An Introduction to the Parsons Table

A modernist square or rectangular table with four flush square legs equal in thickness to the table’s top is the Parsons table. Originally intended to be modern furniture, the Parsons table has found wide appeal as dining tables, side tables, and occasional tables. Made of wood, it is commonly used in patio furniture, interior furnishings, and even as occasional tables. Read on to learn more about this style of table. This article provides an introduction to the Parsons Table.


The versatility of the Parsons Table is largely determined by the hardwood and finish chosen for the table top. This versatile piece of furniture is ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor dining. Its compact size makes it versatile for different settings. Its clean, classic style is ideal for dining in front of a fire or in a spacious family room. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing this table:

The modern parson table was inspired by the work of designers at the Parsons School of Design. Its sleek, clean lines, and simple design are incredibly versatile, making it a good choice for any room or occasion. In the early 1930s, the Parsons table was made of wood with four flush legs and was designed to complement both streamlined and ornate furnishings. Today, it’s made from exotic materials such as grasscloth, marble, and burled wood.

In addition to its distinctive design, the Parsons table has a history that is as interesting as its versatility. Its origin and materials provide a broad range of possibilities for its use. With the ability to adapt to different environments and layouts, the Parsons table collection by Nemschoff is ideal for any room. Its varying sizes, shapes, and materials make it an easy choice for any space. Its versatility is unsurpassed by other furniture styles.

It is also ideal for use in retail environments, where it can serve as an entryway or console table. A large and small Parsons table helps mass products in a retail setting. Boutiques and clothing stores use them frequently to showcase their wares.

Simple design

The simple design of the Parsons table is classic, making it a versatile addition to any room or application. Its simple square or rectangular top rests on four flush legs of equal thickness. It is the perfect compliment to any office space. Depending on the hardwood used and the finish chosen, a Parsons table can be used for both indoor and outdoor dining. The following are some tips to build a Parsons table:

The simplicity of the Parsons table has been credited to Jean-Michel Frank, a visiting critic at the Parsons branch in Paris. Frank challenged students to design a simple table using any material they wanted. Frank’s design challenge led to the T-square table. This modern classic is still a favorite of modern designers. Its simplicity has led to its widespread popularity.

Despite its simplicity, the Parsons table offers maximum seating space. Its simplicity makes it easy to pair with a variety of furniture styles. It pairs well with a mid-century modern chair, Oriental lamps, and even ornate antiques. Its streamlined design and clean lines make it the perfect choice for any room or occasion. You can find a Parsons table that matches your style and decor perfectly. You’ll love the versatility of this table and the look it brings to your space.

The Parsons table was first conceived as a concept at the Parsons School of Design in New York City in the 1930s.  The goal of the project was to create a table that would look right at home in any space, made of any material. The final design embraced streamlined traditional Shaker values and simple organic modernism.

Straight legs

Often, a Parsons table has simple, rectangular legs with square corners, a simple design, and a flat, overall surface. The diameter of each leg is approximately the same as the diameter of the top.

Solid wood

If you’re looking for a unique dining table, consider the Solid Wood Parsons Table. Inspired by the classic Parsons style, this table features flush legs and a supportive table skirt. Available in several different wood species, it’s sure to complement any dining area. And while the style has been around for over a century, the solid wood construction ensures that it will last.


Its sleek lines, clean silhouette and simple form make it a great choice for any home. Despite its modern look, it also serves as a useful side or entry table and is versatile enough to fit in most decors. Its size, shape, and simplicity make it a popular choice for use in homes, offices, and retail stores. In fact, many of today’s shops and boutiques use this table as the centerpiece of their storefronts.

The Parsons table is an enduring classic, with its streamlined design and sturdiness. It complements anything from ornate antiques and Eames chairs to sleek, minimalist tabletop decor. While you can still find the classic wood version, there are many other options available, including more modern options made of grasscloth, marble, or burled wood.

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