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Importance of Content Above the Fold and how to optimize it for SEO?

The simple answer to the question “do content above the fold has any importance to SEO” is yes. But if you want to find out how and why the above the fold matters and how you can get information about its importance, let us tell you something useful.

What Is Above The Fold?

The content above the fold means the portion you see above the folded page, like the side of the folded newspaper and the apparent side of the screen before scrolling it down. So, anything you see at first glance on any paper or webpage that can also be any text or any image is known as content above the fold.

Why Is It Important For A Good Impression?

With the flood of social media and easy internet access, people come across a lot of information every day. You must put something special in the content above the fold that will give the visitor valuable information about you and makes him want to pursue our site. Hence, they will remember your content and use your site’s keywords to make it easier for search engines to rank your site in the results.

Dimensions Of Above The Fold:

There is no hard and fast rule to have above the fold content with specific dimensions, and no matter what device you are using, whether it’s a laptop or a mobile, the dimension will remain the same. Usually, you can make the dimension 1000-1200 pixels wide and 600-800pixels tall.

First Impression Is The Last Impression:

When you go to a market for shopping, you see many brands having different articles. What do you do there? You glance at everything displayed there until you stop at an article that clicks in your mind. Why? Because of its first impression or the engaging content above the fold. You cannot ignore the importance of a first look, and all you needed was to put your keywords in visitors’ minds to improve SEO. If you put attractive, informative and desired content above the fold, the visitor will surely mark it as a favourite.

Impression On Returning Visitor:

If a visitor visits your website again, it means you are on the right path, and your content above the fold is right and attractive. Users do not like to waste time researching on their own, so if you have information relevant to them in the right place, they will revisit your site. It is called optimization of your content, and web crawlers will rank your site high because of its visitors, so you need to use the right SEO optimized words in your content for above the fold.

How To Improve Content Above The Fold for SEO?

It is the most important part as the area above the fold matters in attracting visitors’ minds. Let us look at how we can improve that area.

What’s In A Name?

A unique name with the right title has the utmost importance to grab the end-user’s attention. The title of your content above the fold should be attractive and unique to entice your visitors to stay on your web page. The title is the part that is noticed first, and it is the most important part of any publication, so be careful about it.

First Paragraph:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, you have to elaborate on it as efficiently as possible after producing a good, attractive title. You can write a few lines, but be aware that this paragraph should not mislead the visitor and provide him/her with all the information he/she wants to know about your product.


Your success and optimization depend on the keywords, so do not forget to mention your keywords in the introduction paragraph. Writing the SEO optimized keywords in the first paragraph will make the task easy for search engines, and it will satisfy the visitor that he/she is in the right place.

Approachable Content:

The content above the fold should be approachable. If the reader wants to read any portion of your content, it should be one click away. Properly enlist the content and make it easy to use. If the visitor does not easily grasp all the content, he/she won’t scroll down to read it. According to a Pew survey, 80% of the people do not go to the second page, and 60 % do not scroll down.


Alt-text is an alternative text used to provide alternative text for images. If images fail to load, the alternative text description should be there for awareness.

Decrease The Load:

The need for speed is always there if your website is too slow. It will decrease your rating despite giving all the relevant information. So, keep optimizing the page, examine the factors impacting the site’s speed and eliminate them accordingly.


Cross-linking in the up-fold content is very important; it will give access to other important pages. It will increase the visibility of the content on the page.

Final Optimization:

It would be best to learn continually from the feedback and try to provide user-friendly data. It increases the ranking of the website using SEO optimized content. It will greatly enhance the site’s progress. Always have a proactive approach to improving the content of your website.

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