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Flying To Yerevan, Armenia: Tips And Tricks

Come to Armenia, rent a car in Zvartnots Airport and explore this beautiful country will be the best decision you could ever make. To discover this amazing country you can’t stay only in Yerevan. You have to rent a car Yerevan and drive to other cities or villages in Armenia. Yerevan rent a car is so popular among tourists and not only. If you are going to stay there a little bit more you will need a cheap rent a car in Yerevan.

So here are some tips for traveling to Armenia.


You can eat everywhere. No matter where you are, within a radius of 100 meters you will find a bistro, cafe or restaurant.

Here you can find any cuisine: Armenian, Arabic, Georgian, European and Chinese. Prices may vary significantly. In general, dining in Armenia will cost less than in for example in European countries.


You can buy water from any grocery store. There are also many water sources on the streets of Yerevan, which are called Armenian fountains. It’s absolutely safe and free.

Taxi in Armenia.

Taxis are very cheap in Armenia. A trip around the center at the minimum fare is no more than 300 drams, long-distance trips no more than 400 drams. Taxis caught on the street operate at a rate of 600 AMD, landing and further on the meter. If you call a taxi in the application, the trip will be 20% cheaper. works well in Yerevan, but drivers are not always lucky. A taxi can be dirty, smoky, the driver can be unceremonious and not Russian-speaking. Locals prefer the GG app – they choose drivers more carefully and more comfortable cars at the same price.

Since taxis are inexpensive, it is sometimes beneficial to take a taxi for short country trips up to 60 km. For example, you can take a taxi to Lake Sevan and back. The cost of the trip will be comparable to the cost of an excursion at the city bureau.

What to bring from Armenia.

Mountainous Armenia chose the pomegranate as its symbol not in vain. In the country, as well as in the fruit, a huge amount of treasures is hidden: bright and fragrant gastronomy, authentic handicrafts, an abundance of fruits, tart cognac and wines rich in berry flavor. The question “What to bring from Armenia to Russia?” solved by one visit to the colorful market.

A visit to a souvenir shop or market in Armenia often turns not into a search for gifts, but into an acquaintance with traditions. The first thing to remember is that it is customary to bargain in such places. If you have a few days left, you should not make all purchases at once. It is better to go around all the colorful markets and ask the price.

What to bring from Armenia from products

  • Churchkhela. In Armenia, a sweet made from grape juice and nuts is called sharots or sweet sujuk. Armenian churchkhela is distinguished by the addition of spices: cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. They say that the shell of the Armenian sweetness is more delicate, but it depends on the place of purchase. The most delicious sweet sujuk is homemade. Usually, sweet sujuk is sold by the piece. 1 kg of sweet sujuk will cost from 400 rubles.
  • Dried fruits. A large number of fruits are grown in Armenia, some of them are exported, but the best dried fruits are sold in local markets. The most colorful option is dried fruits stuffed with walnuts, honey, cinnamon and cardamom. For example, Alani is a stuffed dried peach. One kg of such a delicacy will cost from 350 rubles. From candied fruits that are unusual for us, it is worth bringing dried cherry plum and plum. The cost of dried fruits depends on the specific type – from 100 to 500 rubles. per kg.


An oriental dessert is thin layers of dough soaked in sweet syrup. Between the leaves are finely chopped nuts. Usually, honey is sprinkled on top of the dessert. The cost of sweets by weight – from 300 rubles. per kg.

  • Grape leaves. Dried or canned grape leaves people sold in markets and supermarkets. Usually, the leaves they sold in glass or plastic bottles. One such bottle is designed to cook a kilogram of meat. The cost is from 150 rubles.
  • Spices. First of all, tourists bring a mixture of herbs and spices called “Yerevan”. As part of the “Yerevan mixture”: tarragon, saffron, basil, coriander, paprika, suneli hops, chaman, hot pepper and citron. In the markets, spices are sold in glasses – 200 gr each. Packing “Yerevan mixture” will cost from 30-60 rubles. depending on the place of purchase.
  • Meat products. Basturma is one of the most common options for bringing delicious food from Armenia. This is pressed meat, dried and salted in the fresh air. Basturma has a dark color and a spicy-burning taste. 1 kg of delicacy will cost 900 rubles. Sujuk sausages are also popular. They are prepared from ground beef, with the addition of spices and spices. The taste is quite sharp, the aroma is bright and spicy. The cost is also around 900 rubles. per kg.

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