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Advantages of White Woven Leather Handbag

The first thing to worry about when you want a White Woven Leather Handbag is the material. Cowhide is common, but if you look closely, you can also find pig leather and horse leather. So, this time, I compared cowhide, pig leather, and horse leather. This blog will introduce the advantages of a White Woven Leather Handbag.

Since it is natural leather, its greatest merit is that it does not deteriorate quickly. With proper care, it can be used for more than ten years. Also, secular variation is not a disadvantage but an advantage. Genuine leather” is one of the popular materials for wallets and bags.

Genuine leather is a natural material processed from “animal skin.” There are several types of such genuine leather, and they are mistaken for synthetic leather.

About the advantages of Woven leather handbags

  • The advantages of Woven leather handbags are durability and luxury.

Leather is the most popular material. It’s glossy and gives you a sense of luxury so that you can hold it confidently at work or on formal occasions, and it’s also good that it’s thick and durable. In addition, even casually dressed, you will feel happy when you combine it with Woven leather handbags. This bag material is recommended for adult women.

  • A genuine leather bag that creates an elegant and mature feeling

Impression changes depending on the type of leather, processing, and finish. First of all, it is a feature of the leather business bag. There are actually various types of leather materials, even if they are summarized in one word.

The appearance of leather material changes greatly depending on the processing and finish. Enamel finish with glossy paint, grain processing that shrinks the leather to make fine wrinkles artificially, suede processing that raises the inside of the leather, and embossing processing that makes the surface uneven with a press machine, etc.

  • It becomes a tasteful expression with aging.

The merit of Woven leather handbags is luxury. High-quality Leather and rare Leather will give you a more luxurious feel. In particular, “Nume leather,” which has less finishing, is known as a leather material that can be enjoyed over time. Good quality leather material can be used for decades with good care.

Depending on the processing and finishing method, some stains may remain or be difficult to remove when wet.

  • Reasonable, durable, and easy to maintain

The main advantage of Woven leather handbags is that it is lightweight and durable. And it is more reasonable, and it is easy to sew and process. Although it depends on the denier and processing method, it has excellent water repellence and water resistance and is also resistant to friction and durable. Another big advantage is that it is easy to clean; you can wipe it off if it gets dirty. It is thin and light, so you will not get tired even if you hold it for a long time.

Also, compared to other leathers, it is more resistant to friction and less likely to be scratched, so it has the advantage of being less susceptible to damage even if it is rubbed against clothes.

Woven leather handbags that add comfort to business trips and trips

For business bags made of leather, it is recommended that Woven leather handbags, which have excellent functionality and practicality and is helpful in various situations. Cowhide is used for the handle and brand logo on the surface of the durable nylon material, suppressing casualness and giving a formal feeling.

It is also a point that Woven has various types of bags made with the usability of business people in mind. In particular, the multifunctional “<Woven> Briefcase” is a bag that creates a “deep adult.” Lightweight, durable, practical, and versatile, it can be used for various purposes, from commuting to business trips.

How to care for a leather bag

  • Easy maintenance with just one cream

Leather bags require regular care. If you want to skip many steps, Apply cream, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Choose a cream made from 100% natural ingredients, and wipe the item with your hand, tissue, or cloth to complete the bag care. Raw materials include jojoba oil, beeswax, and essential oils. From dirt removal to wax, mold prevention can be done as a set.

  • The convenience that can be used for cloth and metal

Lip tube item is helpful for leather products such as bags and shoes and suede, harako, exotic leather, and metal. There are four sizes, S, M, L, and tube, so it’s a good idea to use it according to your lifestyle.


Leather products are one of the indispensable items in our daily lives. Let’s take good care of leather items because maintenance is also crowded.

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