavourings, or gelatin from non-halal animal products are prohibited in CBD products.
  • Vaping CBD is permitted as long as the e-liquid doesn’t contain nicotine, THC, or any other prohibited substances.
  • The only Halal CBD Oil that is currently halal-certified that we have discovered in the UK are the Cibdol CBD capsules.
  • Choose THC-free, vegan-certified products that are not referred to as “tinctures” if you are a practising Muslim.

Is CBD Halal?

If CBD oils and vape juices don’t make you feel drunk and don’t contain any THC, they are halal. The kind of CBD product you use and whether it has any additional ingredients that might be considered haram will, however, affect this. In some cases, common ingredients like gelatin, food colouring, and flavourings are Haram.

Certain CBD Products Include Prohibited Ingredients

Gelatine – Gelatine is a prohibited ingredient in some CBD capsules. However, it would be acceptable if it is made of bovine gelatin and the cow was butchered in accordance with halal laws.

Flavorings – If they don’t come from a halal source, flavourings and colorings may also be considered haram. For instance, some may contain non-halal animal products or alcohol byproducts.

Vape Juices – On the surface, CBD e-liquids appear to meet halal requirements, but there is a heated debate over whether vaping itself should be prohibited. Vaping CBD may not fall under the 2015 Malaysian National Fatwa Council’s haram declaration of electronic cigarette use.

Some contend that it ought to be legal if science can someday demonstrate that it is completely safe and that vape juices only contain natural ingredients. Others, however, consider vaping to be haram because, despite being safe, it imitates sinful behaviour.

Alcohol: Steer clear of anything marketed as a “tincture,” which is made by dissolving hemp extract in alcohol. Even though the amount of alcohol is minimal, tinctures can be easily avoided because the majority of CBD Oil UK are extracted using supercritical CO2, which does not contain alcohol or its derivatives.

If a product’s goal is to heal, a small amount of alcohol may be acceptable, but only if no other options are available.

Why Is CBD Permissible If Cannabis Is Haram?

The intoxicating cannabinoid THC is regarded as haram by Islam Q&A, but this does not hold true for the entire cannabis plant. Other components of cannabis, like CBD, are unlikely to be Haram because they are safe to consume and don’t make people feel drunk. However, ingesting them along with THC in a cannabis product that makes you buzzy is prohibited.

Even CBD products with trace amounts of THC are safe if the THC is metabolised by your body and cannot be detected. If an item satisfies this requirement, it is likely to be halal because the legal limit for THC in CBD products in the UK is 1mg per container.

How To Locate Halal CBD

There are a few easy steps you can take to make sure that any CBD you consume is halal:

1. Track Down A Reliable Retailer

There are some dishonest retailers selling subpar goods because the UK CBD market is still largely unregulated. Choose a retailer who is open about their procedures and the contents of the bottles.

By reading the information on their websites and perusing customer reviews, you can identify a business you can trust.

2. Verify Independent Lab Results

The top CBD brands and retailers will list independent lab findings on their product pages. These tests, which confirm the content of a sample from each batch of product, are carried out by independent laboratories.

Look for products that have certifications stating that THC was either not found or was found in trace amounts. It’s crucial to verify that the certificates support a brand’s claims of “zero THC” or “THC free” even if they make such claims. Numerous websites have contradictory claims of zero THC while also claiming that their product is full-spectrum (to be full-spectrum it must contain THC).

3. Seek Out Vegan-Certified Products

You won’t be consuming items from animals that weren’t humanely killed if you purchase products that have received the vegan certification because they don’t contain any animal products. Additionally, they won’t contain any insect products like the haram cochineal red food colouring.

Seek out a legitimate halal certification. Because it is currently difficult to find halal-certified CBD Oil, you will need to rely on doing your own research. However, it is more likely that brands will incorporate it into their procedures. And labelling as more people inquires about whether something is halal. The Halal Food Authority oversees the majority of certification activities in the UK.

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