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Flood Damage Carpet Cleaning Guide

Carpet Cleaning Guide

Have you ever seen flood damage carpets? Water or flood damage carpet produce worst smell. The smell that comes out of it is as strange as the smell of a dead dog. When carpets reach this state, they become very difficult to clean. Such carpets can be easily saved. It all depends on how much water the carpet absorbs. Such carpets require deep cleaning very quickly. In this article, we’ll tell you how to clean flood-damaged carpets.

Steps To Clean Flood Damage Carpets

There are many procedures for flood damage carpet cleaning. Whenever you want to clean carpets first you need to find leakage area of the water. After finding leakage area check the quality of water. If this is a clean water then it can be cleaned easily. If this a dirty water than don’t clean this get rid of this carpets. If you follow our cleaning then you need less cleaning tools. In this article we will explain step by step flood damage carpet cleaning according to its condition. 

Step “1”

After finding the leakage area try to fix this. If there is significant leakage of water, you can also contact a plumber. Try to close the leakage area completely. So you don’t have to worry about water leakage again.

Step “2”

After repairing the leak area, it is necessary to remove any clutter from the room. If there are furniture or other items in the room, remove them from the room. If there i犀利士
s no clutter then
carpet cleaning will be easy. So that the carpet will be thoroughly cleaned. After removing furniture, etc., try to clean the water from the damp place using clothes and towels. If you start walking on these towels, it will help to absorb a lot of water.

Step “3”

Use a cutter to remove the part that is completely damaged. Although this may seem like a very drastic measure, the carpet can be easily repaired. It also prevents the spread of mold. Remove and discard the base pad as it may deteriorate. Then lift the carpet off the ground. Finally, open doors and windows to circulate air in the room. 
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If the carpet does not dry out completely this way, then you need industrial fans. You can get these fans from any good DIY store. Use these fans on affected area. It will help to dry completely. You need to run the fan at high speed to dry the wet place. Keep them on high speed until they are completely dry. The drying procedure usually takes 24-36 hours. Revise it about 12 hours after this step. Make sure it is completely dry. Keep the fans on until they are completely dry.

You can also contact the insurance agent. You can provide them carpet details, so that they start taking action on it. 

Step “4”

When carpets are fully dry you can use a dehumidifier. Dehumidifier will help to keep carpets dry. It is mostly used in the moisture area. We can use it in any moisture area like bathrooms, kitchen, rooms and basements. 


Once your carpet is full dry you can place back your furniture. If you are thinking this is a long cleaning procedure then you can contact to professional carpet cleaner. At Squeaky Clean Team we deal with many water damage carpets. We can easily save your water damage carpets. 


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