How to Select Reception Furniture

When selecting reception furniture, consider what the space is meant to accomplish. Think about style, color scheme, durability, and functionality. When selecting the right furniture for your space, you’ll be able to create an atmosphere that inspires your imagination and relaxes your guests. You can create a comforta

ble, collaborative waiting area by incorporating high-tech design and collaboration seating. A cocoon-style seating arrangement is an excellent choice for a more active waiting area, where important conversations can take place.


The function of reception furniture should serve two primary objectives. It must provide quality service to employees and visitors, while also conveying the corporate identity of the company. Fortunately, there are some pieces of reception furniture that fulfill both objectives. Let’s look at two such examples. A reception desk with dedicated seating will not only be attractive but also functional. Visitors should feel welcome and comfortable in waiting for an appointment. A reception desk with dedicated seating will also make employees feel important.

Moreover, reception furniture should reflect the personality and professional outlook of the company. For example, if you have a hotel, you may consider using pastel shades. These colors can affect the emotion of visitors, making them feel calm and relaxed. In contrast, bright colors can evoke feelings of happiness and raise employees’ mood. For this purpose, you can choose furniture with colorful designs and incorporate them into the reception area. You may also use bright colors for the seating.

Apart from the design and function of the reception furniture, it is also important to consider the ergonomics of the furnishings. Employees need to sit comfortably and not have to strain their backs. An ergonomically-designed desk and chairs will improve the working experience of employees. Besides, reception furniture will transform the appearance of the office lobby. It will also help you establish a positive impression of your business. It is not necessary to buy a whole set of office furniture for your reception area. Instead, it is better to opt for tasteful pieces that will complement your existing office space.

A reception desk should be comfortable for employees and visitors. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. You should consider the type of business that you have, as a dated reception area will not make visitors feel comfortable. Consider whether your business will have high peak visitor numbers or a more casual atmosphere. Incorporate elements of the company’s brand into the reception area’s design, including the company’s logo, and the colors of your chosen furniture.


The first thing visitors see when they arrive at a reception is the waiting room furniture. In addition to providing ample guest seating, reception furniture can also help make a lasting impression. Styles vary widely and include a variety of sizes, arms, and upholstery options. Choose from a traditional or modern style to suit the look of your business. Ensure the style is appropriate for the type of visitors you plan to receive. Then, take a look at the many types of reception furniture available.

A glamorous style reflects a luxurious brand, while a modern, approachable style is appropriate for a business in any industry. Bright colors add a lively touch, while neutral primary colors create an authoritative atmosphere. Size is also an important consideration. If space is a limited concern, consider to purchase smaller-sized reception furniture. A quirky style can help establish your company as an outlier, while enhancing staff morale and pleasing clients.

Choosing the right type of reception furniture is vital. Receptions are the busiest rooms in an office, so the right reception furniture should be comfortable and inviting. Modern lobby seating options include modular collections and sofa sets. To save money, consider consulting with an expert about your reception area’s furniture needs. This way, you can be sure to select furniture that is both functional and attractive. This will also save you money, as an expert can make recommendations and suggest styles that will best suit your reception.

When choosing the right reception furniture, remember to keep the brand in mind. Although a contemporary-style reception is the most popular style in the market, you should also consider the personality of your business to avoid clashing with a traditional-styled reception. An eclectic design is an interesting mix of modern and traditional styles, but it is difficult to pull off without some commonalities. If you are unsure about what style will work best for your company, consider a transitional style.

Color scheme

One of the first things that clients will notice when they walk into your office is the color scheme of your reception area. It is important to create a warm and welcoming space, and to convey your brand’s identity to your clients. One way to do this is to use color psychology. A study conducted by the University of Texas found that overly grey, beige, and orange-colored offices are linked with higher levels of sadness and depression. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from strong colors that will make visitors feel anxious and unwelcome.

Another method of selecting a color scheme for reception furniture is to think of a favorite item or place in nature. For example, if you love the colors of sunrises and spring storms, think about the shades of that place. This way, you will know what colors you want your reception furniture to be. The colors in a particular area should stand out against one another and create a pleasant environment. However, you should remember that the colors of the reception furniture need to complement each other and not clash.

Comfortable seating is another important element in the reception area. Clients might have to wait for long periods of time, and if they’re uncomfortable, they’ll be frustrated, and that’s the last thing you want! Make sure to choose fabric that’s not noisy. If you don’t, your clients might wonder whether your staff is capable of providing top-notch service. Finally, choose durable and easy-to-clean chairs and couches.


When you choose the right type of reception furniture for your company, durability is key. The first time you see the furniture, it will speak volumes about the brand and culture of the company. This furniture will have to be durable and withstand daily use to maintain its aesthetic appeal. To achieve this goal, consider purchasing commercial-grade fabrics. Commercial-grade fabrics are durable, non-scratchy, and available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

You can test reception furniture for durability by conducting a test. You can request to have a chair or sofa tested by a third-party. A reputable third-party laboratory will be able to conduct independent testing of the material to ensure the integrity of the product. One of the most respected organizations for performance testing furniture is UL. They have laboratories in Holland, Michigan, Nansha, China, and Cabiate, Italy. These labs can perform testing according to the ANSI/BIFMA or EN standards. UL conducts comprehensive testing for components, furnishing fabrics, and filling materials.

Buying a reception furniture piece can be expensive, so you should look for the best deals. However, you should pay close attention to the quality and durability of each piece. You should aim for quality and look for well-known industry brands. If you’re on a budget, pre-owned furniture can be a great option. These pieces are more likely to last and provide your customers with an excellent experience. This will help you make the right decision and ensure the longevity of your office furniture.


Reception Furniture comes in various sizes, brands, and colors. You can choose from wood, Plywood, Prelam, particleboard, and metal. The price of reception furniture varies from low to high, depending on the type and grade of material. You can buy wooden and glass reception furniture, metal and glass reception furniture, or wood and stainless steel reception furniture. Depending on the size and shape of your reception area, you can purchase different types of reception furniture.

Office Anything has affordable reception furniture and seating packages. They keep up with the latest trends in the reception furniture industry and understand the needs of modern business owners. They offer free shipping on new reception furniture configurations. You can have your new reception furniture delivery the next day or 48 hours after you place the order. Depending on your budget, you can buy the best reception furniture at the lowest price and have it installed in no time. The price of reception furniture depends on the size and the shape of your space.

Reception office furniture is important to a business’s success. A client will not stick around if they are uncomfortable. Make sure your reception area is welcoming and comfortable to make it worthwhile. Choose reception chairs with padded backrests and lumbar support. You can also opt for guest chairs that are made of ventilated mesh materials. Regardless of your budget, you can find stylish reception furniture and accessories from BizChair.

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