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Bir is a stunning town on the mountains within the northwestern Indian states in Himachal Pradesh

Introduction to the Course –

Bir is a stunning town on the mountains within the northwestern Indian states in Himachal Pradesh, is known as the top paragliding location in India. Billing situated a bit North of Bir is much more appealing as a place to visit in comparison to Bir. It is known for its camping. As a overall both towns have an abundance of trails for hiking including waterfalls, camping spots, and more. These are some of the most popular spots to go to in Himachal Pradesh for a long weekend trip.



The ideal time to camp is between April and June, as the weather is generally comfortable compared to winter cold days that experience extreme temperatures. Bir Billing is one of the top alternatives for Indian travelers who want to unwind and unwind. There are a variety of camping locations and some are worth the trip. In this article, I’ll give you a list of few of the top camping spots in Bir Billing.

Camp Oak View Camp Oak View

It is among the most beautiful and well-known campsites in Bir Billing. It has top-quality tents and a broad variety of amenities. In addition to comfortable and comfortable tents, you can have fun with different activities through different packages. The location of the camp is worth being mentioned. It is located in a beautiful area with Oak trees and stunning views. The cost for camping at this location is INR 2400 and up.

Tatva Bir Tents and Hotels Hotel and Tatva Bir Tents

Nine state-of-the-art luxurious tents, including six pool and rooms with mountain views. It is located in a beautiful area and plenty of activities for adventure. It is situated in the Kangra Valley and is priced at INR 4,500 and upwards.

The Blue Camp, Barot –

This camping area provides pleasant weather throughout the year with spectacular views. The stunning wooden houses and the green mountains provide unending tranquility. The luxury tents are the ideal and relaxing stay. There are also bonfires, which provide a memorable experience. The cost of the visit is INR 5,500 or so.

In addition, many other camping spots can provide an amazing and captivating experience. Bir Billing is thus the perfect camping location that draws people closer to the natural world. Tourists have a broad selection of camping spots to pick from, so choosing the best location based on features becomes extremely convenient. You should bring warm clothes because the cold winter nights are chilly.




Bir is the beginning point for many trails and treks. The trek between Bir to Billing provides stunning views of the pine forests, mountain summits and of course, the Dhauladhar range.

Some of the trails comprise:

  1. Billing-Rajgundha-Barot – This is an easy trek. You can make a camp and stay the night in Rajgundha or hike further towards Barot. A stroll through the Rajgundha valley gives a 360-degree panoramic view of the whole Valley of Rajgundha.
  2. Chota Bangal, and Bada Bangal. This is an easy but adventurous journey.
  3. Prashar Lake is a mysterious lake that lies in the Himalayas. It is located to the eastern part area of Mandi located in Himachal Pradesh. A small island lies within and the trek provides stunning panoramas across The Dhauladhar range.
  4. Hike starting from Bangoru Waterfall – It is located 4.5 kilometers far from Tibetan Colony. It’s an easy trek. The area is less well-known and is perfect for picnics.
  5. A walk up to Keori village is also recommended since it’s a stroll through a lot of greenery.



Bir Billing is the country’s Paragliding Capital, and Asia’s second best paragliding site. Paragliding starts from Billing and then glides down to the landing area at Bir. Paragliding is not permitted in the monsoon season due to severe weather conditions, high winds, and record-breaking rainfalls. Bir is the most thrilling paragliding experience on the subcontinent. It is possible to paraglide at Bir Billing is generally an hour-long affair, which gives you a breathtaking views of the pine forests and grasslands, as well as the rugged Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. 

The price of paragliding varies between INR 1800 to 2000 and can vary according to the time of year. Making a reservation for a time slot, and paying a token amount is all one needs to do in order for an exhilarating journey to Billing from where you can fly down to the famous landing spot. Sunsets and sunrises are the most suitable times to go paragliding. Hang gliding is a different unusual and less well-known sport in Bir.

This guide is for people who have never been to Bir Billing before and it is obvious that they will enjoy a wonderful time in Bir Billing.


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