How to Preserve your Flowers

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Flowers used on certain occasions can have a sentimental value and not everyone wants to throw them away. Various florists provide fresh flowers Melbourne-wide but choosing the best one is a tricky game. Grown Florists deal in all kinds of flowers for different occasions and can help you take care of them after use.

 Do you want to preserve your flowers after the party ends? Preserved flowers can be used in many different ways. They can make beautiful decorative pieces for your apartment and can also be used for arts and crafts. If you are confused about where to begin and do not know how to preserve your flowers, we’ve created a guide for you. Continue reading to learn more! 

How to Preserve Your Flowers

Air Drying

This method is mostly used for preserving bouquets.The bouquet is simply hung upside down on a wall to allow air to pass through the flowers. Air drying can be also used for a variety of flowers such as roses, lavenders, baby breath, gomphrena, thistle and statice. Remove excess leaves from the flowers and cut their stems according to your desired length. Tie them together and hang them down in a dark ventilated area so sunlight does not directly reach them as it can fade bright flowers. The drying will take two to three weeks. You can then take them down and store them however you want.


Another method to preserve flowers is using silica gel and then placing it in the microwave. Silica gel helps the flowers maintain their shape. Preserving flowers in the microwave is best for individual flowers like tulips. However, some flowers may give different results when microwaved. Separate flowers from their stems and fill up a container with silica gel. Then carefully place the flowers in it and pour some more gel into it. Microwave it for at least 5 minutes and observe the drying process. Take the container out and let it rest for a day. After almost 24 hours, remove the gel using a soft brush and take out perfectly preserved flowers.


This method has been widely used by experts in the past and is still used by botanists. It is a simple, easy, and quick method. Pressing can be done in various ways considering the amount and the kind of flowers you want to preserve. Remove excess leaves and separate stems if you wish to. You can also press leaves separately. Open a book and place absorbent sheets on its pages. Place parchment paper on top of it and place the flowers face down. Cover them with another absorbent paper and then close the book. Place more books on it and let it sit on a bookshelf. The drying process will take three to four weeks.

Using Sand

Robust and hardy flowers are mostly preserved using sand. Sand is heavy and is used just like the silica gel technique. Pour some sand into a box and place the flowers in it gently. Cover them with excess sand and let them rest for at least two weeks. Take out flowers by removing the sand after they have dried.

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