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Escape to the ocean: $30K/year on a cruise ship stay

Have you ever imagined ultimate cruise adventure for you? 3 Years, 375 destinations abandoning everything, departing and traveling to evade all of your obligations?

A cruise company called Life at Sea Cruises is offering a three-year, 130,000-mile cruise on the MV Gemini for $30,000 per person per year. The voyage will start from Istanbul on November 1, 2023, and cover 375 ports in 135 countries across all seven continents. The trip includes visits to iconic landmarks such as the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Taj Mahal in India, Chichen Itza in Mexico, the pyramids of Giza, Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, and 103 tropical islands. Additionally, 208 ports will have overnight stays, providing more time to explore. Those interested have eight months to prepare their passports, vaccinations, and remote working abilities.

What is “Life at Sea cruise”? Why this should be on you bucket list?

Miray Cruises, a company with 30 years of experience in the cruise industry, has created a new company called Life at Sea Cruises as a spin-off. They will renovate their vessel, the MV Gemini, for the three-year voyage. The MV Gemini has 400 cabins and can accommodate up to 1,074 passengers. Along with typical cruise amenities, such as restaurants and entertainment, the Gemini will also feature remote working facilities, including a business centre with 14 offices, meeting rooms, and a lounge for breaks. Additionally, there will be a 24-hour hospital with free medical consultations. The company suggests that working as an international resident on the ship may offer tax benefits.

MV Gemini

According to CNN business Interview with Mikael Petterson, the managing director of Life at Sea Cruises, professionals require suitable amenities, functionality, and connectivity to carry out their work effectively. He believes that the company’s cruise is the only one that provides this level of flexibility to its customers.

Cabins and Accommodations

Cabins on the MV Gemini range from 130 square feet “Virtual Inside” staterooms that cost $29,999 per person per year to Balcony Suites that are twice the size and cost up to $109,999 per person. The most affordable outdoor cabin costs $36,999 per person. Passengers must commit to the full three-year trip, but the company has launched a matching system where passengers can share a cabin with someone else and alternate the itinerary. Single travelers receive a 15% discount on the double occupancy rate, and a minimum down payment of $45,000 is required.

Cruise View

In addition to the business center, the MV Gemini is equipped with various amenities that cater to passengers’ interests and entertainment. These include a sundeck, swimming pool, wellness center, auditorium, and multiple dining options, although further details are yet to be disclosed. Professional instructors will be available on board to teach passengers dance and music, and there will also be singles mixers for solo travelers. The ship has a gym and salon for passengers who want to stay in shape or pamper themselves.

Itinerary for 3 Years Voyage

The itinerary of the three-year voyage includes various highlights, such as spending Christmas in Brazil and New Year in Argentina. The ship will take passengers on a journey that covers the entire South American continent, including Antarctica, and also includes island-hopping around the Caribbean, both coasts of Central America, and then up the west coast of North America before crossing over to Hawaii. The trip also includes stops in several Asian countries, including Japan with 12 stops, South Korea (including Jeju island), China, and most of the well-known tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, such as Bali, Da Nang in Vietnam, the Cambodian coast, Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

World of Map

FROM $29,999 pp for year that cover over 130,000 miles across all 7 continents and 135 countries.

Life at Sea Cruises will take passengers on a three-year journey across the world, visiting a diverse range of destinations across six continents. The trip will start in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, then move on to visit Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, before heading east to India and Sri Lanka. The journey will then continue to the Maldives and Seychelles, and across to Africa, where the ship will visit Zanzibar and loop down to Cape Town, then up the west coast of Africa with stops at St. Helena, the Canaries and Madeira.

While the cruise promises to visit many amazing places, some stops listed on the “13 wonders of the world” itinerary, such as the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the statue of Zeus at Olympia, no longer exist. However, passengers will have access to free high-speed Wi-Fi, which should help to alleviate any disappointment.

All Inclusive options in the “Life at Sea”

The trip is all-inclusive, with alcohol served at dinner, as well as soft drinks, juice, tea, and coffee available all day. Laundry, port fees, and housekeeping are also included. All meals are provided, and passengers will have access to onboard facilities such as a sundeck, swimming pool, wellness center, gym, salon, and multiple dining options. Instructors will be on hand to teach dance and music, and there will be singles mixers for those traveling alone. Passengers can also take advantage of the ship’s remote working facilities, including a full-scale business center with meeting rooms, offices, a business library, and a lounge. There will be a round-the-clock hospital with free medical visits, and the company is also offering additional tax benefits for those working as international residents aboard the ship.

Dining Antartica view

Terms and Schemes of “Life at Sea”

Passengers must sign up for the full three-year journey, but the company is launching a matchmaking scheme to allow passengers to share a cabin with someone else and divide the travel between them. Single travelers will receive a discount of 15% on the double occupancy rate, and a minimum down payment of $45,000 is required.

Key Highlights of “Life at Sea”

In addition to visiting the aforementioned destinations, the cruise will also sail south to Antarctica and island-hop around the Caribbean, taking in both coasts of Central America. The ship will then travel up the west coast of North America, crossing over to Hawaii. Stops in Asia include Japan, South Korea, and China, with most of the classic Southeast Asia destinations included, such as Bali, Da Nang in Vietnam, the Cambodian coast, Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

Anatartica view from Gemini MVCruises in Alpes

Passengers will be allowed to have family and friends visit them on board for free, making this an ideal choice for long-term travelers who want to stay connected with loved ones. The cruise promises to offer the right amenities, connectivity, and functionality for professionals who need to perform their jobs while traveling. According to Mikael Petterson, the managing director of Life at Sea Cruises, there is no other cruise that offers this sort of flexibility to customers.


The idea of taking up residence on a cruise ship for a yearly fee of $30,000 may seem appealing to some individuals who enjoy travel and the amenities offered on a cruise ship. However, before making a decision, it is important to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of this lifestyle.

Benefits of living on a cruise ship include access to luxurious amenities, such as fine dining, entertainment, and fitness facilities. In addition, residents may be able to travel to various destinations without the hassle of planning and booking travel arrangements.

Drawbacks on living in cruise

On the other hand, drawbacks to living on a cruise ship may include the lack of privacy and space, as well as the potential for seasickness and other health concerns. Additionally, living on a cruise ship may not provide the same sense of community and stability as living in a traditional home or apartment. Ultimately, the decision to take up residence on a cruise ship for a yearly fee of $30,000 will depend on an individual’s personal preferences, lifestyle, and financial situation. It is important to carefully consider all aspects of this option before committing to it as a long-term living arrangement.

Life at sea can be an amazing experience when you choose a cruise to go vacations , with endless opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and exploration.


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