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Are You A Pet Parent Who Is Shifting To Another Country? These Airlines Will Help You?

Fly With Dog-Friendly Airlines Phone Number

Dogs can fly with the airlines phone number in the cargo hold but not in the cabin. Although, small and calm dogs can travel in a cabin. The cabin is safer and more comfortable for dogs than flying. All of the below airlines are dog-friendly, but they only allow dogs in the cabin if the dog complies with their rules.

Many airlines prohibit pets from flying as cargo in certain months. This is because of unsafe temperatures that make it difficult for dogs to stay at the airport. You might also be subject to restrictions depending on where you’re traveling.

Please do not assume that your pet can fly with the airline because it allows them. Please call first to explain the situation. The representative should know your dog’s breed, the dog’s weight, and the preferred section to be kept in. Let’s now look at the top airlines for dogs.

How To Fly With Dog-Friendly Airlines

Prepare some pet supplies to reduce anxiety during flights.

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  • Dog Travel Carrier

You will need an airline-approved carrier, regardless of the size and breed of your dog. Many airlines require that dogs remain in their carrier for the flight duration. Ensure the carrier is large enough to allow your dog to lie down or stretch out. There are many other options for travel dog crates, but not all will be accepted by airlines. You can either call the airline to confirm your dog crate requirements before you buy or choose pre-approved carriers (link below).

  • Documentation Of Vaccinations And Health Certificates

Your veterinarian will require you to obtain your dog’s current health certificate no later than 14 days before you travel. In addition, you must have a copy of your dog’s records to prove your pet’s current vaccination status. You should keep a travel folder containing multiple copies of any paperwork you need to take care of your dog. This will allow you to have all paperwork ready for TSA agents, gate agents, and anyone else who needs it at the airport.

  • Book Tickets Over The Phone

Book your tickets by airlines phone number if you are flying with a dog. Special accommodations are required for pets traveling. It’s easier to obtain these when you speak to an agent. All dog-friendly airlines require a pet travel fee or the purchase of an additional seat for your dog. If you can afford it, a second seat is the best option. This will ensure your pet, and you are not in any danger.

These Are The 8 Most Dog-Friendly Airlines

Double-check the regulations for pets traveling internationally if you plan to take your dog with you. International airlines often allow pets to fly onboard with their owners, provided they adhere to specific rules. These eight domestic airlines are dog-friendly. Links included. You should also book your tickets as most airlines have limited space for dogs.

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  • American Airlines
Pet fee: $125 per carrier
Maximum weight: 20 lbs

Only American Airlines allows pets to travel with them in their cabin. They do not accept pets as cargo. A fee of $125 per transporter is charged, and there are a maximum of 2 pets per ticketed passenger. The pet and carrier must not weigh more than 20 pounds. Travelers with pets should check in with an agent before they board the plane. If you plan to travel on American Airlines with your pet, you must inform an agent. American allows only 7 pets per flight. Therefore, you should book your tickets early to ensure your dog is included and inform the agent that you will be traveling with your dog.

  • United Airlines
Pet fee: $125 per carrier
Max weight: no maximum

United Airlines allows pets to travel as cargo or in the cabin. This is excellent news if your dog cannot fly in the cabin. The Pet Desk is available 24 hours a day to help you with your travel questions. Talk to a United agent if you plan to fly your pet as cargo. United Airlines charges $125 per flight or leg for pets flying in the cabin with you. This is a fairly standard fee you will find on most airlines. United allows one pet per person. The weight limit is not strict, but your pet and carrier must be able to fit under your seat.

  • Delta Airlines
Pet fee: $125 per carrier
Maximum weight: 20 lbs

Delta is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for dog-friendly airlines. They allow pets in the cabin and as cargo. Suppose you are flying with a large dog but are nervous about flying your dog as cargo. In that case, Delta has a particular area for pets flying as cargo that is temperature-controlled and pressurized to make your dog as comfortable as possible. Dogs flying in a cabin cannot exceed 20 pounds. Two dogs less than 20 pounds can be carried in the same carrier and count as one piece. A $125 fee applies per pet, but not per carrier. Therefore, two dogs traveling in the same carrier would only be charged one $125 fee.

  • Southwest Airlines
Pet fee: $95 per carrier
Max weight: no maximum

Southwest is an affordable option to travel with your dog. This is a big plus when looking for the best dog-friendly airline options. Southwest charges $95 per carrier for a pet fee. Two small dogs can travel together in one carrier. Each passenger can only have one carrier. If you have more than one dog and need them to fly together, you can have another person accompany you and have your pet travel under the person’s ticket. Southwest does not fly pets as cargo. Southwest doesn’t fly pets as cargo.

  • JetBlue Airlines
Pet fee: $125 per pet
Maximum weight: 20 lbs

JetBlue allows dogs and cats on its flights. Moreover, it allows six pets per flight, but not per person. It is an excellent airline for pet owners. Make sure you book your tickets in advance. Pets can be restricted because their prices might be lower on certain flights. One dog per passenger is permitted. Just like other airlines, the combined weight of the dog/carrier cannot exceed 20 pounds. Each pet must pay $100.

