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Modern conference tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Round, rectangular, boat-shaped, and oval tabletop shapes are just a few categories of Modern conference tables. The shape of the tabletop should be the deciding factor. The following is a brief guide to the various shapes and sizes of conference tables. Once you know the basics of tabletop shape, you can choose a table that fits your space and your style. You can also find other contemporary conference tables to suit your needs.


If your workplace has limited space, consider buying a round modern conference table. While this style doesn’t provide more seating, it does provide better sightlines and more space for meeting participants. Round conference tables are especially useful for group collaboration and conference calls with remote participants. And, they can fit in tight spaces where a rectangular or square table would look out of place. These tables can also be used in private offices as well. And they don’t take up as much room as the traditional rectangular or square models.

When deciding on the shape of your table, keep in mind your budget and the size of your conference room. A boat-shaped conference table is more efficient, but it won’t take up as much space as a round table. Boat-shaped tables are especially convenient for meetings that feature presentations and slideshows. Knowing what you need before purchasing a round conference table is the best way to find the perfect fit for your space. A round conference table can provide an inviting environment and help promote productivity.

These tabletops are available in many different sizes. If you need a 48-inch table, you can choose from the Sorrento or Napoli lines. These tabletops can be found in various colors and finishes, and come with different top materials. You can even customize the height of your table based on your requirements. Choose a tabletop that is made of wood or glass to avoid any unsightly bumps.


Contemporary office design is a prime example of how modern conference tables can enhance a working environment. These tables set the tone for a functional office through their shape and material. However, if you’d like to learn more about how these tables have evolved over time, you should look at the history of the evolution of office furniture. Many American furniture manufacturers were among the first to design office furniture, and architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright are often credited with making this style of table popular.

Oval shapes offer an artistic sense to meeting rooms. The shape of an oval table is as much like a racetrack as a conference table. It can be as wide as you want, with ample elbow room for your participants. It also offers one-touch height adjustability, so you can choose from 25 to 50 inches in height. The surface of an oval conference table is 94-1/2 inches wide and one-half inches thick. It can also be adjusted up to 51 inches tall and is suitable for use in a conference room.

Oval-shaped conference tables allow for a more lively environment and promote collaboration among participants. Rectangular and square tables require additional chairs and awkward angles to accommodate more people. Oval-shaped tables are perfect for meetings and collaborates with clients and employees alike. They can be added as needed and ensure smooth interaction and joint decision-making among team members. And they are an essential element of meeting room design. So, it’s essential to choose the right conference table for your space.


If your office is looking for a new design, consider a modern conference table. These tables have a clean, contemporary appearance with simple lines and minimal clutter. They can be found in high-end conference rooms and enterprises. They can be customized with power module ports to accommodate different types of technology and accessories. A few examples of contemporary conference tables include the Communique Series wood and metal conference table. It can accommodate up to eight chairs.

When purchasing a new conference table, it is important to consider the type of use that it will serve. While a traditional round or square table can be used for meetings, a rectangular one works best for a boardroom. Rectangular tables are often the most affordable options, and can be purchased for anywhere from three to five hundred dollars. They are versatile and can be adapted to fit in with many different decor styles. And while a rectangular table is an excellent choice for a boardroom or other meeting room, it is also appropriate for a home office.

Contemporary rectangular conference tables have a variety of different shapes. A rectangular conference table is typically used in large business settings, where seating requirements are greater than two dozen people. They can also accommodate a larger number of people, and many are large enough for fifty. If you don’t need a table to seat a large group, a round table may be perfect. These tables can accommodate six to twenty-four people, but they aren’t as versatile as a traditional oval or square table.


Boat-shaped modern conference tables are an excellent choice for a variety of settings. The rounded ends and a wider middle of the table make viewing participants and presentations easier. The boat shape also lends itself to videoconferencing and presentations. Many clients find this design more aesthetically pleasing than rectangular tables. The boat-shaped conference table is also extremely functional. It can seat anywhere from four to eighteen people. In addition, the table features pre-cut grommets for ease of setup.

The Bodo range of conference tables brings a Scandinavian feel to any working environment. The tabletop features plywood edged options with exposed tapered oak legs for an organic, natural look. Bodo tables are versatile enough to fit any room. They are available in several different sizes, so that any size group can find the right size for their needs. They also feature a wire-grommet to easily connect to electrical devices.

The Harmony Collection offers a range of options. The curved, cube-shaped legs help to hide cables that are run through the table. This table also comes with a Media Hub and a PLT-B Power Outlet. These versatile tables can be combined with matching chairs. The matching chairs can be paired with the tables for an elegant, aesthetically pleasing boardroom. The table is available in sizes ranging from six feet to 24 feet.


Oval-shaped conference tables have many benefits. The shape makes them ideal for smaller conference rooms and flush-mount TV screens. These tables feature four steel tri-legs and a center rectangular surface grommet for optional power module. They also have built-in floor levelers. A unique, custom-shaped tabletop gives the Oval a unique aesthetic. In addition to its ergonomic benefits, Oval-shaped conference tables offer many other advantages, including a space-saving design.

The shape of a conference table should fit into the room’s design and functionality. While some may say that an oval-shaped conference table is too traditional, they add a sense of artistic style. You can find oval-shaped conference tables in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes. The top of the table can be round, square, or oval-shaped. A unique table can also be made from a wide variety of materials, including wood and metal.

Another style that complements modern conference rooms is the boat-shaped table. This table’s standard rectangular shape is rounded at the corners, creating the appearance of a racetrack. These tables can accommodate anywhere from six to twenty-four people, and they have a unique, elegant design. Unlike the oval-shaped table, they do not stack well, but they do offer style and power module ports. These tables are also ideal for smaller conference rooms.

Solid wood

Amish-made conference tables feature sturdy wooden pedestals and legs. They are made of domestic hardwoods, resulting in a rich, warm look. Countryside Amish Furniture works with skilled Amish craftsmen to build premium heirloom conference tables and boardroom tables. Choose from a variety of sizes and finishes, from single-leg to double-pedestal styles. And with so many choices available, you can be sure to find one that matches your business’s style.

All of these tables are made of solid wood and do not contain particleboard. Some are available in different colors, including cherry, walnut, maple, and ash. You can choose from a variety of stains to complement your existing furniture. There are many different styles of modern conference tables to choose from. You can also have the table customized to your specific needs. And since these tables can be crafted to order, you can get them in any length, shape, and size.

The most common table top material used for conference tables is solid wood. These tables feature thick slabs of hardwood with strong steel bases. You can choose any size, wood species, and finish you need. The live edge valleys that cut the center of these tables allow power and data to be integrated into the wood. The void space accentuates natures design. Custom sizes, wood species, and finishes are available for each table. For an added touch, solid wood tables are also available in flat-pack form.


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