Best Companies for Wholesale Custom Bakery Boxes

There are various styles and types of wholesale custom bakery boxes available in the market. However, bear-style boxes are the most popular and most convenient since they are pre-glued and foldable. As a result, these boxes are more convenient to use as they require less space and are easier to assemble. These bear-style boxes are usually adorned with plastic cellophane and are available at a lower price than other styles. Hence, if you want to purchase these boxes in bulk, you should consider purchasing them from wholesalers.

OXO Packaging

Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational corporation, you can find affordable, custom-printed packaging for your products. Bakery boxes are lightweight and easy to print with your company’s emblem and marketing slogans. They are also the ideal way to advertise big discounts or special sales to your customers. Aside from the great price, these boxes will also help you deliver your products easily. You can also order them in multiples of 100 so that you can maximize your distribution potential.

Wholesale custom bakery boxes are available in Tuck top styles or auto-lock bottom styles. Both ship flat and are easy to assemble. Tuck top styles require more cardboard than four corner styles and are more expensive. You can also choose to add plastic windows or custom-color printing on all sides of the box. To enhance the appearance of your products, select boxes that come with windows. Choosing bakery boxes with windows is another way to promote your products.

Advantages of Bakery Boxes

In addition to the advantages of lock corner bakery boxes, you can also opt for the cheaper lock-corner style. These boxes do not ship as pre-glued sheets, but require assembly time. However, they offer less storage space. However, they are difficult to fold. The only drawback of this style is that the lid and top part are not glued together. A custom-cut window is available for two-piece boxes, but they are more expensive. Purchasing a two-piece style will cost you more, but you will be able to use both pieces of the box for your products.

Wholesale custom bakery boxes come in several styles and materials. The boxes are typically made from recycled or recyclable materials. The latter type is often more durable than other materials. If you need a more durable box, consider using die-cut window panels. Window panels are also helpful for getting an idea of what’s inside. Customized bakery boxes also offer more customization options. They are often decorated with graphics, stickers, or logos.

The Customize Boxes

Besides customizing the box’s outside, you can also customize the inside of the box to reflect the theme of the baked item inside. If you are not sure how to go about printing custom bakery boxes, The customize Boxes packaging ideas and inventive printing services that can help you create the perfect bakery box for your products. You can also choose from the variety of packaging options offered by the company, depending on your requirements and the taste of your customers.

The great thing about these boxes is that they can be made of any material that you require, including paper, cardboard, and even plastic. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of different color schemes and sizes, depending on your requirements. There is no restriction on how big a package you want to order, as long as the bakery box can be customized to match the packaging style. You can also customize the box design to match the style of your business.

Boxes to hold Bakery Items

Whether you need a box to hold cakes, cookies, macarons, or cake pops, custom boxes are the perfect packaging solution. Custom bakery boxes can personalized from top to bottom and feature the logo of your bakery. Because they are completely customizable, they can made in any size, shape, and style. You can use different types of graphics, colors, images, and artwork to create a custom bakery box that will enhance your product’s overall image.

Whether your business offers a wide variety of baked goods, or specializes in pastries, the perfect packaging solution is critical for your success. Printed boxes not only protect your products, they add style and glamor to your products. The uniqueness of custom boxes can also help your product stand out from the crowd. With all these benefits, it is no wonder so many businesses opt for wholesale custom bakery boxes. Your customers will love the custom-printed boxes.

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