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Best Treks to do in Ladakh


Just an hour’s departure from Delhi, Ladakh seems to be no other place on the planet. Turquoise lakes reflect snow-tidied tops. Religious communities tower like colonies of bees over the distinct, sun-doused slope. The high-height desert, home to an inviting Buddhist and Muslim populace, is one of India’s most secure and most dynamite locales. What’s more, it is best investigated by walking. 

Here are the absolute best trips in Ladakh to browse

Chadar Frozen River Trek

During Ladakh’s brutal winters, snowfall covers mountain passes, making numerous regions inaccessible by street. To go between towns in the distant Zanskar locale, Ladakhis started strolling over frozen waters. The Chadar Trek offers a unique, eight-day venture along slushy canyons and unblemished icefalls, testing your courage through dreamlike and unsafe snowscapes. With temperatures decreasing to – 20°F (- 30°C), it’s not for the weak willed.

Sham Valley Trek

Nicknamed a “child journey,” this beautiful climb through lower Ladakh begins in Likir, home to a great eleventh century gompa, or Buddhist cloister, with a transcending gold sculpture of Lord Buddha. Twisting through poplar-lined streets and customary towns, it fills in as an extraordinary sampler for first-time guests to Ladakh — or as an introduction for additional difficult trips. Travelers walk a couple of hours daily however be ready for a few steep slants. Be cautioned, you will likewise pass along light traffic for part of the course.

Nubra Valley Trek

With its heart-halting perspectives on purple mountains, twofold bumped camels, and white sand rises, the Nubra Valley — once passage to the old Silk Route — procures its honors as Ladakh’s prettiest locale. Cross knolls and holy places on seven days in length move from Hunter to the high pass of Lasermo La, staying away from the crowds of jet-setters. At 5,400 m. (17,716 ft.), you’ll have unhampered perspectives on the Karakoram mountain range, home to K2, the world’s second-most noteworthy pinnacle.

Markha Valley Trek

This audacious teahouse journey remains Ladakh‘s most famous course, and seeing why is not hard. With different high passes and a rise getting started at north of 5,100 m. (16,830 ft.), this different ascension covers Ladakh’s pleasant reaches, slammed earth towns, and snow-covered highest points. It likewise plunges inside Hemis National Park, a safeguarded region protecting Himalayan bears, foxes, wolves, and the world’s biggest populace of snow panthers. 

Lamayuru to Alchi

This cloister circuit associates two of Ladakh’s most significant strict locales. Encircled by a moonscape of rocky desert, Lamayuru, Ladakh’s most seasoned gompa, must be believed to be accepted. Meander the peripheral sanctums, ogle at Tantric relics produced using human bones, and notice priests reciting in the painted supplication corridor. The trip follows the Ripchar River through a couple of short breath risings, expediting in tents pitched along the stones. The result of arriving at Alchi is definitely worth the climb. A quiet town with a connecting religious community spread along a tall ravine, Alchi flaunts amazingly popular wood carvings and brilliant, powerful frescoes. 

Padum to Darcha

While motorcyclists commotion to the popular Leh-Manali thruway, a significantly more paramount method for venturing out to the adjoining territory of Himachal Pradesh is by foot. The path from Padum, previous capital of the Zanskar realm, has tracks with barbed tops, touching yaks, and mountain streams. With short-term stops in town homestays, you’ll be able to test a few custom made indulgences like thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup) or sky (Ladakhi dumplings). You’ll wind up in Lahaul Valley, off in an unexpected direction, a Himachali hideout loaded up with snow-tidied glades and well disposed local people.

Spituk to Stok

A laid-back climb through the moving slope. This journey wraps up with a precarious rising to Stok La, a high pass at the lower regions of the renowned Stok Kangri mountain at 4,855 m. Spituk, the beginning town advantageously near Leh, is home to another unmissable religious community. So save time to look at the Thangka artistic creations in plain view. A wandering course prompts Stok, previous seat of the Namgyal line. The imperial royal residence, worked by Ladakhi experts in 1820, is presently a legacy lodging. In the event that you want to update your camping cot to a canopied bed. You could see the ongoing ruler of Ladakh, who lives in the vicinity. 

Tso Moriri to Spiti Valley

Less visited than Pangong, Moriri is seemingly the most tremendous of Ladakh’s two saltwater lakes. It is likewise a famous hub for bird-watchers and an excellent setting up camp spot. Past verdant ranges and dazzling neglects, you then, at that point, move to the icy mass-covered pinnacles of Tanglang La, denoting the world’s second most noteworthy motorable street at 5,332 m. (17, 493 ft.) Arrive in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh’s trick of the trade: a distant mountain valley possessed by priests and migrant shepherds, and prepared with postcard-prepared sees.


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