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Free Job Posting Sites In India in 2022 (Updated)

The public, as well as the private sector, have made great strides in the way in making hiring easy, in contrast to earlier when the use of technology was not as extensive as it is current. Print media was once the preferred method of job advertisement but now that the internet is everywhere and the market for jobs is shifting towards websites that post jobs for free to the job that is required by applicants as well as the recruiter. There are sites for the public sector such as defense, with sites for the navy, army, and airforce recruitment, and the Union public service commission with its own website.


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Why should you look to free job-posting sites?

As well as in relation to private and public sector job boards to employers India is the most efficient and cost-effective method to find the best candidates for employment. When they post jobs, hiring managers have two options: advertise the job in the newspapers or put them on websites. Placing advertisements in newspapers is a bit more expensive opposed to sites that certain sites charge for advertising the job and others post it at no cost.

In addition, the print advertisements for job ads are very brief for just a few hours depending on the amount you spend, while on the job sites that are free, advertisements last for a lengthy period that ranges from a fortnight up to one month.


Advantages Of Free Job Posting Sites

The traditional methods of publishing ads for jobs in the most prestigious newspapers is expensive and not an option suitable for small companies, startups and home-based companies.


When you post ads for job openings on websites, you can ensure that the job is posted on the most popular job sites in the world that are visited by an enormous number of people looking for jobs. Job posting websites that are free allow you to post the same job on several sites, which increases the likelihood of having more qualified applicants looking at the job ad because the amount of applicants is greater which allows recruiters to narrow candidates, conduct interviews, and ultimately recruit from a large talent pool.


Reason For Using Free Job Posting Sites

Large multinational corporations, government organizations as well as corporate giants have huge budgets for advertising. It is simple for them to to pay for job advertisements, while smaller firms, start-ups, or small-scale enterprises that are based at home cannot afford to pay for advertising job openings. Therefore, you are able to use free job ads on over dozen websites. There are numerous job listings sites which allow job postings, however, below we have listed the top websites that provide no-cost job listings for both business and individuals.


Top Free Job Posting Sites


1. National Career Service as a job listing site that is free

This is an internet-based platform for recruiting operated through the Ministry of employment and labor which is the state government in India. In the context of the skills India initiative and the make the most of India this website provides free job listings in India for families, individuals, and companies large and small since it offers the ability to match jobs with ease and in a transparent way.


The material on career counseling provided by NCS also is available electronically through various platforms, including mobile devices careers centers, career centers, the Skills India website, and various other platforms. The ability of NCS to satisfy the various needs and demands of young people seeking information about education as well as training and employment will soon be complemented by an international call center.


This makes it among the most popular and websites for job postings that are free to employers. In addition, it offers information on local service providers available to consumers and households for things like plumbing, carpentry, driving and so on.


2. Indeed is a no-cost job site

In this global portal for recruitment, you can find opportunities to post paid and job listings for free It is regarded as a perfect recruitment tool for small and new businesses to publish advertisements-free job opportunities. The primary distinction between paid and free advertisements is the way your ad is displayed, since paid ads are promoted to be displayed at the top of search pages and free job ads are displayed at the bottom . This aspect doesn’t affect your job posting for free in any way, since people are searching for various positions and can apply to each advertisement that matches their abilities and education qualifications.


If you’re looking to find staff quickly, it is one of the options among the websites for job advertisements, since it works with the smart-phone app.


3. Glassdoor is a free job-searching website

It is a site based in the United States that also provides services for recruitment in India and, in addition, lets you post jobs for free on its Indian website, in addition to glassdoor’s massive database of millions of reviews of companies and salary reports, as well as questions and reviews of interviews as well as office photographs and reviews on benefits.


Glassdoor for employers offers employers branding solutions as well as effective recruitment for employers. They assist thousands of clients and partners to promote their employer brand to potential candidates and promote their jobs to qualified candidates who might not know about them. What separates Glassdoor from other job-search websites is its quality the jobs they offer and the impact it has on the decisions of job seekers while researching employers and job openings.


4. Aasaanjobs as a job-posting website

This website is rapidly gaining popularity in India with the young and professionals. It is a popular site to apply for jobs. It is also among the sites that are free to post jobs that offer employers the benefit of posting jobs for free in certain categories. There’s a bit of information about the paid plans however there are links that lead you to free job ads for a brief period of time because of its pan India coverage, it’s the best choice for those looking for potential candidates in all areas of the country.


