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How To plan Tour For Desert Safari?

Desert Safari

Dubai is a marvel and a luxurious city that everyone would want to visit in their life. Are you one of them? What do you like the most about Dubai? Do you want to visit the Desert? It is a great natural beauty with huge dunes and natural habitats, great activities, and more.

Desert safari Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some and a regular excursion for others. It is an excellent opportunity to see the expansive, sprawling golden dunes and enjoy and witness the natural beauty you have never seen before. What’s exciting about the Desert?

You may wonder but let me tell you, the Dubai desert safari is a whole bunch of enjoyment. Aren’t you looking forward to exploring the rolling sandhills by dune bashing against our 4×4 Land Cruiser SUVs driven by desert driving experts? Later, you and your friends can explore more unusual activities at a desert camp where you can immerse yourself in Bedouin culture.

The famous Dubai desert safari tour is available throughout the day, but you have to choose a package, decide everything beforehand and choose the tourist company after doing great research. Before taking you to the Desert, your tour company will pick you up from your hotel or at a designated meeting place. Once in the dunes, you can ride roller coasters and enjoy the wide-open desert views.

To plan a tour for a desert safari, you have to consider many important factors and prepare well before landing on golden dunes. Let’s have a quick read below.

Do some research

First of all, before booking your tickets to Dubai, do some research regarding the hiring of the tourist company. The research needs to be perfect in a way as you should compare the packages and prices, ratings, and read the comments of the customers carefully to analyze how the company treats its customers. And what services do they provide? After contacting the company, clear your queries and confirm your booking. Check whether the company offers to pick up and drop off services or what about the lunch and dinner. All you have to ensure.

Check your budget

It is another most important fact that you should consider. Confirm that you have enough money to spend as Dubai is expensive and luxurious with all the amenities. Make sure to take your credit cards and cash with you. You have to pay charges for everything from food to accommodation.

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Clothing and Accessories

Dubai desert safari does not have a specific dress code. Dress modestly, preferably in light-colored linen or cotton. The Desert is much hot in the daytime and cold in the evening. Shorts, light tops, t-shirts, jeans are appropriate for both men and women. A jacket or shawl can be helpful at night, and it can be chilly quickly once the sun goes down.

You certainly do not want to deal with sand particles in your shoes; it is best to avoid joggers or closed, formal shoes. In the Desert, your best bet is to wear flip-flops or sandals. Wearing sunblock, sunglasses, and protective headgear is a must. You may cover your face with the Keffiyeh if there is a strong wind.

Make Sure you are fit

Desert safari is for everyone, but you have to make sure that you are fit physically as there are many rides that are tough. People with back pain, old age, and children under 3 should avoid dune bashing, quad biking, horse riding, etc. Before planning a tour, your medical checkup is essential, and now, during COVID, make sure you do so are fully vaccinated and follow the SOPs. Before taking any ride in the Dubai desert safari, your tummy should not be full, and if it is, there are chances of vomit.

Don’t miss any opportunity to enjoy

Yes, it is the most important fact that you should not miss any of the rides if you have come here after much planning. After planning well, you must be sure to try all the rides on the bumpy dunes. You can also be a winner of your ride-on quad bike, and you can also experience camel riding in the Desert, which is a traditional activity. Live entertainment shows are also a huge fun for visitors with a great and lavish dinner in the evening.


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