Guide for Common Land Area Conversion from Hectare to Acre

Both the hectare and the acre are common and popular land area units in India. However, individuals may need to convert their units from hectare to acre for reasons like selling a plot or keeping it as a mortgage. This is because the land-buyers and lenders may request individuals to express the plot area in the acre. So, individuals must know the procedures to change their land units.

Relation Between Hectare and Acre

Both hectare (ha) and acre (ac) became popular units of measuring a land area during the British era. However, these traditional units are still relevant and widely used in several parts of India.

Generally, 1 hectare of land is equivalent to a plot having an area of 2.471053815 acres. So, individuals need to multiply the land size in hectares by 2.471053815 to change the plot’s unit to acres.

For example, if the land size is 5,000 hectares, one can describe it in acres by multiplying 5,000 by 2.471053815. As 5,000 x 2.471053815 = 123552.69075, individuals can express that the plot has an area of 123552.69075 acres.

Thus, individuals need to use mathematical calculations for converting land into acres. However, there is a possibility that they will make mistakes while computing this using pen and paper. To avoid this, they can use online calculator for land conversion. However, individuals must know why they should use these virtual land conversion calculators.

Benefits of online land conversion calculators

Here are the advantages of using these web-based calculators for converting the area of a piece of land from hectare to acre:

  • Accurate result

Individuals can easily avoid calculation mistakes by utilising these calculators. So, individuals who understand a land size better in acre must use this tool before purchasing a plot.

  • Faster calculation

This calculator converts the unit of land area within a second. Individuals just need to mention the input unit properly.

  • Convenient interface

Users can easily understand how to use the calculator merely by accessing these tools from a lender’s official website. The main reason is that all the options in the calculator are self-explanatory.

Further, individuals must know the process of using the virtual calculator. This way, they can easily convert a land mentioned in hectares to acres.

Procedures to convert hectare to acre using the online calculator

Generally, lending institutions provide these easy-to-use calculators to help borrowers convert their plot area. Here are the steps that will help individuals know the steps to convert ha to ac:

  1. Individuals first need to find a calculator from the official website of any lending institution.
  2. They have to select the input and output units of the plot area as hectare and acre.
  3. Next, they just need to mention the land size in a hectare in the input unit.

Upon completing these steps, the calculator will display the land’s size in the acre. Thus, individuals can quickly know their land size in acre using the land conversion calculator.

Knowing this land area in acre can be beneficial during purchasing a plot or applying for a loan. Lenders may instruct borrowers to express land measurement in acre when they keep the property as a mortgage in a loan against property.

Further, being a secured credit advance, lending institutions sanction a loan against property faster than their unsecured financial products. One of the significant benefits of this loan is that it comes with no user restrictions. However, individuals must have a detailed idea about this loan against property.

Apart from this, before taking the loan, individuals must research properly to understand which lending institutions will be profitable for them in the long term. For example, several lenders take various charges on loans against property for multiple reasons. Therefore, individuals must consider these factors as well while selecting a lender.

However, several lending institutions in India give pre-approved offers on their financial products like loans against property and home loans. It helps individuals quicken their loan application process by taking these additional benefits. Using their names and contact information, they can check their pre-approved offers.

In conclusion, by knowing the process to convert the land area from hectare to acre, customers can meet the lenders requirement. However, as the manual calculation is time-consuming, they should use an online land conversion calculator.

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