5. Quickr is a no-cost job-searching site

While this is a website that provides services such as buying and selling old stuff as well as individuals who can post free job ads for standard jobs like drivers, cooks, and domestic assistants, handymen to work at workshops or at home, and many more professions, you can also search for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and many other tradesmen to be found faster for temporary and long-term employment.


6. Bayt as a job-searching site

Bayt is a reference to house or home. It is among the top free job-posting sites in the middle east region and offers thousands of jobs across the nations of the Levant, North Africa, and North Africa, the Arabian Gulf region, and the Indian subcontinent and is a resource for hiring talented individuals from India and other countries for jobs across North Africa and the middle east, with the list of jobs that are available in India in addition. When you register your business, you will be able to benefit from free job ads and also aids to attract talent from the younger generation and Indian diasporas from the middle east region who are looking for jobs that will make them successful in India.


7. Workindia is a no-cost job-posting site

It is among the job-posting sites that are free which make job posting simple. You register as a member, completing an online application form. Upon submitting, you will be issued the username and password but it is not able to accept applications on behalf of you therefore you must give a physical address if you want to receive applications via mail or email address. You will only require basic computer knowledge to make a job posting that is accessible to anyone.


8. Freshersworld as a job-searching site

This is among the job-posting websites that are free and is popular among students, fresh graduates, and tradesmen. It has various categories of job advertisements including public and private sectors and is a great location for those looking for their first job as it is a great platform for small-scale ventures and start-ups that are looking for new talent.


After you have completed the formalities and registration requirements, the site will provide you with an opportunity to post jobs for free in India One thing that differs from other free job advertisement sites is the fact that this site is targeted at interns or applicants who have no prior experience, so you are not able to create a job posting for free to highly skilled professionals on this site.


9. PlacementIndia is a free job listing site

PlacementIndia is a part of top corporations and companies of India as clients They provide both post-job vacancies for both paid and free services. The difference is that postings that are paid are promoted and appear on the first page however if you’re not looking to find a new employee, you can take advantage of the free job posting feature offered by placementIndia.


10. Careerage is a free job-posting website

It is a website on which you will find jobs that is listed in different categories including IT specialists to craftsmen to extremely experienced senior managers in case you’re trying to recruit from any part of India it is possible to consider an open job posting for those of career age. Additionally, it is one of the websites for job advertisements that let young people who are from semi-urban and rural regions can find excellent jobs elsewhere in the country.


11. ClickIndia

It is among the biggest free job posting websites, that small businesses and start-ups are focusing on hiring experienced middle-level employees as well as freshers. Like others. Like job-searching sites listed here, the registration process is easy and all you need to do is provide an address for postal delivery or an email ID to get applications from applicants on this site.


12. LinkedIn

It’s not a site for recruitment, it is a platform that allows business-to-business and professional networking, with India with 68 million users registered. LinkedIn is not an employment portal, that allows you to post job openings free of charge, but it has two methods that you could use it. If you or your company has an existing LinkedIn profile, you could join groups and post job advertisements for free, which is available to everyone who is are a member of the group. You could use the feature that updates your free job ads to the LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn also has a recruiting app that allows users registered to apply for jobs using their mobile devices.


13. Postjobsfree

Postjobsfree is another of the job-posting sites that allow small businesses can advertise their job openings for free. since you can post jobs of any kind on post jobs free. The period during which your job advertisement will be displayed ranges from 21, to 28, days based on the type of job.


Certain sections are in demand for job ads that are free which require you to republish your advertisement after an entire week to ensure maximum coverage since the older ads will be pushed down in the automated listings that will show new ads first.


14. Walkinsindia

This site is designed for businesses of all sizes who are unable to manage hundreds of applications and then invite applicants for interviews. Walkinsindia as with other job-search sites offers the posting of jobs on a free basis on its site. The majority of these jobs are open to freshers and applicants who need to attend interviews directly along with their CVs.


You must provide an exact description of the qualifications for the job, education qualifications, abilities, as well as any other requirements. You could also provide Google maps of the location where the interviews will be held.


15. Craiglist

It’s an American classified enterprise that allows users to promote almost anything. The site is well-known across India as well as around the world. It is the answer to the question that typically is asked by people who are thinking of what is the best way to advertise an advertisement on Craiglist.



