Different types of biotechnological domains and how to choose one

Biotechnology is currently revolutionizing different industries. From creating new food sources to reduce carbon footprints to developing new strains for escalating productivity and good quality, this branch of science is supporting the survival of civilization.

Biotechnology is the branch that deals with life forms using engineering and technological advancements. It is an interdisciplinary engineering stream that aspirants choose as a career. They have an excellent hold on physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics at the same time. These aspirants are ideal to pursue this as a career. They seek admission to biotechnology engineering colleges in Mumbai and become a part of this industrial revolution.

Different types of biotechnology

Red biotechnology

It is the healthcare branch of biotechnology that is concerned about the different developments in the medicine and healthcare division. In this segment, medicines and vaccines are prepared along with the techniques used for regeneration therapies. The research work in this section also concentrates on finding ways to generate artificial organs.

Green biotechnology

As the name suggests, this section of biotechnology is concerned with the development of better strains of crops. The researchers focus on creating new strains that are resistant to droughts, pests, and other destructive forces. They also strive to create crop strains that are more productive in nature.

White biotechnology

This branch of biotechnology focuses on improving the manufacturing process of biofuels. The prime aim of this section is to create sustainable solutions related to the energy crisis and provide fuels that will leave less impact on the environment. It also concentrates on creating fuels from waste products.

Yellow biotechnology

The students of the leading biotechnology engineering colleges in Mumbai work on this section that concerns food production. It is the segment that research on creating food sources with less saturated fat in oils used for cooking.

Blue biotechnology

As the name suggests, we can correlate that this segment of biotechnology works on marine resources. The scientists work on different species of plants and animals to create healthcare products, cosmetic products, aquaculture, etc. They search for sustainable solutions by using marine resources without harming the balance of the ecosystem.

Grey biotechnology

This segment develops the various processes and innovations that will help us restore natural ecosystems. They develop bioremediation processes for the conservation and restoration of biological resources.

Gold biotechnology

It is also known as bioinformatics. This brand is associated with obtaining biological information, and storing and analyzing them for future purposes. This information is extracted from the DNA of various animals and plants and researched.

Choosing the right domain for careers

Choosing the right domain will need a strong conceptual platform. It can only be built when you pursue this course in the best biotechnology college in Maharashtra. You will need assistance, education, and guidance from the top mentors.

The infrastructure of the college will also determine how you are going to groom your skills and gather knowledge. Make a list of the colleges conducting this course. Visit the official websites and check your eligibility criteria. Choose a college according to your merit level and seek admission.

Study this course and gather information regarding the domains of biotechnology mentioned above. Learn from the best teachers and alumni regarding the scopes in your preferred domains. Start your own research and choose a domain. Develop your skills accordingly. Find out the job roles generally offered to the candidates willing to work in your preferred domain.

Start pursuing such skills during the course. You will become more competent than the rest of the class. Your knowledge and skills will help you grab the best offers during placement drives.


There are many different types of biotechnological domains, and it is important to choose the right one for your business. To help you make a decision, we have outlined some of the most common domains and provided a brief overview of each.

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