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How to get from Marrakech airport to the city center or Madina?

Best options on how to get to the madina and city center

The Marrakech-Menara Airport is simply 6 kilometers from the town center. Therefore, the journey is extremely fast, although it can present some complications if you are doing not dare to haggle.

You may begin truth Moroccan experience as soon as you land! We tell you the way to urge from the Marrakech airport to the town center and tips to avoid overpaying.

The best transfers from Marrakech’s airport to the city center:

Taxi, the foremost comfortable thanks to going from Marrakech airport to the middle

Taxis in Morocco are the lowest, but they’ll be very expensive for tourists. once you leave the terminal they’ll start to assault you offering you taxis at exorbitant prices.

They’ll even ask you for €50 for a 15 or 20-minute journey if it slips they need already done the day. it’s important that you just don’t get into the car without having agreed on a price or ensuring that they reset the meter to zero. To avoid this, it’s best to book a non-public transfer for €14.

Private transfer to travel from Marrakech airport to the middle

We recommend hiring a non-public transfer if you are doing not want to fret that they’re going to try and charge quite they ought to.

Additionally, the driving force will accompany you to the door of your hotel or riad. it’s especially useful if you reach night or if you’re staying within the medina.

There the streets are narrow, filled with people, and difficult to navigate and go along with suitcases. the motive force will look ahead to you at the arrivals terminal and can take you to the door of the accommodation. It costs €14, an reasonable price to begin the trip in peace.

Book the transfer from the airport to your hotel

small taxi

The petit taxis fit up to three passengers. The official price to the middle of Marrakech is 70 dirhams (€7), although you’ll must haggle lots to urge to pay that. Our advice is to never pay quite 100 dirhams (€10). Sometimes it’s more worth throwing €2 than fighting and delaying.

Do not be afraid to haggle, remind them of the official rates whether or not they get nervous, and go together with another taxi driver if it doesn’t seem right to you.

At very bad times you’ll be able to walk some meters from the airport along the most avenue, there you may also find taxis and at a stronger price. There they’re more likely to comply with putting the meter.

big cab

If you decide on a grand taxi you’ll share a vehicle with other passengers. They fit up to six people and also the official price for the whole vehicle is 100 dirhams (€10).

We don’t recommend this selection because, being a tourist, they’ll attempt to cause you to pay quite you ought to and you’ll even be cramped. If you would like to share transport, we believe that it’s better that you simply choose the bus.

Bus, the most affordable transport to travel from Marrakech airport to the middle

Alsa bus 19, a decent cheap choice to go from Marrakech airport to the middle

Bus number 19 could be a good idea to travel from Marrakech airport to the middle. it’s several stops near most hotels, ask the driving force when aged.

The primary stop (where the majority get off) is sometimes Jamaa el Fna square. From there you’ll walk to any point within the medina. The journey takes about 20 minutes. The vehicle has space for luggage.

The ticket costs 30 dirhams (€3) to be paid on to the motive force. If you’re taking the return flight in but fortnight you’ll buy the ticket for 50 dirhams (5€). They also accept payment in euros.

It is operated by the corporate Alsa and leaves every 20 minutes from 6:15 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Although that’s the speculation because the driving force waits as long as it takes for the bus to stock up a touch.

We were inside the bus for 45 minutes looking forward to it starting. to urge to the stop you may should perambulate 100 meters straight ahead when leaving the terminal. They’re parked next to the doorway to the airport park. Morocco private desert tours.


Taxi drivers are very aware of tourists who want to require the bus. Surely they’re going to stop you from offering you the identical price per person. it’s more profitable for them to form an honest price than to square there.

Perhaps they’re going to attempt to convince you by inventing that, for whatever reason, the bus doesn’t circulate. Sahara Merzouga tours.

local bus 11:

If you’re trying to find something even cheaper to urge from Marrakech airport to the middle, you’ll walk some minutes until you reach the local stop number 11 

The ticket costs only 6 dirhams (€0.60). you’ve got to cross the airport lot, walk along the most avenue, and switch right once you find the roundabout. perambulate 100 meters more and you may find the stop.

There is a bus every half hour roughly. It stops at Jamaa el Fna square . We recommend this selection if you are doing not have lots of baggage.

With what you save, you’ll be able to try Moroccan gastronomy in one of our favorite restaurants in Marrakech. it’s not a decent idea to require this bus during the most well-liked months because you may be overwhelmed if it fills up.

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