iPhone Battery Replacement: How to Know If You Should Replace Your iPhone Battery?

Maybe you just got a new iPhone, or maybe you’ve had one for a long. In any event, can you recall why you chose to purchase it? Was it the excitement of a new model? for the condition? Or you buy a new phone after the old one breaks.

No matter how cautious you are with your phone, the battery ultimately ages and dies, which is unfortunate. But when should you buy a new phone or replace the battery? This article will assist you in determining whether to go for an iPhone battery replacement and how to do so.

How to Check Your iPhone Battery Health?

A 2019 survey found that when a phone’s battery life declines, at least one-third of users purchase a new model. Less time can be spent using a battery before recharging. Other problems like inconsistent operation, warning messages, etc. may also result from it.

So, when your iPhone breaks down, don’t rush to buy a new one. Sometimes, a battery replacement is enough to get your iPhone up and running like new (almost). The quickest way to find out when to replace your iPhone battery is by checking Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

The Battery Health screen includes two indicators: Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability.

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  1. Maximum Capacity

Maximum capacity is a measure of the iPhone’s battery capacity in comparison to when it was new. This should indicate 100% on a brand-new phone, however, if the iPhone is activated after it has left the factory, the battery capacity may be lower.

Even if the lithium-ion battery hasn’t been used, it still ages chemically. According to Apple, a typical battery can retain up to 80% of its initial capacity when used normally. Therefore, you might experience problems while it’s below 80%, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on it immediately.

  1. Peak Capacity

Your battery’s Peak Performance Capability reveals if it can handle typical peak performance.

It’s obvious that your battery’s life has significantly diminished when you see the message: “The iPhone has encountered an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to produce the necessary peak power…” You might now think about changing the battery.

If the message reads: “Your battery’s health is significantly degraded…”, even though you are still using it, you are probably experiencing major performance issues, and an iPhone battery replacement is strongly recommended.

Signs that Your iPhone Needs A New Battery

  • Other indicators warn you the battery needs to be changed than those two under Battery Health.
  • You may see low battery capacity, but there’s no warning message regarding peak performance.  After that, the phone screen abruptly switches off. Unexpected shutdowns typically occur when the battery is low and the battery capacity degrades to a certain level.
  • Everything becomes sluggish. App launches or restarts take longer; the scrolling screen occasionally stutters or freezes.
  • For some reason, your iPhone is hot. The phone overheats even when you aren’t using it in the sun or playing a lot of video games—another symptom of a faulty battery.
  • The battery can hardly last a few hours, which is the most typical symptom. In extreme situations, your phone won’t work until it’s plugged in.

Although a new battery can restore your old iPhone’s full functionality and capacity, it won’t solve all of your power problems. Other than the battery, certain problems are brought on by other elements. With that said, if you notice one of those symptoms, don’t wait to charge your battery.

How to Change the Battery in an iPhone?

Let’s say your iPhone isn’t protected by Apple Care+ or a one-year guarantee. In that instance, Apple will charge $49 for the iPhone 8 Plus and earlier models to replace the battery and $69 for the iPhone X and later devices, such as the iPhone 12 series.

You can ship the phone in for repair or take it in yourself; the repair process could take a few days or even longer in some circumstances. If you use third-party services, whether Apple authorized them or not, the iPhone battery replacement cost can change.

How Much Time Can A Standard Battery Last?

If you take good care of your phone, the replacement battery should last you another two to five years.

The number of charge cycles, the depth of discharge (DoD), and the temperature largely determine the battery’s performance and lifespan. The battery’s capacity for charges and discharges is measured in charge cycles.

A standard iPhone battery may be fully charged 500 times. However, the temperature and depth of discharge may have an impact on this number. The quantity of energy utilized by the phone is referred to as the battery’s depth of discharge. The battery life will be reduced the more power you utilize.

Another important aspect that affects battery performance and lifespan is temperature. Lithium-ion batteries become strained when they are heated up. It won’t take long for the battery to permanently lose capacity if that occurs frequently.


To increase the battery life of your iPhone, partial drain, charge, and correct maintenance can lessen the battery’s stress and increase its lifespan.

Avoid letting the battery level go below 50% and avoid charging the battery until all of the power has been used. It’s easy to keep your iPhone from running out of battery at home or work. However, it can be challenging to find a power outlet while you are out and about. Carrying a power bank is a great idea not just to extend the time between daily charges but also to extend the lifespan of the iPhone battery in general. This will reduce the chances of frequent iPhone battery replacement.

Keep your iPhone out of the sun to lower the temperature and avoid overheating, which could harm the battery. In conclusion, treat your battery gently and adhere to the advice above for a chance to win the competition for the longest-used iPhone.

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