If you are looking to make an informed choice about the right career option, this should be looking out for. It is based in California and provides a full array of knowledge and insight and the applicant receives cloud-based services through its unique feature of skill comparison, salary, and interview helpful tips, and employers can get the right type of recommendation of the applicant’s profile. These sites for job postings that are free serve as the perfect partner to get you the ideal job or talent you’ve been looking for right in front of your door.



You will find over 3000 job openings from top firms. The simple and easy-to-read section as well as the user-friendly interface is an excellent reason to rank the top spot among all job-searching websites. The benefit is an online career training course that includes more than 500 certified skills that will improve your professional abilities.



Today, the world fills with different demands On this site, as well as listing jobs, the latest information from renowned columnists, industrialists, and many more. For your convenience you can also find chat columns for students As such, these free job sites offer higher response rates and numerous possibilities for every candidate.


20. Facebook jobs

Social connections are among the factors that have captivated the imagination of the youth of nowadays. With the huge number of young people entering the market for jobs, the jobs near you are the characteristics that draw you in since the opportunities for remote work are remarkable. Job posting websites for free allow users to reach out to many people, and with many users, this is among the most popular job-searching sites in way of attracting potential.


21. Careesma. in

It is among the most promising free job-posting sites that geares towards job seekers in the Indian job market. The most notable feature of the site is that it has 7.5 million users as well as 9 million potential job applicants making use of the site, even though it is a brand new site. The free job posting sites offer full transparency for employers and employees.



The site has over more than 90 million users registered as well as 20 million jobs, with postings in more than 58 nations The best part is that the top job sites do not share any personal information with the third party. As such, the security of the applicants is their foremost concern. The concerns of the candidate are in mind before submitting the application to the business. The websites make it simpler for start-ups and companies that want to save on the expense of hiring.



This website fulfills the need of locating jobs that suites to the interests of individuals, and the company has over 13,00,000 job applicants already registered on their platform. The top free job sites put forth an effort to locate the best jobs in all verticals.



One of the requirements of the market today is to determine the best skills, in addition to the job descriptions on this website, its renowned features have special features like resume assistant, which lets you can get instant feedback, and professional resume writing services as well. These are also available to applicants.



It offers hand-picked job listings that aren’t available anywhere else. Job posting websites that are free are an asset for businesses seeking the best and brightest talent.



Over 75 million job-seekers use this platform to search for jobs, which highlights how important this platform is for diverse verticals, it offers the biggest number of job opportunities available employers can advertise the job openings through sponsorship, the best free job websites in India provide updated information and systematic methods of updating the job listings. this site’s availability of a wide range of choices helps in finding the most suitable jobs.



The employees are able to hire with a response rate of 5 times when compared with other job websites. It is comprised of a vast variety of job listings, even for new businesses, so if are an employer searching for free job listing sites in India and you are looking for a job, then consider including this one to your list of options.



This is the reason why many users use this website, be it the process of recruiting or the desire to land that desired job, jooble can do everything for you in an easy manner. While job search sites are the latest way to locate jobs that you are interested in Jooble is set as one of the top options.



With more than 5 million users to its database, This site is now one of the top options for companies seeking to hire talent. It is accessible from anywhere in the world. of the globe it’s the perfect way to bridge the gap between potential and talent because it is among the sites for job postings that are free.



If the goal is to look for new opportunities or hire, cutting short is the most effective way to reach the ladder to success quicker. With its bank containing more than 450,000 professionals who are job seekers as well as more than 16500 businesses, the benefits of signing up are extremely quick. This makes the process of shortlisting extremely easy to human resource professionals. They are able to proceed in the process of hiring without difficulty by following this.


Q. What are the best free job listing sites in India?

A. There are plenty of job-posting sites that are free in India and some of them include Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn

Q. Which is the most effective job application in India?

A- While there are a variety of apps to search and post job openings, LinkedIn happens to be one of the most effective job applications in India.



As we stated in the beginning that anywhere from 8 to 10 million young professionals join the workforce each calendar year India. The free job advertisement on a variety of websites allows you to connect with a larger public. When hiring using the free job sites may take some time and you must constantly update your advertisement. This will ensure that your advertisement is always at the top of the list.


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