  • Alaska Airlines
Pet fee: $100 per pet
Maximum weight in cargo: 150 lb, maximum as a carrier: no limit

Alaska Air has a stricter pet policy than other airlines. Pets can fly in both the cabin and as cargo. Those flying as cargo travel in a temperature-controlled and pressurized hold which is much safer and more comfortable. Pets traveling as cargo must not exceed 150 pounds. The $100 pet fee per person or leg is the same as other dog-friendly airlines. A ticket entitles a passenger to bring two pets. However, if the passenger travels with more than one carrier, they must purchase a second seat adjacent to their first seat. The carrier must fit under the seat. Alaska Air requires that all animals traveling with it have a valid health certificate from a veterinarian that was not more than 10 days before departure. Other airlines will accept a medical certificate issued within 14 days of the flight.

  • Frontier Airlines
Pet fee: $99 per pet
Max weight: no maximum

Frontier allows pets to travel in their cabins, but they do not allow pets to be carried as cargo. Although the pet fee is $99 per leg, it applies to all stops on the trip. Frontier encourages pet owners to contact a ticketing agent before they travel with their pets. The Frontier requires that the carrier is large enough to support the dog’s weight and allow him to stand, turn, and lay down naturally. In addition, the dog carrier must fit securely under the seat. It would help if you told the ticket agent your dog’s size so they can assign a seat that allows the carrier to fit under. Frontier flight attendants and customer service representatives are friendly to dogs and work with owners to ensure their pets are safe and comfortable.

  • Virgin America Airlines
Pet fee: $100 per pet
Max weight: no maximum

Virgin American does NOT fly pets as cargo. All pets that travel in the cabin must fit into a specific size carrier. They won’t allow carriers larger than 18 inches in length, 15 inches wide, and 8 inches high. Virgin American is a flight that only small dogs can fly. A $100 pet fee is charged per segment. Pet fees can quickly rise if there are multiple stops. One pet per ticketed passenger is allowed.

Common Questions About Pet-Friendly Airlines

You may also have additional questions about flying with your pet dog. These are some of the things that should answer your questions.

What Airlines Allow Dogs On Planes?

All of these airlines allow dogs to board their planes. You can book airline travel with American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, JetBlue or Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Allegiant Air, and many other airlines. Before making assumptions, always confirm policies. Some airlines allow dogs only in the cabin, while others prohibit them from the cargo area. Others follow a different policy. Others allow pets to be kept in any location.

Is Federal Law OK For Dogs To Fly On Airplanes

Legally, airlines can restrict pets on flights to only service animals. In any case, this doesn’t make a difference to basic encouragement creatures. Airlines have to allow passengers with service animals aboard planes legally. This is the minimum allowed by most airlines, but many airlines allow service animals to travel on their aircraft.

Can Pets Fly Alone?

Many airlines allow dogs to travel with their pet carriers in the cargo area. Every day, hundreds of pets fly with their owners without any issues. If your pet is flying solo, expect additional restrictions to the type of pet carrier and documentation required.

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Is It Safe To Travel With Your Pet?

Yes, you can travel with your pet on pet-friendly airlines. This is because pet deaths are sporadic, but they often make headlines. According to the Chicago Tribune, however, only 0.0048% of all the animals that flew in any given year died in transit.

However, certain breeds are not allowed to fly. Dogs with shorter snouts are more likely to have health issues while flying. They are more likely to have respiratory problems. If you own a Pug, Bulldog, French Bulldog, Neapolitan Mastiff, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, or Brussels Griffon, it is a good idea to look into alternatives to flying pets. Short-snouted breeds are more likely to have health problems.

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What Should I Do Before Flying with My Dog?

Always confirm with the airline whether you can bring your dog along on your flight. You must contact the airline to confirm that you are bringing your dog along and to pay the pet fee. Make an appointment with your dog’s vet at least one week before you travel. Your pup will be in good health and safe for flight.

Also, ensure that the carrier you purchase meets airline requirements. These rules will vary depending on whether your dog is in the cabin or cargo. Pay attention to the specifications of your airline. If your dog is not used to the crate, it’s a brilliant idea to teach them. You can do this by letting them spend at least an hour in the crate every day before taking off. Then, gather your paperwork and pet and go to the ticket counter. It would help if you allowed extra time for the airport.

What Makes Flying With Service Animals Different?

A service animal is usually free of charge. However, you must complete paperwork proving your need for the service pet. Also, the submission of a vaccination certificate is essential. 

Can An Emotional Support Animal Fly With Me?

If you don’t follow the same steps as other dogs, you are unlikely to fly with your emotional support animal. Most airlines offer only two types of animal travel: service animals and pets. If you find one that allows you to bring an emotional support dog as an ESA, you should expect documents from your vet and your dog’s doctor.

Last Thoughts

These are the best airlines for pets if you plan to bring your dog along to your destination. It’s always a fantastic experience. However, if your dog is not used to being left alone, make sure to plan and find pet-friendly hotels and restaurants. We hope that you enjoyed our list of the top airlines for dogs.

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