How much is my personal injury claim worth

Have you been injured in a car accident and are thinking of making a claim? If yes, you might be wondering “How much is my claim worth?” The answer can be determined on the basis of damages- examining what injuries you’ve sustain and how they affect you monetarily, physically, and mentally.

In the personal injury case, the injured person is reimburse for the damages by the other party who is at fault. The amount of compensation can be agreed upon through a negotiated settlement between the parties involved, their insurance companies, and their personal injury claim solicitors.

The value of your personal injury claim will depend on several factors, such as the gravity of your injuries, chances of future medical care, and insurance policies.

What type of compensation will I get for my injuries?

The exact amount of compensation that you’ll receive for your injuries will depend on the facts of your case. For instance, who was at fault, what type of injuries you sustained or whether you will require future medical care are some factors that will help determine the value of your claim. When trying to examine the value of your case, it’s crucial to include the future expenses you’ll spend and the medical expenses incurred so far.

After suffering serious injuries, it’s hard to determine the long-term costs that you’ll have to spend. To get a clear idea of your future medical requirements, you’ll have to wait until you reach the maximum level of improvement. If anyone tries to determine your case value even before you have reached the maximum level of improvement, they’re not being true to you.

Your personal injury claim will help you cover both economic and non-economic damages, such as:

  • Outstanding medical expenses
  • Future medical treatment
  • Pain and injuries you’ve suffered
  • Income lost while recovering
  • Property damages

How does your insurance company determine the worth of your claim?

To determine the value of your claim, you must make a list of various types of damages and injuries you’ve suffered, including medical costs and income. Once you have the list of damages with you, your insurance company will calculate the overall value of your claim through the damages formula.

Generally, insurance adjusters calculate the worth of non-economic damages by multiplying the value of medical expenses with the gravity of your injuries. Then, they will arrive at the base value by including the value of income lost due to the injury.

If the insurance adjuster thinks that you’re partially at fault, then the adjuster will subtract the amount equal to the percentage of your fault.

While most of the accidents appear to be similar, every individual’s circumstances are unique. There are several factors affecting the personal injury claim in the UK, so it’s very rare that two individuals would get the same compensation.

Should you seek help from a personal injury claim solicitor?

It’s crucial to have a personal injury claim solicitor by your side to examine the facts of your case and understand your legal rights. If you only want to get compensat for the damages to your vehicle, you can handle the claim on your own. But if you’ve sustained significant injuries and are eligible for a higher amount of compensation, you must seek help from a claim specialist instead of handling your claim on your own.

An attorney will help you collect evidence to calculate the value of your case. He will accumulate your medical bills and evidence related to economic damages. Moreover, your solicitor will contact your doctor to know your future medical requirements. An experienced personal injury lawyer can represent your case and help you secure maximum compensation after your accident.

The personal injury claim solicitors at Call Nessie have extensive experience in accidental claims. They can help you get the deserving compensation for your damages and loss.

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