IMechE Code of Conduct

IMechE, has made a set of behavioral rules to protect the members of the public and its members. Besides that, another reason for it is to uphold the reputation of the institution and the broader engineering profession. So, if you are an IMechE member, then you have to behave in a certain manner. So, let’s become familiar with these rules.

Code of Conduct for all IMechE members:

All members shall act with competency and care:

  • You need to maintain your professional knowledge. For that, you have to maintain a record of continuing professional development.
  • It is a must for you to only undertake professional services in areas of your current competency.
  • You shall disclose any related limits of your competency to take up professional work.
  • It’s mandatory for you to adhere to obligations for health and safety.
  • You need to quality, balance, and limit risk in all aspects of professional work, including with those who are working under your authority.
  • Ensure that you maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance either via your employer or personally.

All members have to act with integrity and in a reliable way:

  • Don’t mislead on purpose nor allow others to be misled.
  • Respect confidentiality obligations, express or implied.
  • Present and review engineering proof, theory, and interpretation honestly, precisely, and without partiality.
  • Avoid deceptive acts and prevent yourself from corrupt practices.
  • Reject bribery and gifts or hospitality received.
  • Declare conflicts or loyalty or interest.
  • Treat others respectfully.
  • Don’t implicate the institution in written or oral correspondence.

Every IMechE member shall engage with the environment taking their responsibility into account:

  • Recognize the significance of social-economic and environmental factors.
  • Adhere to obligations for environmental protection.
  • Balance the requirements of the present with the needs of future generations.
  • Pay heed to the needs of a diverse environment, while never deliberately wasting or carelessly using natural resources.

All IMechE members have to contribute positively to the culture and public perception of the profession and the Institution:

  • Contribute to public discussion about engineering matters within your own area of competency objectively, clearly, and truthfully.
  • Take positive action when you face unmanaged risks or malpractice.
  • Support and advocate the extension of ethical practices and respect the reputations and rights of others.
  • Encourage and support equality, inclusion, and diversity.
  • Take positive action to deal with conscious or unconscious bias in others and yourself.
  • Identify and draw eyeballs to bad behavior and not overlook it.

Membership benefits:

The following are the 14 benefits of IMechE membership:

  1. Professional Engineer (PE):

The Institution will provide you with in-depth features and the latest news. Besides that, you will stay updated with technical, professional, educational and political issues affecting engineering.

  1. Newsletter Updates:

Sign up for email updates about the latest engineering and institution news, member updates, volunteering opportunities, and training. Besides that, you will come to know about policy work and IMechE’s regional and industry updates.

  1. Career Developer:

Record, plan and review your CPD with IMechE’s online tool Career Developer. It will allow you to manage your professional development at any stage of your professional career. 

  1. Library and Archive:

You will get access to over 75,000 textbooks, journals, standards, and reports online. You can do so with access to specialist engineering databases and explore IMechE’s extensive Archive. 

  1. Webinars and Events:

Attain a deep understanding of the latest engineering trends, thought leadership, and reports. The thing that will help you achieve this is IMechE’s global range of technical events and online webinars.

  1. Engineering Challenges:

You can develop your engineering skills and have inspiration by taking part in:

  • Formula Student
  • Home Automation Challenge
  • Design Challenge
  • Railway Challenge
  • The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Challenge 
  1. Make your network:

This membership will allow you to get in touch with other engineers near you. Besides that, you can build your own professional network with its support.

  1. Support future engineering professionals:

You will be able to use your own knowledge and zeal to inspire the next generation of engineering professionals. Taking one of many volunteering opportunities will allow you to do this.

  1. Engineering awards:

IMechE works to inspire, motivate and celebrate engineering professionals and technicians. For that, it gives them awards and scholarships open to both its members and non-members.

  1. Exclusive member offers:

You will get help from and access to specialized services to fulfill the requirements of you and your business. These services include legal and business advice, travel, insurance, and motoring services.


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