Digital Marketing Strategy: 9 Mistakes Not To Make

Establishing a digital marketing strategy is an essential step in developing your online business. On paper, it looks simple. However, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali there are many entrepreneurs who fail to get their business off the ground and end up filing for bankruptcy. Why? Discover 9 mistakes that can explain it not to commit to succeed in your digital marketing strategy.

1- Address everyone

The wider we rake, the more we maximize our chances of capturing customers… No? In reality, targeting everyone is a fundamental mistake in digital marketing. Whatever product or service you sell, it solves a problem. And you have to basically go to people who need to solve this problem. Not to Mr and Mrs “Everyone”.

How do we do it? By doing a persona study. In other words, you must establish the typical profile of the ideal client:

  • Who is he ?
  • A man, a woman ?
  • How old is he ?
  • What is his family situation?
  • What profession does he have?
  • What is his profile?
  • What are his problems? His frustrations? His emotions?
  • What are its obstacles?
  • What are their drinking habits?
  • On what media is he already looking for answers?
  • By which communication channels to speak to him?
  • Has he already tested other alternatives?

Establishing a composite portrait allows you to personalize your message as much as possible. You know who you are talking to and how to talk to him so that he feels concerned.

So that he sticks to your brand because he feels that you understand him.

The more specific your persona, the more you know your potential customer, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the more likely you are to convert them.

2- Do not do market research

Not knowing who you’re talking to is a strategic mistake, but moving forward with blinkers on without taking into account the competition is just as bad.

If you want to stand out, you need to look at what’s already out there.

Who are your competitors?
What solutions do they offer?
What’s on the market right now?

And based on this analysis,

How does your product or service stand out?
What is your value proposition? Your competitive advantage?

3- Not setting goals (or defining an action plan)

How can you test, analyze, challenge yourself and improve if you haven’t set concrete goals to achieve beforehand? And how can you move forward effectively if you haven’t implemented an associated action plan?

Going blind has never made a business take off. Every action you take must be taken to serve a specific purpose.

So how?

Because simply writing “I want to increase my turnover” is not going to help you achieve your goal. Increase your turnover, OK, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali but what exactly do you have in mind? And why ? What are you going to put in place to stick to this goal? What means and resources will you deploy?

Using the same example, a SMART goal might look like “I want to increase my revenue by 10% by the end of 2021 instead of “I want to increase my revenue”.

When you know exactly where you want to go, all you have to do is develop your action plan. Remember, what is measurable is improvable.

4- Not paying enough attention to content

The content is you who stick to it. Your product, you know it like the back of your hand and you could write dozens of pages about it. Yes, but…

Your client, he doesn’t care about all that, what he wants is to be presented with THE solution to his problems. It is to be transcended by what he reads. It’s to feel like the content was created for him. It’s ending up in your message because it stings exactly “where it hurts”.

If you want to sell, put yourself in your target’s shoes. Ask yourself what your prospects want to read or hear. Share your story and your values ​​through storytelling. Use copywriting, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali or the art of seduction through words. Play on emotion. Use powerful words or “emotional triggers”.

5- Do not invest in advertising

Working on your natural referencing is very important. Similarly, building a community on social networks by posting quality content regularly is very effective. But in either case, to get results, you have to be patient. These are indeed rather medium-long term strategies. However, we do not always have the luxury of being able to wait for the first sales to take place.

The solution ? Invest in advertising.

Creating lead acquisition campaigns gives you a boost to grow your mailing list faster. Publishing a sales campaign generates additional revenue.

Yes, it’s a budget, but if you rely on the expertise of an advertising professional (Facebook Ads, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Ads, etc.) you can generate 2, 3, 4, 5 times and even more what you have invested in CA.

6- Only send promotional emails

Gone are the days when emailing was only used for promotion. Today, companies that limit themselves to promotional email are drowning in the mass or worse, falling into spam.

Again, what your customer wants is for you to bring them value, not just entice them to buy your latest product. Remember that you are not alone and that what you have to sell, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali he can potentially find it elsewhere. You need to stand out by providing quality content.

Create a real relationship with your client. Be recurring in your mailings. Set up “weekly appointments”. Share your experience, the life of your company, talk to him about your common values, about him. Make sure that every time you send an email, it is expected (and read).

And the day you have to present a new offer, you can be sure that your subscribers will be much more attentive to it than if you just send them promotional emails.

7- Using too many communication channels (or too few…)

What is the point of deploying your marketing strategy on Instagram if your potential customer is not on this network? Conversely, why settle for Instagram only when your target is obviously active (and receptive to your message) on Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin?

The choice of communication channels should not be random. Once again, it is your target that will determine the tools you should use and not your tastes or personal affinities with this or that social network.

We come back to point 2, you must first decipher the consumption habits of your persona on the web and then choose the appropriate communication channels.

8- Not revising your marketing strategy

You have worked for months on your marketing strategy. Today, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is in place and you will finally be able to move on. Yes but no.

The lack of monitoring of marketing actions is a fatal error because:

  1. the market is changing very quickly
  2. your target may not be receptive to what you offer.

Do tests, analyze statistics, rectify, try something else, analyze again… Get into the habit of reviewing your marketing strategy monthly to see what works best, what can be improved and what you need to leave behind.

9- Do not delegate

Manage the strategic aspect, administration, production, logistics… in short, do everything yourself! Many entrepreneurs or leaders make this mistake.

However, they forget the main thing: stay focused on their core business, where they really create value.

So yes, delegating is an investment. It is therefore necessary to provide for the budget to be able to pay the service provider(s) that are called upon. And usually that’s when it gets stuck.

But instead of seeing what you have to lose in the short term, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali ask yourself the question “what am I going to gain in the long term?”.

Unquestionably a more peaceful mind and a less oppressive mental load…

… Certainly (and this is the goal) more results if you go through professionals (especially for content creation or social network management for example)…

… Undeniably more time to focus on your business and develop your turnover.

You now know 9 common mistakes that can penalize your digital marketing strategy. Do you find yourself in one (or more) of these errors? It’s time to take action to finally get your online business off the ground. Do you want to go further and get advice to establish a concrete digital marketing strategy? Book your FREE strategic interview now:

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