An Ultimate Buying Guide for Promotional USB Drives

Do you have a business and looking for a cost-effective way to thrive your sales using promotional USB drives? Don’t worry; we will help all businesses looking for a unique and affordable way to promote their business using personalized USB sticks.

If you are buying small or large quantities of promotional USB drives, you need to consider the factors, purpose, and advantages before buying printed USB sticks.

Promotional USB sticks are a top-rated and effective tool for many businesses, and the number of sellers has dramatically increased in a short time. Personalized USB sticks come in various sizes, shapes, styles, quality, storage capacities, and packaging.

Implant is a USB printing and producing company, you can purchase bulk printed USB sticks in Australia, and we will assist you in assessing these factors to make the best choice for your promotional needs.

For a first-time buyer, purchasing bulk promotional USB sticks in Australia can seem overwhelming. Still, today, we will simplify the individual factors to consider when buying your custom USB sticks.

Factors to Acknowledge While Buying Promotional USB Drives

Storage Capacity 

However, Promotional USB drives are available in various storage capacities, typically from 64MB to 128GB. And the cost per USB drive will increase along with the memory capacity, and it’s important to comprehend the amount of storage required for your task.

Every customer will look for storage capacity when they get promotional USB drives. Consider Implant, which produces printed USB sticks in Australia suitable for promotional needs, and choose from a wide range of models that carry good memory to attract customers or clients.

Style and Size

If you are a unique business and need to promote your brand with style, you should emphasize your USB printing style and size. Your USB drives need to be portable and handy, so the product size is vital in satisfying the customer.

Boost your sales with custom USB designs that will delight customers and clients and help them retain and use them for business or personal use.


Many famous laptop companies are dropping the concept of having a USB port altogether.  The rest of the world is widely using devices that support USB ports. We have seen the transition to USB-C connectors to upgrade the speed of data transfers.

USB printing companies use USB-A and USB-C ports with various styles and shapes to attract eyeballs. Istick produces top-notch printed USB sticks in Australia with dual-headed connector style options that suit your project. Promotional USB drives with optimal USB-C connectors are popular, and the number of suppliers marketing them has also increased dramatically.

Chip Format 

The most common personalized USB sticks offered in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. These two versions of USBs have technical integrity, such as Multi-level cell (MLC), Single-level cell (SLC), and Triple level cell (TLC).

Printed USB Sticks Australia


Like many products in the market, the cost will vary between various suppliers, so always get a quotation from a few different vendors once you get an idea. And if you find the desired seller and the cost is higher, don’t be afraid to ask to match the competitor’s quote.

For promotional stuff, the organization needs to decide on the price of personalized USB models to give a competive edge over competitors. Get the best quantity for the quality you are scrutinizing.

Standard Quality

When you make a bulk custom USB stick purchase, the urge to get low-priced products may result in poor quality. Promotional USB drives come in multiple qualities, and you should choose the correct quality for your business purpose.

However, You can choose the material you need for your personalized USB sticks, the quality of the memory chip sold with low quality will spoil the speed. Consider Implant for high-quality promotional USB sticks in Australia. Lets you choose materials, design, color, packaging, and much more.


When you choose USB printing for your promotional events, you can get a wide range of customization to stand out from your competitors. Make sure the print and logo on your product are created top-notch before finalizing the desired model.

Additional Features 

You’ve done your research, selected a reputable vendor, and designed the perfect custom USB drive inside and out. But make sure you get additional features before ordering bulk USB printing.

Priortise your USB stick model with additional features like free data preloading, autorun, custom volume labels, and unique driver icons, giving an extra mileage factor to delight your client and potential customers. It adds to the usability and promotion of a promotional USB drive.

Therefore, Personalized USB sticks are multipurpose devices. The Implant is one of Australia’s best producers of promotional USB sticks that meet all the above-discussed criteria.

Try to consider all these aspects and other relevant ones for your business services or products. Consider Implant for top-notch printed USB sticks in Australia as your partner and supplier, and we deliver all around Australia.

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