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Are e-cigarettes safe? | 88 vape liquid

Vape devices are very easy to use but need little care. Whether you use disposable or reusable vapes, both require maintenance, especially E-liquid demands a bit of arrangement.

Though vaping is a simple process, sometimes it gets difficult if you don’t give proper attention to your vape device. Vape devices are very easy to use but need little care. Whether you use 88 vape liquid and disposable or reusable vapes, both require maintenance, especially E-liquid demands a bit of arrangement.

As vaping is getting increasingly popular, vape devices come with more ease of usability and reliability. Since vape devices are becoming advanced, it doesn’t mean they don’t require any care. In fact, in many cases, it is observed that little negligence can cause irreversible damage to the device. Not just that heedless behaviour can let your health as well as vaping ruined.

For disposable and reusable vapes, you need safe keeping for both types of vape devices. There are some precautions mentioned below that must be followed before vaping:

Precautions for Your Vape:

Talking about disposable devices, though they are ready to use, some things still need to be checked before you use them. For example, you must pay attention to the vape device to make sure it has the 88 vape liquid flavour of your choice. If you don’t you might not use it and have to waste the complete vape. There are other precautionary ways to ensure the safety of your device that has to be adopted, which are as follows.

Ways to Make Your Vape Safe:

●    Ensure you have enough E-Liquid

Whether you use disposable vapes or re-usable vapes, it is very crucial that you have sufficient E-juice in the vape tank. Because, unlike cigarettes, vape devices utilise E-liquid to operate if one doesn’t have enough of it, it not only run empty but also burns the coil inside and 88 vape liquid.

You will feel a sour throat, cough, and pain in your gullet. To avoid this make it certain before start vaping that you have an ample amount of E-liquid in your vape device. Also while vaping keep a check on the level of E-juice since vaping with lesser E-juice than a level of a point on the tank is dangerous too. Then you can use the same e-liquid for a long time by changing the coil and refilling the e-liquid like Dinner lady e liquid.

●    Keep an Eye on the Battery Charging:

Don’t just start to puff away! Before you kick off, look for the charge on the battery of your device. Almost every vape device whether disposable Elux legend 3500 puffs or reusable vape both have battery indicators. By checking the indicators, mostly a device has lights, a green reflects a full charge, whereas the other light, red tells that your battery is low. In fact, reusable devices show the percentage of batteries, by which one can easily get aware of the charge status of the device.

So, once you get to know that your battery is low, charge your device immediately. In case your device doesn’t have any indicator, you can perceive it by observing the low volume of your vape clouds or when you feel lesser hits this also means it’s a time to charge your device.

●    Make Smart Use of your Device:

If you take many puff continuously without a gap, the wick will dry up faster. If you sense that a burnt hit is coming, by observing a slightly roasted taste, put your vape down for a moment. By doing that the liquid will make the dry spots of the wick wet. So let your vape breath in the free air for a while before you retake it to use.

●    Avoid High-VG E-liquids:

Not every vape is the same. Some vape tanks will allow for high-VG juice, while others will often need 50% PG or more to function accurately. An excellent way is to determine the size of the wick. If the holes are of a small diameter, chances are your tank will not adjust well with high-VG juice. Therefore you must not include high-VG E-liquid.

●    Prime the Coils Properly Before Using the Device:

Preparing the coils is very significant, before using the e-cigarette. If you don’t set your vape device, the coil before using it will definitely show vape deficiency and act as a barrier to your vaping. The worst interruption in your vaping is being your coil is not ready to use and not only that which can make a fire in the tank.


Although vaping is a simple and easily understandable process, still it has happened to many that they ruined their devices. It is so because of some factors, including taking no care or showing negligence towards maintaining the devices. This mismanagement damages different parts of your vape and deteriorates health, which ruins the vaping experience. So In order to make your device as safe as possible, adopt all the above-mentioned ways.

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