How to Create an Attractive and Successful Product Description

Create a product description for your item.

If you write your first draught quickly and without hesitation, you will end up with a voice that is more straightforward and natural. Take into account the tone and demographics of your intended readers, but try not to get bogged down in running edits. You’ll have the opportunity to hone and hone your work at a later time. Before you plunge in, make sure to keep these things in mind:

  • What are some of the objectives that you want to accomplish with your listing(s)?
  • Who exactly is the ideal customer that you want to sell to?
  • How would they speak to you if you were having a face-to-face conversation with them?
  • Which aspects of the product should be brought to the forefront, and how do those aspects translate into benefits for the end user?
  • What kind of structure are you going to use for the description of your product?

Think about how you can implement tried-and-true copywriting tactics into what you’re creating as you write. Readers react poorly to product descriptions that come out as overly contrived or stuffed with marketing-speak catchphrases; yet, the impact of your content can be improved by employing a few basic tactics.

Refine your work till it is flawless and optimise it for search engines

The editing of your work is the next step to take. In the beginning, it is important to carefully go back over each word and check for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

The vast majority of widely used word processing systems, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, include intelligent editing capabilities that can point out errors to you and provide solutions. It is possible to improve the editing process with more advanced alternative alternatives, such as the plugin Grammarly, which can even offer assistance with fluidity and tone.

It is critical that you steer clear of writing product descriptions with a singular concentration on search engine optimization. As a result of the great level of sophistication included in the algorithms used by modern search engines, providing value to your readers will also benefit your results. In this day and age of e-commerce, employing outmoded SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing and aiming for a word count that is excessively particular will actually backfire against you.

Target term

Finding the target term that users will type into search engines to find your goods is a fundamental but essential step in the search engine optimization process. This should be stated in your title and/or description, and it can typically be as straightforward as “plastic wineglasses” or “fake plants.”

Enter the keyword you’ve picked into Google, and it will show you the pages that are currently ranking. Investigate the product listings they have and analyse their writing. Which type of language did the authors choose to use?

Clarity and kindness toward users are two qualities that search engines value highly. The product pages that rank highest on Google will almost surely feature descriptions that give the reader accurate information and are true to the brand’s voice throughout. Utilize them as a guide and source of inspiration, but bear in mind that originality is also a significant factor in search engine optimization; so, ensure that your material is entirely unique.


Last but not least, you should be aware that SEO encompasses many other facets of your store as well. Your rankings will improve if you have rare high-quality product pictures. These pictures should have your target keyword included in the filename, the alt tag, and the caption. Because reviews also increase the visibility of your listing, you should motivate your customers to provide feedback.

The Right Way and Wrong Way to Write Product Descriptions

The ability to accurately describe a product can make or break a transaction. Here are some additional suggestions to help you perfect your own:

Do and Don’t:

Be personal. When speaking to your buyer, address them personally by using the term “you.” Make it feel like a conversation by asking questions, incorporating product-centered tales, and making it sound natural.

Use superlatives that are appropriate, such as “the highest-rated company on Trustpilot” or “the brightest flashlight in the world with a 100,000-lumen output.” Has your product been recognised with an award, been singled out for special mention, surpassed a benchmark in testing, or racked up an astounding amount of five-star reviews? These are meaningful recognitions that carry weight for your clientele because of their significance.

We should check readability. To ensure that your product description is both readable and appealing on the page, you should go above and beyond the requirements of your writing format. The colour of the font, the typeface used, the background, and where should all work together to create a cohesive look that is on brand and, most importantly, readable.

Bottom Line

The production of high-quality copy requires a lot of work, but it’s possible for anyone to learn how to do it, and the payoff is well worth it. Investing a small amount of effort to hone in on your customer profile, tone, and structure will lead to gains in conversions, in addition to rises in other essential key performance indicators (KPIs).


After you have mastered the skill of writing effective product descriptions, you can further improve your listings by being familiar with the techniques necessary to snap photographs of a professional quality using your mobile device and by incorporating product videos into your business as well.


A reliable ecommerce platform is the foundation upon which they built all constructive product listings. Shopify is the e-commerce platform that we recommend you use to run your store since its plans are both reasonable and scalable, allowing you to list an unlimited number of products, manage inventory and SEO, and sell your wares.


Your e-commerce company has the potential to reach more customers and make more sales than it ever has before if it uses constructive listings and product descriptions. All it takes is the correct platform and a small amount of your time.

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