How to Replicate the Flavor of Vodka in Nonalcoholic Cocktail

At the end of the day or to enjoy weekends, we all need something sweet and tangy to calm our nerves. Besides, many of us like to pair such strong drinks with meals to enhance their flavor. One such popular drink is none other than vodka, which is equally likable among the masses of men and women. There are many reasons for the rise in the consumption of vodka. People prefer this clear liquor that creates a sweet and smooth taste within their drinks over the other alcoholic options. Many people even use vodka during the cooking process because it has a very subtle flavor and comes in various types.

But with time, people are getting aware of the hundreds of problems because of the consumption of alcohol. A vast population is quitting alcoholic drinks are opting for something natural to improve their health and immune system. Fortunately, there are various flavors and drinks available that you can substitute for alcoholic beverages. The vibrant drinks inside the 3 door fridge at stores will be refreshing for your health and body. But sometimes, it is not an effortless task to skip this addictive drink as they release chemicals in our brain to generate extra dopamine to make us feel good. So, if you are carving vodka and cannot use it, it is time to think of creating a replica taste of vodka.

There will be no substitute that can give you the exact flavor and aroma of vodka, but there are alternatives that can control your cravings or satisfy your taste buds. You can try out these substitutes if you are making a drink and do not have vodka available in the kitchen. In this article, we are enlisting some alcohol-free alternatives you can try if you do not have vodka for making the drinks. Read the below suggestions and find out which substitute suits you best or gives you the closest vodka flavor in beverages.

Add lemonade for the sweet flavor:

If you are on a journey to skip alcoholic drinks, adding lemonade can give you a sweet flavor that can limit your vodka craving. Many of us want to skip vodka when lemonade steps into the game. Lemonade is a delicious addition to alcohol-free cocktails. But remember that not every drink will work with the lemonade substitute of vodka. Lemonade is an ideal addition to drinks for kids and non-drinkers. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that lemonade is a lot sweeter than vodka. So, if your drinks require honey and other sweeteners, you should skip them, or your drink will taste sickly sweet. If you do not want to omit them, you can add a hint of them according to your requirements. You can squeeze a dash of lemon juice to balance the sweet and tangy flavor. Note that lemonade will not be a better substitute for all drinks. For example, do not substitute lemonade for an espresso martini.

Get yourself a nonalcoholic vodka:

Many people do not know, but we can have an alcohol-free version of vodka available to use if you are skipping alcoholic content. The notable thing is that you can make this free of alcohol vodka yourself and store it for up to one week in the refrigerator. But the easy way is to get yourself a prepared alcohol-free vodka bottle from any store. One renowned brand for selling alcohol-free vodka is Strykk. Strykk introduces a distilled alcohol-free sprite as a substitute for vodka. This drink consists of a combination of cucumber, coriander, and warming pepper. Know that this alcohol-free vodka is 100% pure with no added artificial sugar content, fat, flavors, and no alcohol. Once you open the bottle, you have to drink it within 12 weeks. The main ingredients in this bottle are chilled filter water, glycerol, natural flavorings, salt, and Potassium Sorbate. Know that this drink is also suitable for vegans.

Do not forget tonic water:

Another substitute you can use in place of vodka is tonic water. Adding tonic water to your drink will enhance the flavor without any added alcohol. Know that the taste of tonic water is mild and does not bring a significant change to your nonalcoholic cocktails. It is a suitable alternative if you do not want to give a tangy flavor to your drink.

A spoon of apple cider vinegar:

You might be surprised by the taste of apple cider vinegar once you add it to your drinks. Apple cider vinegar creates the best taste in your drinks as an alternative to vodka. It will bring a tart and acidic flavor to your nonalcoholic cocktails without any other addition of alcohol or vodka. A pro tip is to always opt for organic apple cider vinegar so that it proves helpful for your health.

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