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Digital Advertising Agency VS Conventional Advertising Agency

A lot of businesses have been confused about the kind of marketing they should opt for. Whether it should be conventional marketing or digital marketing. Honestly, they both have their own advantages and perks. But the big question is, is one more powerful than the other? Whether businesses should opt for a conventional advertising agency or a digital advertising agency? What type of advertising and marketing services would suit their business model? 

There are a couple of ways to determine what type of advertising and marketing services would suit a specific business. There are a number of factors on which it depends, for example, business model, product or service, location, and most of all, target audience because after all at the end, the audience is the one with purchasing power to buy the product or service. 

Before we get into details of different types of advertising and advertising agency, let’s see what is meant by conventional advertising and digital advertising and how do the advertising agencies specializing in conventional and digital marketing work. 


Digital marketing is the use of online and digital platforms to promote products and services for businesses. These online platforms can include social media, paid advertising, blogging, SMS marketing, SEM. A marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing can choose to opt for one or more of these platforms. Social media platforms include Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. The digital ad spending for digital marketing is increasing every year as every business is going digital because of the presence of their target audience on digital platforms. 

That’s because humans everywhere are increasing their screen time, and digital advertising enables marketers to target the people who they’re looking for, and who are looking for their service or product, not just based on their location, gender, or other basic factors. But also their purchase behavior, recent site activity, known interests, and more. This proper and precise targeting can give great results. It is done by experts in a digital marketing agency that gives digital advertising and marketing services

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Conventional advertising and marketing services consist of the use of those channels which existed before all of the new digital channels and platforms available to us. An advertising agency that specializes in conventional advertising often splits these services into two theoretical groups. The first one is, ATL or Above the Line and the second one is BTL or Below the Line.

If you want to reach more people than the target audience then opt for a marketing agency that specializes in Above the Line or ATL advertising. This type of marketing uses high-reach channels like billboards, TV ads, Radio Ads, Streamers, etc. Below The Line or BTL – Below the line seeks to reach only people which are included in the target audience via channels like direct mail, sponsorships, guerilla campaigns, etc.

Now that we fully understand what these two forms of marketing are, let’s take a deeper dive into these and understand what makes them different, aside from the fact that one is digital and one is not. The digital nature affects a whole lot more than conventional or traditional advertising.


For an agency that specializes in traditional or conventional marketing, it is fairly easy to reach people in certain locations and of certain demographics. This is because the channels they use are visible to all and seen by all with a high exposure rate. But it only happens in a specific location where the billboard, or streamer is present or where the TV ad runs.

An agency that specializes in digital advertising and marketing services can have a global reach while also better narrowing the targeting according to the interests and other specific attributes like purchasing habits etc. 


With digital marketing, people can reply to and comment or like on many different types of digital media and campaigns. With traditional marketing, it is a one-sided conversation. People cannot give you their feedback whether they like it or not. 


An advertising agency that specializes in conventional advertising will most probably cost you more. Traditional advertising tends to cost more and be harder to scale because of the physical nature of the campaigns. Digital marketing provides a better range of options. And it is comparatively more user-friendly and cost-effective due to the lesser resources involved.

Digital marketing and conventional marketing go hand in hand to give the best results and outcomes. For a brand or a business, it is best if we use both for different kinds of audiences. Both have their own advantages, perks, and limitations. But one can take advantage of both of them with proper use of their specific channels.

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