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CIOB Chartered Grades

If you dream of making your career in the built environment, then you must have heard about the CIOB. Here, in this blog, we will tell you the necessary information related to this. So, read it thoroughly.


CIOB is an acronym for the Chartered Institute of Building. This organization supports and represents the science, ethics, and practice of built environments all over the world. Whatever it does is to improve the quality of the life for those using and creating the built environment.

It is the most important organization in a management and leadership career in the built environment.

CIOB is the world’s largest and most influential professional organization for construction management and leadership. It has a Royal Charter to promote the science and practice of building and construction to benefit society. The organization has been doing that since 1834. Its members work across the world in the development, conservation, and improvement of the built environment. These members represent the entire lifecycle of a built asset and the infrastructure used in everyday life.

CIOB’s vision:

The improvement of the quality of life for the creators and users of its built environment is its vision.


It influences political decisions, raises professional criteria, and takes innovation to the next level. Besides that, it also strengthens talent all over the CIOB global community.

CIOB’s values:

Professionalism: it speaks in support of standards and professional ethics in the science and practice of building and construction.

Integrity: it works hard for equity and fairness in its decision-making and treatment of others.

Excellence: it adheres to the highest standards of quality if whatever it does.

Respect: it takes into account the implications of its action upon individuals and the public good.

Who are CIOB Members? 

Its members have been taking up the responsibility for many ground-breaking projects all over the world. CIOB has the most diverse membership of any professional organization in the built environment.

The members of CIOB work in disciplines covering the entire lifecycle of a built asset. Besides that, they also work even in the education and development of the next generation of professionals.

A Chartered member is a construction professional. This professional has a common commitment to attain and maintain the highest possible criteria. Chartered Member status and the designations MCIOB and FCIOB have recognition and respect worldwide. They are the mark of true construction professionalism.

CIOB Royal Charter:

A Royal Charter was granted to the CIOB in 1980. Its purposes, as in its Royal Charter, are to:

Promote the public benefit for science and practice of building and construction.

Take public education to a higher level in the said science and practice, which includes all necessary research. Besides that, it also includes the publication of the results of all such research.

These purposes form the base of the CIOB’s work and its role. Besides that, they establish the criteria to which members are committed. Officers, Members, and staff are ultimately responsible to the Privy Council. It is to ensure that all businesses for, on behalf of, or in the good name of the Institute are conducted. Apart from that, they must be as per the directions of the Royal Charter.

Every Institute member has to operate under a strict code of conduct, and the Institute has clear disciplinary procedures.

CIOB Chartered Grades:

Two Chartered grades are open for applications. The first one is a Fellow, and the second one is Member. For current students, a Non-Chartered grade is available.

Member (MCIOB):

The Chartered Membership has many benefits. It includes the right to use MCIOB as a post-nominal designation. Apart from that, one can also pick between the descriptor of Chartered Construction Manager and Chartered Builder.

As a Chartered Member, you have the right to vote and apply to become a Trustee. Thus, you will be able to actively take part in the CIOB management.

A Chartered Member also has other benefits. These benefits are like having access to more than 500 events every year and free CPD resources from the CIOB Academy. Besides that, you can also have a complimentary subscription to Construction Manager Magazine and access to its Library Information Service.

Furthermore, as a Chartered Member, you can also use the CIOB logo and many products and services.

Fellow (FCIOB):

The Fellowship designation is the highest award that the CIOB offers. A CIOB Fellow is amongst the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the construction industry. Due to this, they have recognition across the world for their skills and attainments throughout their careers.

Besides that, the associated post-nominal, FCIOB, has high demand and value. Entry to Fellow is based on fulfilling a unique set of leadership competencies and behaviors at a strategic level. They must reflect the highest level of professional competency.

Benchmarked at Level 7 by ENIC and worth comparing to Master’s degree level, Fellow applications are open to senior professionals. These professionals are with more than 5 years of experience leading a company and people. Besides that, they also contribute to the industry, communities, or/and society.

Apart from getting the benefits of Chartered Membership, being a Fellow of the CIOB has striking other rewards. These rewards are employer achievement recognition, promotion, career progression, higher salaries, and a broad range of job opportunities.

After retirement, a Chartered Member and Fellow can apply for the Retired Grade. After approval, you can use new designations: Ret MCIOB for a Member and Ret FCIOB for a Fellow.


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