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How Can You Create Question Papers in Minutes?

How Can You Create Question Papers in Minutes?

How Can You Create Question Papers in Minutes?

Filling out the questionnaire is a three-step process. Step 1 is to prepare a blueprint. Step 2 is to prepare the questions. Step 3 is to prepare a marking plan. If you work hard, it will take about 5-6 hours to complete the entire worksheet. Let’s discuss the same in detail.

Blueprint preparation

This is the first step in the question paper writing process. According to the established syllabus, the teacher prepares a blueprint for the worksheet. The format of the paper listing the number of questions and the types of questions in each chapter. In general, you should have the following information

1.Number of questions

For example, a 10th grade science paper has 60 questions and tries 50 of them. There are 45 MCQs, 5 assertions and reasonings, and 10 case study questions. The teacher will now prepare a blueprint for questions 1 through 60, which mentions the type, weight, and difficulty of each question.

Prepare your questions

The second step is to write or receive questions from various sources. There are big changes this year and it is very difficult to find the question you are looking for anywhere. So, in most cases, teachers have to create their own questions. This is a very time consuming and tedious task, but with online test generator you can do it in seconds

As I said, the types of questions have changed and it is not easy to create your own questions. This is not a teacher’s problem. Everyone has to reinvent the wheel for themselves. There is no online question library that teachers add questions daily and update regularly. with question paper generator software¬† question bank are also available

Prepare the marking plan

The final step is to prepare a grading method for the question paper. The grading method is basically a step-by-step solution to each and every problem provided on the worksheet. Explain how students will be graded.

Again, we need a complete solution to each question. Creating a question here is a big task in itself, so creating an answer to each question is now a much bigger problem. It will take several hours to complete.

Is there any other way?

Yes. have. A process that used to take 5-6 hours can be completed in 5-6 minutes. It means you can enjoy the day with your friends and family. Let’s discuss all the points one by one.

(1) Blueprint Preparation:

We know that CBSE has a standard blueprint. This means that teacher x’s plan is similar to teacher y’s blueprint. So we can have some common blueprints that all teachers can use. We’ve already created some blueprints based on the latest CBSE Model Questions document. So why waste 30-40 minutes creating your own blueprints? Use a ready-made blueprint.

(2) Question Preparation:

What if you could use a digital library or say a pool of all questions at once? We had online access to all of our questions where we could simply select the questions we had chosen. No typing, no searching, no browsing. All questions are available with a simple mouse click.

Yes. There are over 5 million questions. Hundreds of teachers updated daily. They add their own questions and update questions added by other teachers. The largest question bank created by the community. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Use this question to help enrich your pool. This will save you 2-3 hours.

(3) Prepare a solution:

There is a solution in the question bank. So, when you fill out the questionnaire using this question bank, you will automatically receive a PDF of the solution. So again you can save 3-4 hours.

Online Test Generator will save you valuable time and effort. Spending quality time with friends and family is a tremendous joy. The choice is yours.

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